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7th Annual Ikeda Forum
Educating for Democracy
Remembering Elise Boulding

October 2010

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7th Annual Ikeda Forum!
Join us November 6th for "This Noble Experiment: Developing the Democratic Spirit"

Democratic Spirit ImageOn November 6, 2010, leading scholars will gather at the Ikeda Center for a wide-ranging conversation on democracy as a creative mode of being. Our featured speakers are Vincent Harding, Anita Patterson, Fernando Reimers, Sarah Wider, and Virginia Benson. Talks will consider how education, dialogue, and social movements contribute to democracy and the democratic spirit. Throughout the day, scholars and attendees alike will expand on Daisaku Ikeda's notion that "democracy is a way of life whose purpose is to enable people to achieve spiritual autonomy, live in mutual respect, and enjoy happiness." Please join us on November 6 for "This Noble Experiment"!

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Educating for Democratic Participation
Why creative values and dispositions matter 

Two new Ikeda Center articles examine pedagogies that can help students develop values and dispositions well-suited for personal success, democratic participation, and global citizenship. "Value in Every Circumstance" is an interview with Gonzalo Obelleiro of Teachers College, Columbia University, that looks at core ideas of Soka, or value-creating, education. "Developing Dispositions for Democracy: Why the How of Education Matters As Much As the What," an essay by the Center's Mitch Bogen, contends that key principles of humanist education remain indispensable, even in an era of testing.

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Remembering Elise Boulding
Virginia Benson reflects on a peace pioneer and her influence on the Ikeda Center

Bouding & Benson

In this new essay, the Center's Virginia Benson pays tribute to her peace mentor and friend, Elise Boulding, who died in June of this year. Called "A Beautiful Fulfillment," the essay recounts how Dr. Boulding enriched the Center and everyone associated with it during the later years of her life. Many of Boulding's contributions to the Center are accessible on our website. At our Thinkers page you can find a lecture on peace cultures, an interview from 1997, and a three-part dialogue between Boulding and Dr. Randall Forsberg about questions of war, peace, and terrorism in a post-9/11 world. In 1998, Boulding and Forsberg collaborated on the Center-developed book Abolishing War. And in March of this year the Center's Dialogue Path Press published the English-language version of Boulding's dialogue with Daisaku Ikeda, called Into Full Flower: Making Peace Cultures Happen. Please join us in remembering this pioneer of peace building.

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