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The Journey
March 2020 MWCC Newsletter

Well, it's almost here!  Are you feeling it?  
 Spring brings with it a season of new beginnings.
Here are a few things we want to bring to you!
Check out our new website!

Our new website went live on March 1st.  You are invited to browse the site, view the content, and connect with us through our social media links to stay informed. We now have a Jobs Board and a Members-Only discussion area among other new features.  We will continually update, refresh and monitor the site to ensure that it remains relevant for our users.  We hope that you enjoy the new look and feel of our updated website.  

Lean Peer Groups - Frederick/Washington Cohort #17
Open for Registration !

In order to keep anything growing, you have to feed, care for and provide nourishment. That's what our Lean Peer Groups do for your continuous improvement efforts!  

Each month, you build relationships with peers that foster improvement and growth.  You will tour your respective facilities/organizations and discuss best practices, share tools, templates, and resources.

Adding to the value of your Lean Peer Group participation is a complimentary membership to the MWCC. 

For detailed information about this Cohort and to guarantee your seat click  here . Target start date April 14, 2020.

Recap of Quarterly Conference

Our March 4, 2020 Quarterly Conference was held at the Maryland Jockey Club in Laurel (Anne Arundel County). 

Representatives  Kris Quade and James Archie,  from our member company, Chutes International, were our first presenters. They took us through their recent transformation which has enabled them to increase their quality, productivity, and output, while meeting the increasing demand of their customers.  As with any project, they needed to create a compelling need for change and with a forecast of increased sales, they needed to elevate their processes and manufacturing systems while making life better for their team members! Through their use of lean tools they reduced space, lead times, increased throughput and improved communication with employees, management and vendors.  Their work continues with the support of company president, Hadi Boustani, who has been an integral advocate and supporter of the Chutes Productions System.  

Our keynote was from Business Improvement Group, CEO, Charlie Protzman.  Charlie's presentation  introduced The Flow Systemâ„¢ a brand-new holistic flow-based approach to delivering customer 1st value in Lean and Agile organizational transformations while reducing costs and creating growth. What is the purpose of a business?  To create a customer.  And therefore the focus is on constantly providing a flow of value for the customer.  

Charlie introduced us to The Triple Helix of Flow:
* Complexity Thinking
* Distributed Leadership
* Team Science
which requires a level of transformational change to take place.  We hope to offer a course on The Flow Systemâ„¢  to our members in the near-future.

Members can find copies of these presentations on our website!

Mark your calendar with these dates!
Check our website for updates:

Quarterly Conferences 
- (8:00 am - noon)
Wednesday, May 6, 2020:  Electronics Museum, Linthicum
Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Wednesday, November 5, 2020

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