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April 2014
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UD Hillel will be taking a 18 students to Buenos Aires, Argentina for an 
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UD Hillel Student Spotlight
Heather Brody

Meet our March Student Spotlight: Heather Brody! She is the Communications chair of Koach, the treasurer of the Quidditch club, and she loves Passover!

UD Hillel Blog
The Birthright Experience 
by Rebecca Arias


"Upon returning from numerous different Birthright trips, people always refer to Birthright as the best experience of their lives, a trip of self-discovery and the renewal of their Jewish identities. I never believed their claims, or at least never expected such an experience for myself. How could ten days on what essentially seemed like a school trip with strangers possibly change my outlook on life or on myself?..."


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Dear Parents, Alumni, Friends, and UD Families,

Donna Schwartz, Interim Executive Director


 Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to serve as the Interim Executive Director at the Kristol Center for Jewish Life/UD Hillel.  I've met many students, and I'm overwhelmed by their maturity, dedication to Judaism, and their commitment to Tikun Olam.  UD Hillel's tagline "Building the Jewish Future, One Student at a Time" really resonates with me.  The staff are doing just that:  engaging each student with what is meaningful to them.  


As Passover approaches, I realize how important Hillel is to our students.  Many won't be able to go home and be part of their families Seder.  Instead, they will join their UD Hillel family in prayer, reflection, and of course, a GREAT meal! During the week of Passover, The Kristol Center will transform into a kosher-for-Passover dining hall and we will serve hundreds of meals to our students. Students can register here.


Exciting things are happening at Hillel and on campus.  Did you know that Kosher Dining was approved by the University and will begin in the Fall of 2015?  Kosher Dining will help raise the profile of UD to Jewish students.  Two weeks ago, we had an extremely successful Phone-A-Thon.  Students and board members gathered to make calls to alumni, parents, and community members.  We raised some much needed funds to keep the high quality programming continuing.  Thank you to those that already donated but it's not too late if you haven't. 


We look forward to welcoming all of our Alumni back onto campus the weekend of June 6th for Alumni Weekend 2014! We hope you will stop by and join us for brunch on Saturday, June 7th from 10:30am-12:00pm at Hillel.  Be sure to register online at  



Donna Schwartz
Interim Executive Director


Donate to UD Hillel - Help Us Meet Our Goal!


Hillel needs your help to ensure that the resources are available to continue to provide high caliber programs for UD students.


 Here are examples of programs that depend on the support of our donors:   


$10,000 - Supports our annual Freshman Fest orientation  

$9,000 - Supports High Holiday programming 

$7,500 -- Supports Israel programming for one semester 

$5,000 -- Supports Passover programming 

$2,000 - Supports a community wide social event
$1,000 - Sponsors an engagement intern for a year
$400 - Sponsors a Shabbat Dinner


Alumni Spotlight - Leah Diamant ('13)


Leah is a recent graduate of UD.  While at Delaware, she majored in speech-language pathology.  At UD Hillel, Leah began her freshman year as Kesher's programming chair.  Later on she took on more leadership roles by becoming the programming chair and one of the founding members of Israel U.  She finished her senior year as vice president of both Kesher and Israel U.  After graduation, Leah spent 5 months in Israel with the MASA program.



Q:  Do you have a favorite Jewish holiday? Why?
A: Chanukah is definitely my favorite Jewish holiday. There is something about the lights that is so captivating, and you get to light them for eight days! I already loved Chanukah, but after spending this past Chanukah is Israel I love it even more. Every house and apartment has a menorah in the window and there are sufganiyot and gelt everywhere!
Q: What is your favorite Jewish food?
A: Matzah ball soup is my favorite! My grandma always used dill which I think is a Jewish secret to perfect soup ;)
Q: Who was your favorite professor at UD, for what subject, and why?
A: My favorite professor at UD was Dr. Beth Mineo. She was one of the heads of the speech pathology department and I had her as a professor a total of three times. She cares so deeply about each of her students and the program even though speech pathology isn't even a real major at UD yet. Her passion is what will make it become a major instead of a concentration.
Q: What is your favorite spot on the UD campus?
A: I think the top of the north green, while you're still on Main Street. You look to the side and see the beautiful green and Memorial Hall and it's such a striking contrast from being on Main Street but that's what makes the campus so awesome! 
Q:   What is your favorite memory from your time at UD?
A:  Such a tough question...I'm going to have to take a pass on this question. There are waaaayyy too many memories and each one has a different significance and it's not fair to choose just one favorite!

Shabbat Dinner at UD Hillel
by Sarah Dickstein


"My first experience with Hillel was freshman year when I went to my first Shabbat. I didn't know many people, but everyone who was there was so warm and welcoming to me. I instantly felt like I was part of a community..."



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UD Hillel Blog
 by Nikki Golomb


"As college students, we are overworked. We spent way too many hours doing classwork and homework, and then on top of that we have all of our clubs and other responsibilities. After a long week, sometimes we need nothing else than just a few hours to take a step back and relax..."


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