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GMVA Donates to Local Schools

On March 21, 2017 the Grogan's Mill Village Association (GMVA) made their annual donation to the following four schools in the Grogan's Mill Village: Hailey Elementary, Lamar Elementary, Wilkerson Intermediate, and Knox Junior High School. This annual donation has been given each year since 2005 as one of the multitude of donations made each year from the proceeds of the The Woodlands Farmer's Market. 

From left to right: Dr. Mark Murrell, Principal, College Park High; Jody Ronzio, GMVA Area Director and School Liaison; Joe Daw, Principal, Knox Junior High; Jennifer Daw, Principal, Wilkerson Intermediate; Mary Kirbo, Principal, Lamar Elementary; Tracy Horne, Principal, Hailey Elementary; and Thomas Chumbley, GMVA Area Director  and School Liaison.
The Woodlands Farmer's Market

The Woodlands Farmer's Market is a weekly event held in the parking lot of the Grogan's Mill Village Center at 7 Switchbud Place, The Woodlands, every Saturday from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. Each week there are nearly 30 vendors selling prepared food, local produce, prepared foods, and locally sourced hand crafted goods in a friendly atmosphere that includes themed events, live music and children's activities. As always, it is dog friendly too. Come support the Grogan's Mill Village Association's philanthropic activities.  

The Woodlands Township Board Meeting

On Wednesday, March 22, 2017 The Woodlands Township Board of Directors held their  regular meeting .  Among the topics discussed were the Cultural Arts Survey, April has been designated Arts Month and a  Diversity Proclamation  was adopted.  Head over to  The Woodlands Township’s website  to watch all or part of the recording of the live stream (Item 5, Community Comments & Item 11 Resident Survey Report).  Furthermore, our friends at  Community Impact Newspaper  also have a great article with the meeting's highlights.

GMVA Budget Planning Meeting

On Sunday, March 19, 2017 the GMVA board met to review the 2017-2018 yearly budget and plan the upcoming year's board activities.  Though this process we have allocated funds raised by The Woodlands Farmer's Market to continue making Donations to schools, continue the GMVA Scholarship program, continue making Interfaith Donations as well as a number of Community Contributor Awards and a necessary website revamp.
During this meeting the association also appointed members to the following committees:
  • Finance/Audit - Tom Chumbley, Edmund Chapman
  • Sunshine - Virginia Dellinger
  • Scholarship - Tom Chumbley, Jane Georges, Jody Ronzio
  • Farmer's Market - Pat Goodpastor, Bruce Cunningham, Sara Bissig, Mike Tabbert
  • Governmental Relations - Jane Georges 
  • Communications Committee - Brien O'Donal, Mike Tabbert Virginia Hill
  • Law Enforcement Advisory Council - Ned Chapman
  • MUD Representative - Bruce Cunningham, Bib Leilich 
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Council- Virginia Hill
  • Community Events - Pat Goodpaster, Virgina Dellinger, Jody Ronzio, Mitzi Fredrick, Brien O'Donal
  • National Night Out - Marie Brannen, Tom Chumbley, Pat Goodpastor

GMVA Annual Meeting

During the GMVA Annual Meeting on Monday, March 20, 2017 the board nominated, voted and elected the following executive committee:
  • Marie Brannen - President 
  • Bruce Cunningham - Vice President
  • Bob Leilich - Treasurer 
  • Edmund Chapman - Secretary
At this monthly meeting that directly followed, the board also finalized the 2016-2017 donations.  They were as follows:
  • Aging in Place - $500
  • Interfaith - $2500
  • CIDS Schools in Grogan's Mill - $4000
  • Scholarships - $4000
  • Community Events - $4250 (Splash Day, Garden Tower at elementary school, Community Contributor awards, Yard of the month, etc.)
If you have any specific questions pertaining to any of the items listed in either the Budget Planning Meeting, the Annual Meeting or our normal monthly GMVA Board Meeting, please feel free to reach out to any board member for details.  
Yard of the Month

Once again, the GMVA board will be selecting Yard of the Month. Each home selected will receive a gift card and be featured in our newsletter as well as The Woodlands Magazine. If you, someone you know or a yard you drive by each day brightens your day and the neighborhood, contact a  GMVA board member  to nominate it. 
SJRA Water Pipeline Repair at Grogan's Mill Rd 
and  Woodlands Parkway

As you may have noticed, the repairs to the intersection of Grogan's Mill Rd. and Woodlands Parkway have finished.  The cause of the issue has been identified and is currently being looked into by the SJRA along with all other parities.  As more information is available we will pass it on.   

Upcoming Events

Scholarship Deadline Extended - April 10, 2017
Do you live (rent or own) in Grogan's Mill?  Are you attending a higher learning program?  If you do and you are, be sure to check out the  GMVA Scholarship.  We have extended the deadline, but it is fast approaching.  Please visit the  GMVA website and follow the "Scholarship Application" link to learn more about the scholarship and how to apply.  

Watch Talk Wednesday - March 29, 2017 7:00 pm
Watch Talk Wednesday is open to the public.  As a reminder The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch invites you to a special Watch Talk Wednesday on March 29, 2017, featuring an introduction by Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson.  If you are not subscribed to their blog please visit their  website to subscribe.  

Please email if you are interested in joining the Neighborhood Watch program or would simply like more information.  Remember, it only take a small amount of time for an entire year's worth of peace of mind.  

Grogan's Mill Community Involvement Day - April 8, 2017
Community Involvement Day - Grogan's Mill
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: North Red Cedar Circle

The Woodlands Farmer's Market 
Every Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm 
Grogan's Mill Shopping Center's parking lot
There is fun for the entire family with live music, local produce, responsibly sourced goods and often a surprise or two for kids of all ages!!  Bring your family, your neighbors and your four legged friends (on a leash) for a great morning to support local vendors and the community.  

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