Right now we are in Pennington Gap at the Municipal Office. Pennington Gap is a town, and the largest of any kind (village / city et al) in Lee County.  We are doing our community service this afternoon. Our task, along with the folks from the Grand Lake Methodist Church in Celina, Ohio, was to paint the American flag on old pallets. These will be placed around the town for the Fourth of July.

At 4 pm we will go see our families and their homes. Tom and Allana Condon, Aidan Waller, and I will be sanding down and restaining a wall, laying a new floating floor and trim in the bedroom for 6 year old twin boys, and finishing the building of a porch.

Lisa and Sam Dalsimer, Paul and Isaiah Shikany, and Abby Rosenstock are presently doing a gardening gig (community garden) at another non-profit in Jonesville. They are building new planters. At 4 pm they will go see their family where they will put on a new roof and porch.

Hotter than hell. Grinding poverty. We will come home humbled.