Over the Fourth of July weekend, our hospital received over a dozen Barn Owl babies! Two of them came from confirmed firework areas where they were most likely scared from the safety of their nests, and that is two too many.

This had not been a particularly hot weekend where we might expect the babies to bail out due to the unduly high temperatures inside nesting cavities or nest boxes (that would come later on the weekend of the 9th-11th!)—but all of them were suffering from dehydration.

This picture may look like an adorable (though alien-like!) baby Barn Owl with an inordinate amount of fluffy down, but our clinic staff saw a very different picture. The eyes were sunken and dull. In addition, instead of screaming at us as we conducted our initial exam, this youngster was quite docile and when he opened his mouth, it was pale and tacky inside, all signs of dehydration.