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Leadership Meetings
August 14-15
Planning Week Aug 29 - Sept 8
CL meeting Tuesday, Sept 25
Associate Advisory Committee
St. Clare, Tampa
Sept. 13-16
Assembly at Easton, PA
Sept. 21, 22, 23
Assembly in Florida
St. Joseph's Hospital, Tampa
Sept. 6 and 7
Issue 6.16
August 27, 2018  
Feast of St. Augustine (August 28)

Tomorrow we remember Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430), bishop, Doctor of the Church, and one of the four great Fathers of the Church.

Let us take a glimpse of his life, conversion, and faith journey. Augustine was a Christian and a Roman citizen from Numidia, located in northern Africa near the Sahara, an area which was under the rule of the Roman Empire. His mother, Monica, was a devout Christian; his father Patricius was a pagan who converted to Christianity on his deathbed. Monica raised Augustine in the teachings of the faith, but in his young adult years he strayed into pagan beliefs and practices. He gave credit to his mother for bringing about his conversion.

Around the age of 30, Augustine was ordained a priest and shortly after he was made Bishop of Hippo. He became a passionate preacher of the faith, denouncing the heresies that were bringing division to the church at the time.

In his writings, The Confessions, he admitted his sinfulness and transgressions, as well as his penitence and gratitude for the grace of God. He wrote, "I loved my own error - not that for which I erred, but the error itself." From his reflection on his personal experience he considered and taught that the human person was naturally inclined to sin and in need of the grace of Christ.

Often Augustine is pictured with an image of a flaming heart pierced with arrows. This for Augustine symbolized his love of God and for humanity, a love that is alive and restless with a desire to know God's divine love.

May God, who loves us dearly, stir in us a humble faith and the courage to acknowledge our need for ongoing conversion. May God fill our hearts with the burning desire to grow in grace and wisdom.

Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality Committee Meeting
By: Judith Terrameo OSF

   The Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality Committee met at St. Clare's Convent in Tampa July 26 to July 28, 2018. We were delighted to welcome a new member , Dr. Claudia Herrera , to our committee. Claudia serves as Director of Campus Ministry at St. Thomas University in Miami and has much to bring from her experience .
   Our meeting began with a presentation on "Aging and an Ethic of Life from a Franciscan-Clarian Perspective," by Arlene McGannon , VP for Mission at St. Joseph's Hospital. Arlene's presentation was excellent, and it is our hope to share this presentation in the future .
   The committee affirmed a plan for its continued work:
  1. Continue to create a bibliography of Franciscan-Clarian resources and post to the Spirituality section of the FSA website, which includes videos, books, podcasts, webinars, articles, etc., for ongoing personal spiritual development.
  2. Encourage sisters, associates, and partners in ministry to share on how Franciscan-Clarian spirituality impacts our lives and responds to the challenges of today's world.
  3. Continue to write reflections for e-newsletter and encourage others to submit reflections.
  4. Continue to develop the Franciscan Busy Person's Retreat.
  5. Continue to develop the Spirituality section of the FSA website.
  6. Continue to work on outreach to youth and young adults.
  7. Provide resources and education on the "Consistent Ethic of Life through the lens of Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality."
  8. Continue ongoing education for the committee.
    Three upcoming projects to watch for:
  1. "The Season of Creation": A program promoted by Pope Francis in 2015. The Season of Creation takes place September 1 and culminates with the feast of St. Francis on October 4.
  2. Advent 2018 reflections utilizing the Clarian themes of Gaze, Consider, Contemplate and Imitate
  3. Lent 2019 Program utilizing the Seven Last Words of Jesus from a Franciscan-Clarian perspective.
   The committee is beginning to utilize webinars as a resource for ogoing education in Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality. Margaret Magee offered the first of these webinar sessions on St. Clare on August 2. The webinar is available on the website.
   The committee invites everyone to send in their reflections and activities that are being developed locally. As always, we are blessed with the hospitality of the Sisters at St. Clare's Convent.

Season of Creation

   The Season of Creation is nearly upon us. It begins September 1 and continues through to St. Francis' Feast Day, October 4.
    Our friends at the Global Catholic Climate Movement have developed a celebration guide to help organize an event during this year's Season of Creation. Whether you decide to plant a tree, march for climate justice, or hold a prayer service, your presence matters.
   The Catholic Climate Covenant has developed a unique program this year which will explore the interconnection between immigration, refugees, and climate change. The program will be released this month and will include prayers, readings, a short video, and suggested activities all with the theme, "Who is my neighbor in a climate threatened world?" Check out their website:
    We urge all our sisters, associates, and partners in ministry to take advantage of these resources and begin to plan your event today. The Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality Committee is providing the attached materials to share and begin our prayer for the Season of Creation. As we have done in the past, we are encouraging everyone to take photos holding the "Season of Creation" sign (below) and send them to for inclusion on our Facebook page and website. Later this week, we will release a Franciscan Sisters of Allegany "Season of Creation" Facebook frame for use during this important time. Watch for more information!
SummerFest Videos


Our Congregational Archivist, Ellen Winger, and Sr. Carole Ann Hoppe have been hard at work reviewing and digitizing the videos taken during SummerFest, held 20 years ago in the summer of 1998. 
   We are happy to say that we are making these videos available to you on YouTube. The Playlist is public and available here. Additional videos will be uploaded as editing is completed.

Mindfulness Presentation Videos

The video presentation of Br. Richard Hendricks OFM Cap.'s presentation, "The Path and Practice of Mindfulness", is now available for viewing on our website. It can be found on the Spirituality section, or by clicking here.

Franciscan-Clarian Art Reflection 
By: Sheila Vincent

   This picture has a special meaning for me as it shows Francis with a dog, a cat and birds - all of which I have as pets and who I ask St. Francis to watch over every day. It also shows beautiful mountains in the background and the mountains of western North Carolina have always been a spiritual place for me. My dog and I have shared many "spiritual pilgrimages" walking through the woods and by the waterfalls of the Blue Ridge mountains! To quote Lord Byron: "Are not the mountains, waves, and skies a part of me and of my soul, as I of them?"
   There is also a small church in the top right corner of the picture - even though there are very few Catholic churches in this Baptist and Methodist enclave in western North Carolina, it reminds me of where my faith is rooted.
 Upcoming Days of Observance  
International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 
September 26 marks the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. This day encourages a renewed commitment to nuclear disarmament throughout the world, recognizing the benefits of these efforts and the
consequences of their perpetuation.

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and may be held for future use if deemed appropriate.
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