January 3, 2019


Welcome to the New Year! We hope you had a joyous holiday season, and wish you many blessings in 2019.

Winter is the time for ceremonies and storytelling, and as you scroll down, you'll find the the story of Hell-diver and the Spirit of Winter.

Winter is also a time for warm clothing. Below you'll find an opportunity to share your extra items with the community.

Scroll down to see the news and activities happening in the Mashkiiziibii community.
Moccasin Trail Exercise Room Grand Opening Today!

Biboon Pipe Ceremony Welcomes the Season
The annual Biboon (Winter) Pipe Ceremony was held on Friday, December 21st at the Bad River Community Center.

A pipe ceremony is held to celebrate the beginning of every season. The beginning of winter is represented by the coming of frost and snow, which had freshly fallen that morning.

Esie Leoso-Corbine, Social and Family Service Director, welcomed both new and familiar faces to the event, explaining the importance of the ceremony. Tribal Council Member Dylan Jennings opened with a traditional prayer in Ojibwemowin, and the ceremony commenced.

After the ceremony, participants were offered a free brunch. The food was followed by an exciting round of White Elephant Bingo. There were plenty of door prizes and drawings throughout the day.

The halftime entertainment took the form of an Ugly Sweater Contest. Those who dressed up for the contest danced around the room as members of the crowd cheered for their favorites.
Congratulations to Kate Nelis, who took first place in the Ugly Sweater contest! The second, third and fourth place winners were Carol Bender Kraft, Sandy Kolodziejski, and James Leciejewski, respectively.

James Leciejewski, Sandy Kolziejski, Carol Bender Kraft, Kate Nelis

The day was filled with laughter, thankfulness and holiday cheer.

Participation at seasonal pipe ceremonies continues to grow, and we are looking forward to the next ceremony in the spring!

Thank you to all who assisted in planning the event, and the community members in attendance! We wish you a safe, fun and snowy winter season!
Bad River Casino Donates Winter Clothing
Chi Miigwech to the Bad River Casino for the donation of winter clothing for the community!

For more information on how you can donate items, please contact Esie Leoso-Corbine, Social and Family Service Director, at 715-682-7127, extension 1411.
Donation to Bad River Domestic Violence

Boozhoo Everyone! 

The Bad River Domestic Abuse Program recently received a gracious donation from the Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School in Ashland.

The children brought in supplies for babies in honor of this sacred time. 

We are grateful that Bad River Domestic Violence was selected to receive this collection. The donated items were brought to the Food Shelf to share with women in need.

Esie Leoso-Corbine
Social and Family Service Director

Winter Storytelling - Hell-diver and the Spirit of Winter
Ojibwe culture, winter is the time for ceremonies and storytelling. We would like to share with you a traditional Ojibwe winter story, "The Hell-diver and the Spirit of Winter."

"Every winter, the birds fly south. One winter, a hell-diver (also called a grebe) told all of the other birds that he would stay for the winter to take care of two of his friends who had been injured and couldn't fly south. Both of his friends, a whooping crane and mallard duck, had broken wings. To feed them, he got fish by diving through a hole in the ice. But the Spirit of Winter got jealous of his success at fishing and froze the water after the hell-diver had dived through his hole below the ice. But the hell-diver swam to shore where there were a lot of reeds and bulrushes. He pulled one of them down through the ice with his bill to make a hole in the ice and so he got out and flew home.

When he got home, he saw that someone was peeking in the door of his wigwam. It was the Spirit of Winter, who did not like him and who was trying to freeze him out. The hell-diver got a big fire going, but it was still cold in the wigwam because the Spirit of Winter was right there making it cold. But the hell-diver tricked the Spirit of Winter by mopping his face with a handkerchief and saying, "Gee, but it's hot in here!" The Spirit of Winter thought the fire was hot enough to melt him, so he ran away.

One day the hell-diver decided to have a feast. He got some wild rice and sent a duck to invite the Spirit of Winter, but it was so cold that the duck froze to death before he got there. Then he sent Partridge with the invitation. She got very cold too, but she dove under the snow to warm up and then went on again. She reached the Spirit of Winter and invited him to the hell-diver's feast.

When the Spirit of Winter came to the feast, it was like a blizzard coming in the door of the wigwam. He had icicles on his nose and face. Hell-diver built the fire higher and higher, and it began to get warm inside the wigwam. The icicles began to melt on the Spirit of Winter's face. He was getting awfully warm, but he liked the wild rice that hell-diver had at his feast and wanted to keep eating.

Hell-diver said, "Whew! It's very warm in here. It must be spring already." The Spirit of Winter got scared and grabbed his blanket and ran out of the wigwam. With his fire, Hell-diver had brought the spring, and outside things were already melting and there were just patches of snow here and there. The Spirit of Winter had a hard time getting back to his home in the north, where there is always snow."

( Adapted from Victor Barnouw, 1977, Wisconsin Chippewa Myths and Tales and Their Relation to Chippewa Life, Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press.)

Community Information
WIC for January

Ashland HS Parent Engagement Meeting - January 9th

EMTs Needed!  Classes Scheduled to Begin January 15th

Opportunities for Tribal Members

The Natural Resources THPO office is seeking qualified Tribal Monitors for contracting. Click here for more information.

The Bad River Community Development Corporation is seeking to fill five positions for the Board of Directors. Click here for more information.
New Website for BART

The Bay Area Rural Transit has a new website - www.bartbus.com

Social Security Video Service

Contraceptives  Available

Notice for Snowplowing Private Driveways
Vehicle Registration and Titling
Bad River Veterans Memorial Fundraiser

There has been an effort under way to develop a Bad River Veterans Memorial at the cemetery near the Veterans Pavilion.

Community members can help fund this effort by buying a brick to be included in the paving of the memorial. 

The goal is to raise enough money through this campaign to follow through with the developments to enhance the Veterans Pavilion area. Click here to learn more .

"It becomes a community effort to make this happen," Edith Leoso, Bad River Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, shared. "It will become aesthetically pleasing for our Veterans and community members to come enjoy and reflect and will also be handicap accessible." 

The end date of the fundraiser remains open and available for people to get involved in raising funds for the memorial.   Click here to buy a brick .
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LCO College Updates
LCO College Announces Scholarship

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College is pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity for full-time students of Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College, the Gay I. & Harry C. Leslie III Fund, presented by Gay I. and Harry C. Leslie III.

"Gay Leslie is the daughter of a Wisconsin dairy farmer and the first in her family to attend college, thanks in part to a scholarship. Her great-grandmother was a member of an upper Midwest Native American Tribe. To honor her great-grandmother and pay forward her scholarship benefits, we hope to provide need-based financial support to Native American undergraduate students so they can obtain a quality education." Harry Leslie shared.

The Leslies have committed to building a self-sustaining endowed scholarship fund over the next few years. The fund, at its maturity, will cover the tuition costs for one full time student each semester in perpetuity.

"We are grateful that the Leslies have chosen Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College and our students as the way in which they honor Gay's great-grandmother," said Dr. Russell Swagger, President of Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College.

One $2,500 merit-based scholarship will be awarded each semester based on the student's academic achievements and essay. The application process for the spring semester is now open through January 22, 2019. The required essay will encourage students to explore what this scholarship means to them.

For full scholarship details and an application, contact the Director of Financial Aid at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College at 715-634-4790 or visit the website.
Register for Spring Classes Today

Community Events
Beading Circle - Wednesdays

Diabetes Clinic - January 22nd

Save the Date
Bibooni-Gabeshiwin Winter Camp - February 9th

Wellbriety Round Dance - February 9th

Sponsorship Opportunities Available!

Wellbriety Round Dance T-Shirt Sale

Wellbriety Round Dance T-shirts are now available for purchase. T-shirts are $20 each. For more information, contact Martin Powless at 715-292-0599 or Nate Ante at 715-292-9952.
Natural Resources Department Open House - March 27th

Employment Opportunities
Tribal Employment Opportunities

LCO College Employment Opportunities

2020 Census Jobs

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