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Not all Heroes Wear Capes: Honorees for Pro Bono, Service and Integrity Exemplify Professional and Community Aid
A non-custodial parent kept her son in Utah. She couldn't get him returned to Indiana, and she had no money to hire a lawyer. These are the cases pro bono attorneys help with, and John Cowan, a Fort Wayne attorney, handled such a case.

Cowan will be honored on December 11, 2016 with the Pro Bono Publico Award along with 11 others who will be receiving awards for professional and public service. They include eight members of the 2016 Fellows class, Bev Corn, Evansville, who will receive the Randall T. Shepard Award, and Seamus Boyce, Noblesville, who will be honored with the William Baker Award. A list of all award winners and event information can be found here.
Thank You for Donating $100,000 in Six Months!
More than 90 donors gave to the inaugural Keystone Society campaign to ensure the Foundation met a donor's challenge. In all, you donated $100,000 to general operations, which gives the Foundation the greatest flexibility to meet the needs of the students, public and attorneys we help. See the charter members of the Keystone Society here.

Want to help? Monthly contributions of $84 to the Foundation made between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017 will help thousands of students, teachers, lawyers, judges and the public. These donations ensure our shared mission will continue to grow. Join the Keystone Society today.
A Democracy's Primer: Public Education Campaign Aimed at Civic Literacy
Like us, you've probably heard erroneous statements bandied about this year, particularly associated with how elections, the executive branch, the judiciary or other forms of self-governing society operate.

The Foundation's volunteers authored articles on these topics, which are distributed to media across Indiana, as well as shared on social media. The  firstsecond, and  third articles have been distributed, and nine more will follow. One of our authors and board member, Chris Cavanaugh, was featured on  PBS Newshour for teaching civics during this campaign.

Our thanks to volunteers who wrote these articles for the Foundation to share. It's projects like this that your donations support.
Educating Tomorrow's Leaders: Volunteer and Help a Student Thrive
" Many of our students and their families struggle financially, which can unfortunately restrict them in the educational opportunities available outside of our traditional school setting. They are a very bright, energetic, and inspiring group of young people. I have great hope for the future of our community and country knowing that these servant leaders will work diligently to improve the lives of others. " - We the People teacher

Sign up to volunteer for We the People competitions today.

November 4: High School Northeast Regional Competition
November 9: High School Central Regional Competition
November 15: Middle & High School Southern Regional Competitions
November 16: Middle School Central Regional Competition
November 18: Middle School Northwest & Northeast Regional Competitions
Aiding the Profession: What Value Do You Want to Preserve?
" Like many other young lawyers, I am eager to get involved in bar activities and learn how to make my practice better. However, with student loans and building a practice, it can be difficult to attend all the events in which I am interested. It is scholarships like these that are so valuable to young lawyers and I am very thankful that your family has made it possible for me to attend the ISBA Annual Meeting this year. " - Adrienne Rines, 2016 Helling Scholarship Award Winner

Scholarships like the Helling family created preserve a loved one's legacy and values while helping others. Other endowments honor a professional mentor. Do you want to help future lawyers, students or even the profession's advancement? For as little as $10,000, pledged over several years, you can start an endowment fund to ensure your goals for the profession advance. Since those future beneficiaries cannot thank you, we will. Discuss your questions confidentially with Chuck Dunlap or Theresa Browning today.