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Signe Cohen
Brietzke Skelton Wolff
Congratulations to the three students who are receiving their master’s degrees in religious studies this spring: Rebecca Brietzke, Alexander Skelton, and America Wolff!

And congratulations to Wolff on being accepted into the doctoral program at Florida State University where she will do research on religion, politics, and media in the 20 th- and 21 st-century United States. 
Zach Montgomery
Congratulations to religious studies master’s student Zach Montgomery , who was invited to give a lecture on sacred sexuality in Kansas City. Montgomery specializes in new religious movements and Hindu tantra.
Rickabaugh Muskrat FitzGerald
Congratulations to religious studies major Tessi Muskrat Rickabaugh on receiving the very prestigious Hesburgh Scholarship , which is only awarded to four Mizzou students per year. She also led a workshop for the Spiritual Directors’ International Conference in Bellevue, Washington, in March.

Tessi Muskrat Rickabaugh, left, with her co-presenters Tiffany Muskrat and Tucker FitzGerald.
Katherine Stevenson
Congratulations to undergraduate religious studies majors Katherine Stevenson and Dellinger Caspersen, who gave successful paper presentations at a graduate student conference at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte this spring! Their conference travel was sponsored by the Jill Raitt Fund for Excellence and the generosity of our alumni. 

Katherine Stevenson presenting a paper on a Durkheimian interpretation of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.
The department is also thrilled to congratulate religious studies major Ernesto Aguirre on being admitted to the McNair Scholars Program at Mizzou! 
Faculty & Staff
Pat Okker Tiffany Horton
Staff Appreciation Award to Tiffany Horton
Congratulations to the department's amazing admin, Tiffany Horton, who won an A&S Staff Appreciation award! Well deserved, Tiffany!

Dean Patricia Okker and Tiffany Horton. Photo credit: Nicole Monnier.
Jill Raitt
Retiree of the Year Award to Jill Raitt
Congratulations to Professor Emerita Jill Raitt, the department’s beloved founder, on winning a Retiree of the Year Award from Mizzou. Raitt stepped out of retirement to teach two courses for the department last fall and is currently completing a new monograph on the Jesuit direction of women.
Signe Cohen book Upanisads
Book Award to Signe Cohen
Associate Professor Signe Cohen’s edited volume The Upaniṣads: A Complete Guide was one of the Choice Academic Title Award winners for 2018. You can read a review of the book here. 

Cohen also recently published an article on a completely different topic: “The Two Alchemists in Harry Potter: Voldemort, Harry, and the Quests for Immortality” in the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture. On another very different note, she presented a paper on Buddhist killer robots at the American Oriental Society meeting in Chicago in March and participated in a premodern poetry reading at the same conference, where she read from her translation of the 11 th-century Sanskrit text Śṛṅgāramañjarīkathā, which also features robots. Cohen also presented a paper on time in the Upaniṣads at Princeton University in April. 
Rabia Gregory
Paper As an Agent of Change
Associate Professor Rabia Gregory is working on a new project about periodization that examines how paper changed Christianity. She presented on part of this project, The Illusion of Medieval Christianity, at the Medieval Academy of America in March, and another part, Christianity in the Age of Paper, in the Premodern Studies Seminar at the Newberry Library in April. 

Rabia Gregory examining a hand-colored 15 th -century Apocalypse at the Newberry Library in Chicago.
Undergraduate Research Program

Associate Professor Nate Hofer is working with an undergraduate student through the A&S Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Mentorship Program. Tory Hollingsworth will help with Hofer’s research for his new book project. 
Lectures & Events
George Archer flyer
The department had the great pleasure of hosting George Archer, an assistant professor from Iowa State University, who spoke about orality, literacy, and the Qur’an. 
Rachel McBride Lindsey flyer
Our colleague, an assistant professor from Saint Louis University, Rachel McBride Lindsey, gave a great lecture about lived religion in St. Louis. Check out her #ArchCityReligion project here. 
Sylvester Johnson flyer
Our Religion and Public Life lecture this spring was a fascinating lecture by Sylvester Johnson, professor and director for the Center for the Humanities at Virginia Tech. 
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