Grogan's Mill Village Association Newsletter 
March 24, 2016
We are interested in your concerns and comments. Please share your ideas and suggestions to make Grogan's Mill a more vibrant community by sending your comments to: suggestions@gmva.org .

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Grogan's Mill Scholarship Application is Available
The GMVA has budgeted for four $1,000 scholarships to be awarded to Grogan's Mill Village residents.  The application and requirements can be found on our website and in the counselor offices of your school.

Grogan's Mill Plans and Budgets for 2016
Elections for the GMVA Board were held in February. Even though contested, all incumbents retained their positions.  

The GMVA held its annual planning meeting March 6 at which it decided on its plans, priorities, budget and staffing. 

In addition to the $4,000 for scholarships, $6,000 was budgeted for the four local schools, $2,500 for Interfaith, $300 for Yard of the Month winners, $1,800 for holiday lighting and decorations for the entry to the village, $1,500 for a community party in August,  $1,000 for expansion of a gardening tower project at our schools,  $500 for National Night Out, $500 for Aging In Place - The Woodlands, and $100 for a new Community Contributor Award.  Details of the new award can be found on our website.  Other funds were for insurance, the web site and other operating expenses.  

The funds we spend on these activities largely come from the profit of running the Farmers'  Market.  Support your community and yourself by supporting The Woodlands Farmer's Market.

The Annual Meeting of the GMVA will be held on Monday, April 18th, at the Township offices at 2801 Technology Forest Blvd.  

Aging in Place - The Woodlands
Our effort to establish an Aging In Place - The Woodlands community is moving forward.  We will have more to report shortly. Let us know if you are interested in finding our more by sending an email to  AIPTWTX@gmail.com .

The group has a Facebook page, as well.  "Like" the page to receive updates and information.
New GMVA Officers Elected
At the monthly GMVA meeting on March 21st,  the GMVA elected a new slate of Officers.  

Marie Brannen was elected President,  
Bruce Cuningham - Vice President, 
Bob Leilich - Treasurer and 
Tom Chumbley - Secretary.

Resolution on Large Soccer Tournament in The Woodlands
Also at the March 21st meeting, The GMVA Board voted on a resolution to ask the Township to allow a large international soccer tournament  to be held in The Woodlands over the Thanksgiving weekend,  but  recommended that the Township  not grant the sales tax abatement and free usage of facilities that has been  proposed  by the CVB.   
As the organizer of the tournament is a for-profit company,  we see no reason that the organization should  be exempt from  the standard fees charged to others. T his activity will not clog the roads like other annual Woodlands events such as the marathons or triathlons.

MUD Elections in May
There are four MUDs in Grogan's Mill, 1, 6, 36  and 46.  There are contested elections in all but MUD 6.   Reducing costs of MUD operations is the primary issue. The proposals candidates are making  include  consolidating MUDs that have no debt and similar tax rates and revamping operations.  

MUD 1 is a newly created MUD formed by the consolidation of MUD 2 and 40.  

MUD 6 and 36 are candidates that could consolidate.  

The WJPA.org web site has additional information on dates and locations.

Roads, Roads, and more Roads
The current project to widen turning lanes on all corners of Grogan's Mill Rd. and Woodlands Parkway is close to being finished.   Striping and final shoulder work should wrap up next week.   

The county has removed the lane separators on Woodlands Parkway as you come off the overpass. The curb was uninstalled as it was causing greater traffic congestion to travelers coming west on Robinson Road into The Woodlands. No other modifications are planned at this location at this time.

Montgomery County Thoroughfare Road Plan is a major concern.  A vocal group has raised concerns about extending Woodlands Parkway west to Hwy 249. 
We are more concerned about local roads:  In Grogan's Mill the plan is to widen Woodlands Parkway to eight lanes, from the current six, from I-45 to Grogan's Mill Rd. More importantly, the plan includes extending Grogan's Mill Road down to the new beltway with six lanes on Sawmill Road up to Research Forest and with a new road being built connecting Grogan's Mill Road to 242, which makes it a desirable alternative to I-45.  The Township objected to the County Commissioners Court.  This week the Court announced that the plans would remain in place.  This activity may lead to an increase in the desire for The Woodlands to become a city where it could control its own road structure. 

Upcoming Township Events

Mosquito Borne Disease presentation - McCullough Jr. high, March 31 at 7:30 PM

Earth Day Clean UP - April 9th, help clean up your community and help the GMVA raise money to help your community

Concerts in the Park and Live at Night concerts have started again and there are 13 symphony concerts, ballets, opera's scheduled at the Pavillion - FREE

Toothpaste tube and toothbrush recycling - Collect oral care items that you would normally throw away all year.  In November, bring them to the 3R Baazar to win for your village.  We have collection bags at the Information tent at The Woodlands Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. 

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