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Dear Colleagues,

Formal debates have become a staple of most political campaigns, and therefore of the very democracy we treasure.

The McCormack Graduate School has become a leader in this field. We see convening these debates as central to UMass Boston's mission to educate and to pursue and create knowledge - and to do so mindful of the fact that we are a public institution that exists to serve citizens and the public good, illuminating significant public issues and choices.

Over the past three years, we have developed a partnership with The Boston Globe and WBUR, leading news organizations, that is strong and growing. We co-sponsored 10 events this year, including the final debate between the candidates for governor of Massachusetts, televised on Channel 5. I was particularly gratified that many students and faculty were able to attend, and several participated by posing questions to the candidates.

At a time when civic and civil discourse is often compromised, McCormack has demonstrated that tough conversations can happen that are enlightening and respectful of opposing perspectives.

We look forward to more in the future.

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McCormack Resumes Civic Role of Sponsoring Political Debates For Massachusetts Midterm Elections

Over the past eight months, the McCormack Graduate School has sponsored several political debates for statewide elections. Learn more about the goals and history behind these debates here.

Bob Turner, Research Fellow of the McCormack Graduate School, Shares His Perspectives as One of Key Debate Organizers

"There has been much comment from within UMass Boston about the public service that the debates gave, and the positive message this sent about our school as a substantive and productive member of the community," Turner commented. Learn more about the behind-the-scenes work involved with organizing election debates in this Q&A interview.-organizers/.
View Photos of Our Debates 
Take a moment to look through photos of the Democratic Gubernational debate between Jay Gonzalez and Bob Massie, the Secretary of State debate between William Galvin and Johsn Zakim, the Congressional debate between Ayanna Pressley and Michael Capuano, and the Attorney General Debate between Maura Healey and Jay McMahon.
Check Out Videos of McCormack's Sponsored Debates and Ballot Question Discussions
* Democratic Gubernational Debate, Jay Gonzalez & Bob Massie 
* Congressional Debate, Michael Capuano & Ayanna Pressley
* Secretary of State Debate, William Galvin & Josh Zakim
* Attorney General Debate, Maura Healey & Jay McMahon
* Governor's Debate, Charlie Baker & Jay Gonzalez
* Ballot Question #1, Patient-to-Nurse Limits
* Ballot Question #2, Commission to Limit Election Spending
* Ballot Question #3, Transgender Anti-Discrimination Law

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