Issue 8 | August 31, 2021
Civic Education School Recruitment 
The Foundation is actively recruiting new schools to participate in both of our civic education programs, We the People and Mock Trial, for the upcoming school year. If you know of any schools in your local community that would be interested in learning more about our civics programs and the resources that we can provide, please contact Tim Kalgreen at or 317-608-6503. 

We also launched the Mock Trial Diversity Initiative this year with the goal of bringing minority and low-income schools into the Mock Trial program by reducing financial and systemic barriers to participation. If you know of a school matching the criteria, encourage them to submit an application to join the initiative here.
Civics Professional Development Opportunities
The Foundation hosted an “Introduction to Mock Trial” professional development session last Tuesday in Indianapolis. Teachers learned the basics of mock trial, including trial elements, court procedures, evidence, and how to organize a team. Another session will be held in Evansville on Monday, September 13. Learn more and register here.

On Tuesday, September 28, the Foundation will host an online We the People professional development on founding documents and integrating literacy skills. Interested teachers can learn more and register here.