I have some great news to share with you! The lead tackle buyback pilot program, which LPC and NH Fish and Game conducted during the summer of 2018, was a huge success! We collected 4,786 individual pieces of lead fishing tackle that weighed a combined total of nearly 29 pounds ! Every single one of these pieces of tackle had the potential to kill a loon if it had remained in circulation.

For those unfamiliar with our lead tackle buyback program, it allowed anglers to exchange one ounce or more of illegal lead fishing tackle (lead sinkers and jigs weighing one ounce or less) for a $10 voucher at two participating tackle stores. We had two major goals. First, we wanted to spread the word about the dangers of lead fishing tackle and remind anglers that it is illegal to use. Second, we wanted to provide a financial incentive for anglers to switch from using illegal lead tackle to using non-lead, loon safe tackle. Given the high level of success we achieved with just two participating retailers, we can't wait to see how much tackle we collect this coming summer, when we will have 10 additional stores participating in the program!