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July 2011
NNO 2011
Public Safety at Midtown  James Cappuccino
Greetings Neighbors;


My name is Jim Cappuccino. I am the public safety coordinator for the Midtown Community Benefits District. The District employs off-duty Baltimore City Police Officers to patrol our neighborhoods and maintain high visibility on our state-of-the-art Segway vehicles. These patrols are vital in maintaining our record of being one of the safest neighborhoods in Baltimore. In addition, we organize volunteers from the community into walking "Citizens on Patrol" groups. These groups are extra eyes and ears on the streets and are often accompanied by our off duty police officers.

Additionally, the Safety team provides personal safety education programs, working with the neighborhoods to improve lighting of streets and public spaces. I am coordinating the "We want you lit" grant program. Moreover, we are working with the police department to secure crime mapping information real time so that we can deploy our patrols to address any crime pattern we notice developing. We can also make the neighborhood aware of any emerging crime pattern in a more expedient manner.


As you all know, it's been one heck of a hot summer but many of us will soon be retiring our air conditioning units until next summer. We all like the cool breeze in late summer and fall, but let's not forget to secure all windows when we go out, or when we close them during the day or at night!!! 


Remember the three L's of Crime Prevention: 

LIGHTS, LOCKS & the LAW! Light up your residence, lock your doors at all times, and call the Law when you see something suspicious. Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed. Even if it is for a short time, lock your doors. Make your home look occupied, and make it difficult to break in. Leave lights on when you go out. If you are going to be away for a length of time, connect some lamps to automatic timers to turn them on in the evening and off during the day.

The MOST important thing YOU can do is CALL THE POLICE to report a CRIME or any SUSPICIOUS activity. You have to be the eyes of your neighborhood. And remember you can always remain a pair of anonymous eyes!

"If you see something say something"

If you have any questions or want to volunteer for COP contact me at the office (410) 528-1512 or email me at:  


*Stay safe by staying alert*

Best Regards


Jim Cappuccino 



Issue: 28

  Volunteering at Midtown  
 Fernando Guerra

I would like to thank all the

volunteers that made my

service year a success.

We planted over 230 trees,

3000 native plants and

bulbs, worked 579 volunteer

hours valued at $12,367.44.

In retrospect I can easily say

that the effort of our volun-

teers made a large impact in

the District.


As many of you know I

will be finishing my AmeriCorps year of service and departing on the

2nd of August. Please

direct further inquiries to

our facebook page:


and become a fan of our

organizational page (facebook.com/midtowngreenbaltimore).


Trees have been ordered

for the fall, and your neigh-

borhood tree stewards will

need help planting them.

Please send Midtown Green

a message on facebook or

email volunteer@midtowncommunity.org

if you are interested in



-Fernando Guerra, Volunteer Maryland Coordinator


Editors note: Midtown is very grateful for the wonderful work Fernando completed here.  We wish him well as he begins his study of environmental law.


From Midtown's Clean Team


            My name is Charles Adams and I am the clean team supervisor here at MC Adams2idtown.  I assign daily routes, and highlight the areas in need of attention.  I manage and execute special clean-up tasks as needed, making sure to reach as many areas in need of help as possible on any day.

            Another part of my job as supervisor includes monitoring the supplies and the equipment of the clean team to ensure that we have the proper stock of the tools we need to continue our effort of cleaning up Midtown Baltimore.  The condition of our litter-vacuums is checked by me daily to ensure their readiness for operation. 

            As I monitor the cleanliness of the district, and aid in bettering our part of Baltimore, I ask for your help. Please contact us at service@midtowncomunity.org any time you see a problem. Have a camera in your phone? Snap a picture and email it to us noting the address.   Whether we are monitoring sidewalks, gutters, litter-baskets or reporting graffiti locations, my team and I do as much as we can to keep Midtown as beautiful as it truly is. Your input helps us do a better job!

-Charles Adams

Midtown Community Benefits District