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December 2016 Kerns Neighborhood Association Newsletter
Greetings from the Kerns Neighborhood Association,
Greetings & Salutations! December is here with rain, snow and icy temperatures! Alert: Inclement Weather Now! If you see anyone in need of emergency shelter, call 211. Keep flashlights and extra batteries handy!!! Check on your elderly neighbors!

Please join us for some holiday cheer as we celebrate our neighborhood, neighbors and local businesses. Cocktails and appetizers.   We hope you can join us.   Thanks for being a great neighbor!

What: Kerns Neighborhood Association Holiday Party

When: Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 6:00-9:00 PM.

Where: Opal 28, 510 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97232.

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The next meeting is Wednesday, January 18, 2017!!!

Meetings are scheduled for 6:00 pm and are held at: Pacific Crest Community School 116 NE 29th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97232 See you there next month!!!

Be sure to enjoy the Winter events, festivals, concerts and all Portland has to offer!

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Join Next-door Outer Kerns!

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Check out Kerns classifieds, crime & safety, events, news, events, general, lost & found, recommendations in Outer Kerns!

And much more!!!


Josie Booth

KNA Communications Chair e-Newsletter

December 2016 KNA Meeting - Not Scheduled
Next Meeting January 18th, 2017 at 6 p.m.   KNA Holiday Party, Wednesday - December 21st, 2016 7-9 p.m.
You are invited to the Kerns Neighborhood Association Open House!!!

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Enjoy winter in our Kerns neighborhood! Greet and meet your neighbors!

Meetings are scheduled for 6:00 pm and are held at: Pacific Crest Community School 116 NE 29th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97232 Meet your neighbors!!!

Topics for next month may be added before January 6th. Please contact if you'd like to request time on the agenda.

2016 KNA Board Members:

Halley Baars, Josie Booth, Steve Engel, Annie Eustis, Jay Harris, Jim Kautz, David Kirchfeld, Angela Kirkman, Fredric Maxwell, Elliot Mental, Mike Petticord and Steve Russell.

Position Selections:

Chair - David Kirchfeld Vice Chair - Jay Harris Treasurer - Steve Russell Secretary - Annie Eustis

Crime Prevention Chair - Elliot Mantell Communications Chair - e-Newsletter - Josie Booth Communications Chair - Social Media - Halley Baars Land Use - Steve Russell

Bike Pedestrian Community Chair - Jay Harris SE Uplift Board Member - OPEN SE Uplift Land Use Representative - Steve Engel Sustainability Chair - Mike Petticord

Community Collection Event Chair - Mike Petticord Picnic Community Chair - Angela Kirkman and committee Movie In The Park - Fredric Maxwell

2017 SE Uplift Neighborhood Small Grant Program
Applications Deadline Tuesday, January 10, 2017!!!  
Do you have a great idea for strengthening your neighborhood? Revive a forgotten city tradition? Host a civics workshop? Organize a tenant rights forum? Paint an intersection mural? Create a community garden?

SE Uplift invites Portlanders like you to shape and create your neighborhood by applying for a Neighborhood Small Grant.

Grant Funds - Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition (SE Uplift)   -- $23,708

The goals of the Neighborhood Small Grant Program are to increase the number and diversity of people who are involved and engaged in the broader community; strengthen community capacity to create change by building community leadership, identity, skills, relationships and partnerships; and increase community impact on public decisions and community life.

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Crash Data for Portland Bureau of Transportation
  Key Pieces Of Vision Zero Action Plan
Crash data helps PBOT decide where and how to invest in safety. But the time between when a crash happens and when the data reach PBOT's Vision Zero team for analysis can take months.

Reducing that delay, and gathering better data on the role of speed, impairment and distraction in crashes, are key pieces of Portland's draft Vision Zero Action Plan.

Other data-related actions call on PBOT to crosscheck crash data with trauma data to identify discrepancies, and to review crash and equity data regularly with Portland Police.

Most crash data is self-reported through the DMV. People in Oregon who are involved in a crash must submit a DMV form. If that crash (1) involves a motor vehicle, and (2) results in an injury or at least $1,500 in property damage.

Portland Police gather data only on the most serious crashes-those that result in a crash victim traveling in an ambulance, or when emergency responders enter victims into the trauma system. Compared to self-reported crashes, police gather and report more detailed information on crashes, such as alcohol use.

Both self-reported and police data are sent to ODOT for analysis and reporting. ODOT makes the official crash record available to PBOT and the public about 10 months after the end of the year reported; for example, the agency released crash data for the year 2013 in November 2014.

Under Vision Zero, PBOT will work with the DMV, Portland Police and ODOT to accelerate the release of data on crashes that result in deaths or serious injuries.

Vision Zero Program

Vision Zero Task Force

Learn more about Vision Zero and Speed Safety Cameras

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Residential Infill Project Update!
On December 7, 2016, City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution that adopted the Residential Infill Project Concept Report with several amendments from the council.

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Council amendments were based on testimony they heard at their November 9 and 16 public hearings. Nearly 120 people testified in person, and Council received approximately 550 letters and emails during their review.

What did City Council approve? Council voted on a set of concepts that aim to discourage home demolitions while increasing housing choice in single-dwelling residential neighborhoods. During the public hearings Mayor Hales often asked testifiers if given the choice would they recommend 1) do nothing 2) modify staff's recommendations or 3) start completely over.

Most people responded that the recommendations were a good start but modifications were needed. Recognizing that the Concept Report gave general policy direction and guidance for staff to develop code and mapping proposals, Council made several modifications before they accepted the concept recommendations.

SCALE OF HOUSES In an effort to reduce 1:1 demolition replacements (e.g. demolitions of a house that result in only one house being built), council voted to reduce the size of single-dwelling houses in the Housing Opportunity Overlay Zone (for example, from 2500 to 2000 square feet of living space on a 5000 square foot lot) while maintaining the same size limit for duplexes, duplexes and ADUs and triplexes on corners as what would be allowed for a single house outside the overlay (e.g. 2500 square feet on a 5000 square foot lot).

HOUSING CHOICES Council did not revise the range of allowed housing types in the Housing Opportunity Overlay Zone (house with both internal and detached accessory unit (ADU), duplex, duplex with ADU, triplex on corner). However, they did direct staff to explore requirements and bonus unit allowances for age-friendly housing, affordability, and additional tree preservation.

To encourage house conversion over demolition, the council voted to allow an additional unit when an existing house is converted into multiple units citywide (staff had recommended this bonus unit only in the Housing Opportunity Overlay Zone). Council also expressed the need to clearly distinguish an "internal conversion" from a near demolition and rebuild.

NARROW LOTS Council rejected staff's recommendation to rezone historically narrow lots to R2.5, and instead voted for an amendment to not allow individual R5 zoned historically narrow lots to be built on - even when they have been vacant for more than 5 years, as presently allowed.

Council also voted to remove staff's recommendation that front-loaded garages not be allowed on detached houses on narrow lots, as these will be less common as a result of the change to not allow houses on R5 historically narrow lots (narrow lots already zoned R2.5 zone will continue to be allowed).

Next Steps The adoption of the Concept Report sets the stage for the next phase of the Residential Infill Project: code writing and map amendment proposals. Council's vote directs staff to develop the code language and map amendments needed to implement the concepts in the report. This phase, beginning early 2017, will include public review of a discussion draft, followed by public hearings at the Planning and Sustainability Commission and City Council before final adoption by City Council.

For more information, visit the project website at

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For more detailed information on the approved concepts and the council amendments staff has prepared a matrix of the approved recommended concepts and the city council amendments.

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Public Hearing for Proposed Administrative Rule
  Accessory Short Term Rental Enforcement
Now when violations of Accessory Short Term Rental code are confirmed, property owners are given a 30-day compliance period to cease unpermitted activities or obtain permits for activity, where allowed. If uncorrected, fines of $707-$1,414 are assessed on a monthly basis depending on the length of the violation.

Under the proposed Accessory Short Term Rental Enforcement Administrative Rule, property owners will not have a 30-day compliance period, and will be issued citations of $1,000-$5,000 per occurrence. Citations may be issued for each day of continued violation.

Citations may be reviewed administratively, and then appealed to the Code Hearings Officer. The Code Hearings Officer may request additional documentation including, but not limited to, bank records, relevant tax records, and information from online platforms as a basis for their decision.


Date:  Friday, December 16, 2016 Time: 12:00-2:00 p.m. Location: 1900 SW 4th Avenue, Room 4a (4th floor)

Comments will be accepted in person at the hearing or in writing. Written comments will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, December 16, 2016. Submit written comments to Mike Liefeld at BDS, 

Hold City Government Accountable
  Through Independent Audits and Investigations
Please take advantage of two opportunities in December to discuss Charter amendments to protect the Auditor's ability to hold City government accountable through independent audits and investigations. Your views will help shape the final proposal from the Auditor that City Council will be consider in January.

Thursday, Dec. 15, 6-7:30 p.m. East Portland Community Center 740 SE 106th Ave.

Friday, Dec. 16, Brown Bag from 12-1 p.m. City Hall, Lovejoy Room 1221 SW 4th Ave.

Friends of Trees
  Seeking volunteer Neighborhood Coordinators 
Friends of Trees (FOT) Seeking volunteer Neighborhood Coordinators (NCs) to help plan and deliver the next community tree planting in the Kerns Neighborhood.

NCs work as a part of a team with lots of Friends of Trees staff support. It's a fun and social role, with hints of customer service, advocacy, event planning, and community building.

Volunteer hours range from 1-10 hours per month, but it's also a really flexible role that can be catered to your schedule.

The Kerns neighborhood tree planting is on Saturday, February 4th, 2017.

If you are interested in becoming the Kerns Neighborhood Coordinator, or simply want to learn more, please connect with Erica Timm at or 503-467-2533.

If you're interested in planting a tree at your home, sign up today. More Info

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Portland Police Bureau Recruiting Police Officers
  Know A Good Candidate?
The Portland Police Bureau has three new recruiters, one sergeant and two officers, who will be actively traveling to colleges, job fairs, and other venues, and will continue to use social media to reach out to lateral hires and new officer candidates.

"We have values in this city that are extremely important to us and we need officers who embrace those values," said Mayor Charlie Hales. "We need numbers, but we also need people who have those values."

The Bureau currently has 74 vacancies, with hundreds projected to retire over the next five years.

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Changes To Marijuana Regulations
  Make Your Voice Heard!
The proposal adds four categories of marijuana-related businesses to Chapter 14B.130: Marijuana Retail Courier, Micro-Producer Tier I, Micro-Producer Tier II, Micro-Wholesaler.

There is also a proposal to lift the restriction on the delivery of recreational marijuana to consumers in the City; change the hours of operation of marijuana businesses to match those of the State; strike the requirement that video data from medical dispensaries and marijuana businesses be stored off-site; and introduce a series of technical changes that fix grammatical errors and clarify terms.

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Contact the program by phone at 503-823-9333 or email:

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  Kerns Neighborhood Association

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Our neighborhood Kerns is located in the neighborhood coalition of Southeast Uplift (SEUL). Find out what's going on coalition-wide!

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  Official Website knacolorlogo
For more information about us visit our official Kerns Neighborhood Association website. You can also find us on Facebook and find out great news and happenings. Join our new Facebook Group and post neighborhood news or questions or photos!

Nextdoor NE Kerns, a private neighborhood social network that requires your address to join. Kerns is broken down into 2 sections, inner and outer. This page is not moderated by the KNA. Examples of how people are using Nextdoor: sharing events, asking for recommendations, organizing a community-wide yard sale, setting up playdates, getting the word out about a break-in, finding a lost pet, or planning for an emergency.

Preventing Holiday Package Theft
Package theft typically increases during the holidays. To prevent it, choose a safer delivery option:

* Arrange to pick up packages at the carrier or retail establishment.

* Require a signature on deliveries.

* Opt for deliveries to lockers or other secured locations where possible.

* Ship your package to a location where someone you trust will be available to receive it.

If it is offered, track the status of your delivery by email, text, or other alert. If you are going on vacation, make sure that no shipments will be delivered while you are away.

Although camera surveillance is beneficial to your home's overall security, it will not deter package thieves.

Please be alert and report crime and suspicious activity in your neighborhood such as someone stealing a package or trailing a delivery truck by bike or car. For immediate threats to life or property or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1. For non-immediate threats occurring in Portland, call the police non-emergency number at 503-823-3333.

For more package theft prevention tips, click for a brochure:

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