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January 2017 Kerns Neighborhood Association Newsletter
Greetings from the Kerns Neighborhood Association,
Greetings & Salutations! January is here with snow!!! Stay home if you can, and don't go out unless you have to! Be sure and check on your elderly neighbors!


The meeting is Wednesday, January 18, 2017!!!

Meetings are scheduled for 6:00 pm and are held at: Pacific Crest Community School 116 NE 29th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97232 See you there!!!

Enjoy the Winter events, festivals, concerts and all Portland has to offer!


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And much more!!!


Josie Booth

KNA Communications Chair e-Newsletter

January 2017 KNA Meeting
  Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 at 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Enjoy winter in our Kerns neighborhood! Greet and meet your neighbors!

The following items are lined up for the January 2017 KNA Meeting.

1. Public Safety - Crime Stats - Officer Fox

2. Movie In The Park - David K.

3. Greenlight Development - New remodel and apartment project - Mark G.

4. Burnside East Business Association Donation - David K.

5. 2016-17 Communication Funds Plan - David K.

6. Land Use Updates - Steve R.

Meetings are scheduled for 6:00 pm and are held at: Pacific Crest Community School 116 NE 29th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97232 Meet your neighbors!!!

Topics for next month may be added by February 3rd. Please contact if you'd like to request time on the agenda.

2017 KNA Board Members:

Halley Baars, Josie Booth, Steve Engel, Annie Eustis, Jay Harris, Jim Kautz, David Kirchfeld, Angela Kirkman, Fredric Maxwell, Elliot Mental, Mike Petticord and Steve Russell.

Position Selections:

Chair - David Kirchfeld Vice Chair - Jay Harris Treasurer - Steve Russell Secretary - Annie Eustis

Crime Prevention Chair - Elliot Mantell Communications Chair - e-Newsletter - Josie Booth Communications Chair - Social Media - Halley Baars Land Use - Steve Russell

Bike Pedestrian Community Chair - Jay Harris SE Uplift Board Member - OPEN SE Uplift Land Use Representative - Steve Engel Sustainability Chair - Mike Petticord

Community Collection Event Chair - Mike Petticord Picnic Community Chair - Angela Kirkman and committee Movie In The Park - Open

Friends of Trees
  Seeking Volunteer Neighborhood Coordinators  Friends of Trees
The Kerns neighborhood tree planting is on Saturday, February 4th, 2017.

Friends of Trees (FOT) Seeking volunteer Neighborhood Coordinators (NCs) to help plan and deliver the next community tree planting in the Kerns Neighborhood.

NCs work as a part of a team with lots of Friends of Trees staff support. It's a fun and social role, with hints of customer service, advocacy, event planning, and community building.

Volunteer hours range from 1-10 hours per month, but it's also a really flexible role that can be catered to your schedule.

If you are interested in becoming the Kerns Neighborhood Coordinator, or simply want to learn more, please connect with Erica Timm at or 503-467-2533.

If you're interested in planting a tree at your home, sign up today.

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5th Annual Radon Forum
Radon Forum Northwest

A Public Radon Discussion

Date: January 18, 2017

Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Where: Adventist Health Auditorium

10123 SE Market St., Portland, OR 97216

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MLK Weekend Of Service 2017
  Help With Projects Regionwide

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20s Bikeway Project Update
  N.E. 28th Ave. Commercial Greenway Concept null
Have been wondering about the construction at N.E. 28th Ave. and N.E. Hoyt St.?

Well guess what? It is part of the 20s Bikeway Project.

Here are a couple safety improvements this new 9.1 mile 20s Bikeway will bring to the our neighborhood:

Traffic calming on 28th Avenue between SE Stark and NE Glisan to enhance the shared use environment.

Reduced speeds - a 20 mph speed limit - along greenway portions of the bikeway with stop sign reorientation, speed bumps and sharrows.

Summary Of Project Improvements

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Club 21 Is Closing!
Club 21 at 2035 N.E. Glisan will do its last days of business this weekend, with the Club's final night being Sunday, January 15.

Last weekend to enjoy one of Portland's great iconic dive bars.

Looks like the building will be demolished to build a large mixed-use building.

Going On Vacation...
  Make Your Home Looked Lived In
Burglars tend to target homes that scream the look of being unoccupied.

Going on vacation, take steps to make your home look lived in:

* Schedule lights, stereos and televisions on timers to generate activity in your home. Make sure sound is just audible from the porch. When outdoor and indoor lights are left on all day, it is obvious that no one is around.

* Cancel the newspaper and mail during your leave.

* Inform trusted neighbors about your trip so that they can look out for you, remove circulars left on your door knob and pick up mail and newspapers that didn't get cancelled. They will need to know if anyone is expected to visit your place.

* Let neighbors know how to contact you in the event of an emergency or share information for a local emergency contact. Consider leaving a key with a trusted neighbor in case they need to enter your home during an emergency.

* Ask neighbors to bring recycling bins to the curb on collection day and return them after trash service.

* Arrange for neighbors, relatives or friends to visit your house periodically to make it look like someone is there.

* Ask your neighbors to park in your driveway.

* Don't announce your vacation plans on social media before or during your vacation. Post your photos and trip information after you return.

* Hire a house sitter who has been background checked. If this is possible, it will eliminate many of the other steps.

More tips on our vacation checklist:

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Residential Burgulary Prevention

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Fix-It Fair Online Resource Guide
  Fix-It Fair Resoiurce Guide
Looking For Community Resources?

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