Volume 8.02 | January 27, 2020
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Sisters Recognized with GOAC Award

Sr. Kathleen Stagnaro Honored

Philadelphia Gets New Archbishop

Book Review

Franciscan Federation Conference
Franciscan Sisters of Allegany receive Ecumen Award
The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany at St. Elizabeth Motherhouse were recognized yesterday by the Greater Olean Area Churches for their outreach to the Southern Tier Communities in Allegany, Cattaraugus and McKean Counties. In particular they noted the assistance extended through Canticle Farm, the Renodin Foundation, the Franciscan Crafters, the interfacing with the St. Bonaventure students, and the many ways the Sisters tithe to support various agencies throughout the three counties. 

The clergy from the local Christian Churches participated in an Ecumenical Unity Prayer Service during which reflections were shared comparing the life of St. Elizabeth of Hungary and the lives of the Motherhouse Sisters. Rev. Carrie Wolfe, Deacon at the United Methodist Church, prepared and led the service, as well as provided a focal point of red roses, bread and a crown, depicting the symbols identified with St. Elizabeth. Rev. Kim Rossi, pastor of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, reflected on her association with St. Elizabeth of Hungary after choosing “Elizabeth” as her confirmation name. Carolyn Wolfe, RN, former Director of Nursing, shared her privilege and joy of ministering to the Sisters, especially during the years of planning for and the actual renovation of the Motherhouse. Lastly, Alice Miller Nation, Director of Franciscan Social Concerns at St. Bonaventure University, expressed the delight and commitment of the students who participate in the “Friends with Sisters” program.  In their words – “The Sisters Rock."

Congregational Minister Margaret Mary Kimmins OSF, overwhelmed with the outpouring of superlatives and gratitude for our Sisters, accepted the award on behalf of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany at St. Elizabeth Motherhouse. A reception followed in the conference room.  

St. Paul's Church Celebrates Sister Kathleen

The parish of St. Paul's Catholic Church in St. Petersburg, FL, held a celebration on Sunday, January 19, for Sr. Kathleen Stagnaro in honor of her 65th Jubilee.

Sr. Kathleen has served the Parish since 2005, and before that served in several ministries at St. Paul Catholic School.

Congratulations, Sr. Kathleen!
New Archbishop Appointed in Philadelphia
Pope Francis has appointed Nelson J. Pérez as the new Archbishop of Philadelphia. Pérez is the son of Cuban immigrants and grew up in New Jersey. He was ordained at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and worked for 23 years as a parish priest in Philadelphia. In 2017, he was made bishop of Cleveland, Ohio.

His installation will take place on February 18. Pérez is the first Hispanic archbishop of Philadelphia. Let us pray for Archbishop Perez as he begins this important new ministry.
Let us also pray in thanksgiving for Archbishop Charles Chaput, who retires after years of dedicated service to Philadelphia.
Book Review: "Talking to Strangers"
By: Margaret Magee OSF
Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian journalist, author, and public speaker. In reading some of his previous books, The Tipping Point and Blink, I found them informative, well-researched, and well-written. So, when his newest book came out I immediately put it on my reading wish list.
The title, Talking to Strangers , piqued my interest which was only heightened by the additional words, What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know . Too often, in conversation, we make assumptions about other people, especially those we don’t know. Unfortunately, sometimes our assumptions can be wrong and ill-informed, which could lead to great misunderstanding and even provoke a negative response.
Through his book, Malcolm presents examples of events that we’ve read or heard about in the news and in public media. Cases he explores are: the fraud of investment advisor and financier, Bernie Madoff, related to his massive Ponzi scheme; the trial of Amanda Knox, the young women imprisoned for many years in Italy and eventually exonerated for the death of her roommate; and the meeting of Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax with Adolf Hitler in the 1930s when they confidently felt that he had no intention of starting a world war.
These and other cases show how difficult it is to truly grasp what another person is saying and how in many ways we rely on what Gladwell calls a “default to truth”, a desire to believe the other person is being honest and transparent. Yet, he also cautions that engaging with skepticism, fear and distrust will only continue to break down the fabric of our relationships and our societies.
These and other examples, Gladwell argues, should make us realize that we fail in many ways in our listening, learning and communication with others. Our continual failure to talk to strangers and one another can lead to conflict and misunderstanding in ways that have a profound effect on our lives and our world. We see this played out in the news, in our cities, countries and around the world. In reading, Talking to Strangers , I could see many connections to our Chapter focus on Interculturality and our call to be listening, respecting and authentic people for our world today.
Franciscan Federation Conference
Friday, June 5 – Monday, June 8, 2020
DoubleTree by Hilton Denver
3203 Quebec Street, Denver CO 80207
This 2020 Invitational Federation Assembly seeks to answer the following:
  • How can more strategic collaboration strengthen the Franciscan voice as we respond to needs in both our nation and our church in this time of crisis?
  • How can leaders of major Franciscan organizations collectively plan for a sustainable future for many Franciscan sponsored initiatives and programs?
  • How will changing demographics and organizational structures of both the friars' provinces and many sisters’ congregations impact membership and the work of the national Franciscan organizations?
The Denver Assembly Planning Group, includes the Executive Committee of the Commission of Charism Services, a few National Board Members, our Co-Executive Directors, and representatives of Franciscan Action Network, Secular Franciscans, Franciscan Mentors, Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities, is pleased to announce the keynote presenters:
For more information on the keynote presenters go to: https://franfed.org/annual-franciscan-conference-2020/