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August 2017    

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Quick Updates
  • The MRLD Bookmobile will be at the CRC on the following dates:
    Thursday August 3 from 2-3pm and Monday August 17 from 2-3pm.  It came last week and it was very busy!  Grab a book or two to go along with your visit to the CRC!
  • The Outdoor Fields at the CRC are Open!  As a part of the GOCO grant from lottery proceeds that funded phase II of the CRC, 4 acres of multipurpose fields were installed at the CRC.  Other Phase II Outdoor Facilities are also online including the 2 climbing boulders, 6 pickleball courts and the newly completed perimeter trail.  Enjoy and thanks again to GOCO and the Colorado Lottery!
  • The Floors in Racquetball North and Racquetball South are currently being replaced.  This work will continue through our annual maintenance closure and we hope to have the courts open again on August 26th!  Thanks for your patience.
  • CRC Annual Maintenance & Cleaning Shutdown. Entire CRC: Closed beginning Tuesday August 15 th thru Tuesday August 22 nd. The CRC will reopen Wednesday August 23rd EXCEPT the wood floor areas (Gym, Fit Zone and Racquetball).   Wood Floor Areas: Closed beginning Tuesday August 15 th thru Friday August 25 th.  These areas will reopen on Saturday August 26 th
  • Scholarships for youth in need now apply to facility access!
    Thanks to effective fundraising by the Montrose Recreation Foundation, generous grants from the Montrose Community Foundation, the City of Montrose and the Anschutz Family Foundation, youth in need may now get a scholarship for a 20 punch pass! 
    We are also offering a new program, the Intro to Your CRC, a one month program that will teach youth how to best take advantage of the CRC.  At the end, youth will earn a 20 punch pass.  All this for only $36 for youth eligible for free/reduced lunch.  That is $1.80 per visit plus the program! Youth of free/reduced lunch may also obtain a 20 punch pass at any time for only $36.  See p. 37 of the Summer activity guide.
  • A request for proposals for program partners at the Field House will be released soon! 
    If your organization is looking for programmable space, the Field House might be the perfect place.  We will have three multipurpose rooms available, the Apex, Omni and Summit rooms. Please email Ken Sherbenou at for a copy of the RPF.  Proposals are due September 8th.
  • Come join us at Heidi's Deli, 1521 Oxbow Dr #105, on Wednesday August 23rd at 8am for a presentation from MRD.  We will report back on the CRC and Field House projects and answer any and all questions.
Program Highlights for more info., see corresponding program section below or the Summer Guide):
    1. Montrose Connection for Retirees: deadline is August 21st
    2. Youth Fall Soccer: deadline is August 21st
    3. Monday Night Dances: deadline is August 21st
    4. Aqua Aerobics: Classes for every level from Twinges in the Hinges (Tues/Thur at 9am), to Aqua Aerobics (MWF at 8am), the Aerobic Zone (Tues/Thur at 8am), the Splash Aerobics (MWF at 11am) and the Deep (Tues/Thur at 11am).  Classes are included with admission. 
    5. Fit Zone: 42 classes per week included with admission!
    6. Swim Lessons are ongoing, including private and semi private.  The next session begins in September and Registration Opens 8/7.  Hurry, classes fill quickly.
Thanks for being a patron and/or supporter!  Enjoy the rest of summer!

-The MRD
MRD News: There is Always Something
Happening at the Rec!  
By Kylee Smith, MRD Board Member 

There ALWAYS something happening at the Rec! Spread your wings and find your niche.   Although most of what's going on at the Community Recreation Center involves the physical aspect, there's more happening than that. Take, for example, the bi-monthly visits of the Montrose Library Book Mobile. You may take advantage of this opportunity August 3 and August 17, 2017 from 2:00-3:00 PM.
The Rural Philanthropy Days was a huge success on June 16. Thank you to all the 350 representatives from foundations and grant seeking organizations from the Western Slope who packed the gym floor in round table discussions who will bring funding through grants to Montrose. Organizations present who have already awarded funding to the Community Rec Center were El Pomar, DOLA and Boettcher Foundation.

An update on the racquetball courts suggests that RECESSED sprinkler heads may be the answer to future fire protection in the courts. On May 23rd, Racquetball South had a dinged sprinkler head that showered the court. Fortunately, at that time, through the quick thinking and reactions of Rec staffers, Racquetball North was saved from damage. We thought the sprinkler head went off because it was missing a cover, which was submitted as a warranty item to the fire sprinkler installer.

However, on July 10 racquetball north had its own incident with a dinged sprinkler head which showered the north court! With the second incident, it is clear the issue is the sprinkler head itself and not that missing cover. The insurance claim has been filed and we plan to replace the floors (and install recessed sprinkler heads) during the already scheduled 1st annual maintenance closure and deep cleaning in mid-August. The issue is covered by insurance with no cost to the Montrose Recreation District. In addition, free passes were given to those who had reserved the courts. Thanks for bearing with us as we handle this unfortunate issue!

Thanks to the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO, funds from Lottery proceeds) grant, the newly seeded grass around the CRC grounds makes our gorgeous landscaping POP even more. What an absolutely striking attribute to Montrose is the CRC. So much has been accomplished this Spring and Summer by those dedicated to making it happen.

Phase II Outdoor Facilities are mostly completed including the hydro-seeding, 6 outdoor pickleball courts, 2 climbing boulders, and the perimeter trail. Please help this grass be ready for use by staying off of it until the fences and signs are taken down. Yet to be added, but on the way in the coming years, are 4 acres of additional sports fields to the east of the building. The old aquatic center, now Field House, is on target for completion in the next few months. Join us for the Grand Opening soon!
Besides employment opportunities at the Rec, there will always be room for volunteers to help raise money for scholarships for youth in need through fund-raising for scholarships by the Montrose Rec Foundation (MRF). Volunteers are also welcome to coach, coordinate schedules, or referee. Come be an important part in molding positive attitudes in our next generation.

Relentless volunteer, Judy Lokey, along with daughter-in-law, Sara and granddaughter, Gracie, recently accepted a $5,000 check for the MRF for youth scholarships from Ride the Rockies. A former active member of the MRF, Judy has completed 17 Ride the Rockies, so it was very appropriate she accepted the check on behalf of the MRF. Volunteers are welcome to be a part of the quarterly MRF meetings to become informed of progress and help with this important endeavor.

The City of Montrose, the MRD, the MRF and other partners, are pursuing a $2,000,000 grant from GOCO in funds for Connect the Parks connecting residents to the CRC and existing southern trails to the new northern trails. There was $28M in requests from across Colorado. Montrose, along with seven other communities, has been invited to a full application. These projects make up $14M of requests, and GOCO has $9M to give.

No matter what your interests, there's something at the Rec that's just right for you. Volunteer, drop-in play, drop-in classes, tournaments, swim, climb, do trips, hikes...It's endless. Come have fun and join life AND, get healthy doing it! Go to or call 249.7705.

Kylee Smith 

Youth Appreciation Day is coming up Saturday August 12th.  There will be free events for kids all over Montrose starting at 8:00 a.m.

Click Here for Full Schedule of Events for the day.  

Photo Gallery

50+ Hike Billy Creek

MRD gives kids who are model patrons a green ball.  Thanks for the help in keeping the CRC a great place to be.  

The CRC from the Friendly Montrose Skies

MRD Fit Zone 

Staying Fit and Motivated during the CRC's Annual Cleaning and Maintenance Shutdown

As many of our newsletter readers are already aware, the Montrose Community Recreation Center will be closing in August for required cleaning and maintenance.  The entire CRC will be closed beginning Tuesday, August 15th thru Tuesday, August 22nd and all wood floor areas including the FitZone will be closed Tuesday, August 15th thru Friday August 25th.  Just because the CRC and FitZone will be closed does not mean you have to lose sight of your fitness goals or depart from your exercise regimen.  Please keep the following pointers from our instructors and personal trainers in mind and the closure will be a breeze.  

-Embrace this time to get outdoors and use the strength, flexibility and mobility that you have been practicing in class.  Go for a hike on one of the nearby trails or a swim at one of the nearby swimming beaches.  Rent a canoe, kayak or stand-up paddle board and get out for a few fun days on the lakes and reservoirs surrounding Montrose.  Put your spinning skills to the test and tackle a long distance bike ride or have a dance party at one of the local venues offering live music.  Set up a slack line in your yard or at a local park and show off your well-earned core strength and balance.  

-Keep a fitness journal and track your activity minutes.  Shoot for 300 minutes for the next 10 days (about 30 minutes per day of any kind of activity).

-Identify areas where you are strong and invest time where you need improvement.  For many of us, this is basic flexibility, mobility and balance.  Begin a morning balance and mobility workout, spend less time seated and work your muscles and joints through their full range-of-motion daily.  Try to eat a few meals and watch TV shows standing up or in a flat-footed squat position.  Practice getting up and down off of the floor.  Studies have shown that those who are able to get up off of the ground without using their hands have a reduced risk or early mortality.  Pick up a foam roller and practice self-myofascial  release on tight muscle groups.

-Finally, remember taking a break is a good thing!  Muscles and connective tissues grow stronger with appropriate amounts of rest and planned rest weeks often enable you to come back stronger and feeling more rejuvenated than you did before.  Chronic exercise and over training can leave you feeling sluggish, constantly tired and sleeping poorly.  If you have been pushing the limits with your exercise regimen, use this time off for some active recovery and you may be surprised by the gains you make upon returning to the fitness area.  Keep in mind that an absence from the CRC may also enable you to come back with a great appreciation for how much your classes help you stay fit and strong!  

Coming Soon - Non-Contact Boxing Exercise Class for those with Parkinson's

One million people in the United States are affected by Parkinson's disease and 60,000 more are diagnosed each year.  Recent studies have indicated the positive effects of rigorous exercise to combat and possibly halt the progression of Parkinson's disease and Parkinson's-like movement disorders.  Programs across the country have found success with this type of exercise regiment which includes non-contact boxing movements, agility, coordination, footwork, sequenced hand movements and hand-eye coordination.  In cooperation with Mountain View Therapy, this program will include a pre and post evaluation process by a license physical therapist and each participant will be provided boxing gloves, wrist wraps and a program t-shirt.  Each class will be supervised by a certified personal trainer and will incorporate non-contact movement activities for whole body strengthening, conditioning and coordination.  Clearance by your physician to participate in this program is required.  Contact Mountain View Physical Therapy at the CRC for more information (970) 252-2536.

Click Here to view current fitness class schedule.   

Montrose Music Calendar  

August 4 MSMS, BGCG, Sunny Sweeney w/ Cyrus James featuring Glenn Patterson 6PM FREE
August 5 Olathe Corn Festival, Olathe Community Park, Rodney Atkins
Aug 19 Moonshiner's Ball, Habitat Barn, TBA, 7PM
September 1 MSMS, BCGC Kris Lager w/ The Johnson County Coroners 6PM FREE
September 9, Mountain States Ranch Rodeo, Montrose Fairgrounds, Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band 8PM
September 23 Altrusa's Voice of the San Juans Competition, Montrose Pavilion, Final Competition, 6:30PM
September 30 Oktoberfest, TBA, Taylor Scott w/ Intuit 1PM

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Youth Sports
(click activity number listed next to program to register online)

FALL SOCCER - 4301006
Soccer is a fun way for kids to get off the couch, meet new friends and stay in shape!  Our great volunteer coaches make this program a blast for both the kids and parents.  Please sign up early to avoid the late fee and get your choice of practice days.  
  • Divisions:
    • 5 YO to Kindergarten Coed
    • 1st & 2nd Grade Boys 
    • 1st & 2nd Grade Girls
    • 3rd & 4th Grade Boys
    • 3rd & 4th Grade Girls
    • 5th & 6th Grade Boys
    • 5th & 6th Grade Girls
    • 7th & 8th Grade Coed
  • Registration Deadline:  Monday, August 21
  • Coaches Meeting:  Wednesday, August 30 at 7:00 at the Rec. Center
  • Fee:  $38 ($45 after deadline)
  • Practices Begin:  Week of Sept. 5
  • Games:  September 16 - October 21 Thursday Evenings  & Saturdays
Join the inaugural indoor youth soccer league in Montrose!  The league will be geared towards intermediate and advanced athletes.  Players are guaranteed to play half of each game.  Space is limited to the first 44 kids in each division so register early!  Games and practices are Monday through Thursday.  
  • Divisions
    • 5th &  6th Boys
    • 5th & 6th Girls
    • 7th & 8th Girls
  • Registration Deadline:  Monday, October 16th
  • Coaches Meeting:  Wednesday, October 25th at 7:00 p.m.
  • Fee:  $40 ($45 after deadline)
  • Practice Begins:  Week of Nov. 6
(Ages 3 - 4)  Intro to soccer is a great way to introduce your 3 and 4 year old to the sport of soccer.  We have three 1-hour long practices where we will introduce the most basic skills in a fun, laid-back environment.  We will cover shooting, passing and dribbling.  Much of our equipment is modified specifically for this age group.   
  • Fee:  $25
  • Session 1:  Tuesdays Sept. 26 - Oct. 10
  • Session 2:  Wednesdays Sept. 27 - Oct. 11
  • Session 3:  Thursdays Sept. 28 - Oct. 12
  • Time:  4:15 - 5:15 p.m.
  • Location:  McNeil Fields

Upcoming Programs
Fall Basketball - Begins end of October
Intro to Flag Football - Begins first week of October

Adult Programs Like me on Facebook
(click activity number listed next to program to register online)

Volleyball leagues are offered for six person teams in women's & coed play.  Each team will play a round robin schedule including a season ending single elimination tournament.  
  • Dates:  Aug. 28 - Oct. 26
  • Registration Deadline:  August 21
  • Team Fee:  $250
  • Time:  7:00 - 9:30 p.m.
  • Days:
    • Women's Leisure:  Monday
    • Coed Leisure:  Tuesday
    • Women's Competitive:  Wednesday
    • Coed Competitive:  Thursdays 4 v. 4 ($200 Team Fee)
  • Captains Meeting:  August 22 - Rec Center Party Room
  • Location:  Community Recreation Center Gym


Come relive those playground days in the Montrose Kickball League.  After a great first season with 8 teams we will be dividing the league into 2 divisions.  Coed teams of 10 will compete for the coveted honor of Kickball Champions!  We will play 8 games with an end of the year tournament.  Get your friends, family or church together and come have fun!  Beer permits must be obtained prior to the start of the league and is not allowed on the field of play.  

  • Days:  Monday Night League and Wednesday Night League
  • Dates:  Aug. 21 - Oct. 11
  • Registration Deadline:  Aug. 14
  • Time:  6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
  • Team Fee:  $250
  • Location:  Ute Park
6 v 6 non-blocking flag football is offered for adults 15 years old and older.  The deadline is the deadline no late registrations, so register early.
  • Dates:  Aug. 22 - Oct. 19
  • Team Fee:  $350
  • Registration Deadline:  Aug. 14
  • Days:  Tuesday & Thursday
  • Time:  6:30 - 9:30
  • Location:  Ute Park
  • Captains Meeting:  Aug. 15 CRC Party Room

50+ Trips & Programs
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(click activity number listed next to program to register online)
FALL HIKING - 4501011
Experience Colorado's incredible scenery through hiking.  Wear good hiking shoes or boots, wear sunscreen and bring ample water.  Dress in layers and bring a sack lunch for all trips.  Hikes may be rescheduled and locations are subject to change based on weather conditions.  
  • Woods Lake - Near Placerville
    • Date:  Tuesday, Sept. 26
    • Time:  7:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    • Fee:  $18
    • Location:  Meet at the Senior Center at 7:30 a.m.
  • Historic Corkscrew Gulch Turntable Hike - Red Mountain Pass
    • Date:  Tuesday, Oct. 10
    • Time:  8:00 a.m. - Approx 3:00 p.m.
    • Fee:  $28 (includes $10 donation to the museum
    • Location:  Meet at the Senior Center
  • Corkscrew Trail - Colorado National Monument
    • Date:  Saturday, Nov. 11
    • Time:  8:00 a.m. - approx 3:00 p.m.
    • Fee:  $18
    • Location:  Meet at the Senior Center at 7:30 a.m.
Dental cleanings are recommended every six months as a major part of your oral health care regimen in order to help prevent dental cavities, gum disease and tooth loss.  As soft bacterial deposits accumulate on the teeth, they form a hard dental tartar which can accumulate under the gum and cause a silent disease called periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease is linked to diabetes and heart disease.  Services performed by a Registered Dental Hygienist.  Medicaid, Dental Insurance and private pay accepted.  By appoint call Sarah at (970) 773-6969.
  • Fee:  Call Sarah for pricing (Medicaid and Insurance accepted)
  • Dates:  3rd Thursdays Aug. 17, Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16 and Dec. 21
  • Location:  Senior Center
  • Time:  9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Click here to view our Activity Guide                              Click here to register online
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Aquatic Programs
(click activity number listed next to program to register online)

Saturday, August 12th - Kids are free at the Rec. Center from 11 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. & 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult.  Adult entry is $4 for non annual pass or punch pass holders.  Pool is limited to the first 350 people each session.  

This swim clinic is designed for anyone 5 and older who is looking to improve their strokes.  It will cover all four strokes, body mechanics and techniques.  
  • Dates:  August 7 - 10
  • Fee:  $40 or $12 drop-in free
  • Day:  Monday - Thursday
  • Time:  Ages 6 - 13 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.; Ages 14+ 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Stay up to date on the pool hours during the summer.
Click Here to view current pool hours.  

The next round of swim lessons begins in September.  All swim courses and instructors are certfied by the American Red Cross.  not all courses are available each lesson time.  Please check the schedule for specific course sessions and times  Class sizes are limited, so please register early!  Dates and and class information are available  here.    
The CRC allows kayaks and scuba equipment into the pool for practice sessions.  Participants must make a reservation in advance.  Please pre-schedule times through the Aquatic Activities Coordinator at 249-7705 ext. 575.
  • Fee:  Regular admission + $5/boat or tank
  • Time:  Saturdays 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.
The purpose of this class is to help participants recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac, breathing, and first aid emergencies.  The courses in this program teach skills that participants need to know to give immediate care to a suddenly injured or ill person until more advance medical care arrives.  These are blended learning courses.  A majority of the coursework is done on the computer and the hands-on skills are practiced in the classroom.  This course offers a 2 year certification for both CPR and First Aid.
  • Session 1:  Wednesday, Sept. 13
  • Register by:  Sept. 3rd
  • Time: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
  • Fee:  $60
  • Location:  CRC Party Rooms
  • Instructor:  American Red Cross Instructor   
Recreation Activities
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(click activity number listed next to program to register online)

Want to learn to dance?  Here is  your chance.  Bring water and your happy dancing  feet.  No partner needed to participate. Instructor, Loraine Adams, is passionate  about dancing and enjoys teach both beginning and intermediate dances.  She has been dancing since the 70's and teaching off and on for about 10 years.  She  believes dancing should be fun for everyone!
  • Monday Night
    • Location:  MRD Fieldhouse Apex and Omni
    • Time:  5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
  • Session I ($10):  Electric Slide Line Dance August 28
    (this date is updated from incorrect date in activity guide)
  • Session II ($35):  Country 2 step Sept. 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2 
  • Session III ($35):  Swing, Country/East Coast - Oct. 9, 16, 23, 20 
  • Session IV ($35):  Cowboy Cha Cha Line Dance Nov. 6, 13, 20, 27 
  • Wednesday Afternoon
    • Location:  Montrose Pavilion Senior Center 
    • Time:  2:45 - 3:45 p.m.
  • Session I ($10):  Dance basics review - Cowboy Cha Cha and Electric Slide Sept. 6
  • Session II ($10):  Dance Basics Review - Country Waltz and Country 2 step Sept. 13
  • Session III ($35):  Country Swing - Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25
  • Session IV ($35):  Country 3 Step - Nov. 1, 8, 15, 29
Hatha Yoga is the perfect antidote to our busy lives.  Yoga reduces stress and improves the health of mind and body.  The class is perfect for those newer to exercise or as a complement to vigorous workouts.  Mats and props provided.  Wear comfortable, fitted clothing that allows free movement.  We generally practice barefoot.  all experience levels welcome.   
  • Ages:  14+ or by instructor approval
  • Location:  MRD Fieldhouse - Apex/Omni Rooms (25 Colorado Ave)
  • Days:  Tuesdays
  • Time:  5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
  • Session II:  August 8, 15, 22, 29
  • Fee:  $36/session or $11 drop-in
Tao Thongvahn, a 5.0 pickleball player and instructor located in Fruita, is offering personalized instruction through a 2 hour clinic (limited to 8 participants each clinic) followed by 2 on 1 instruction given on a second day.  These clinics are 3.5 and 4.0+ skill level players.  Tao is an excellent player/instructors who has worked countless hours on teaching others on how to improve their skills.
  • Clinic 1:  3.5 skill level
  • Clinic 2:  3.5 - 4.0 skill level
  • Clinic 3:  High 3.5 to 4.0 skill level
  • Date/Time:  Thur & Fri Aug. 24 & 25
    • 2 on 1 instruction:  2 players with Tao - 1.5 hour instruction)
    • Date:  Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Aug. 21, 22 & 23
    • Location:  Montrose Community Recreation Center Pickleball Courts
    • Fee:  $110 per person
    • Call Cindy at (970) 252-4884 for information and to register

Job Openings
Climbing Wall Staff Member
- Responsibilities include the safe supervision of the Montrose CRC Climbing Wall.  Climbing experience, a passion for climbing, and excellent customer service skills are required.  Please submit full application packet to   Please email Craig, Climbing Wall Supervisor, a letter of interest, resume and completed application. Applications may also be turned in at the MRD CRC, 16350 Woodgate Road.  The application is found by going to   

Customer Service Representative  - This part time position provides critical customer service to MRD patrons.  Duties include, but are not limited to: completing program registration, computer and phone skills, and general multitasking. This is a part-time position and hours will vary with some weekends and holidays.  With the right person, this position includes the possibility of a steady 25-35 hours per week.  Bilingual ability is a plus.  Please submit full application packet to   Please email Tracie a letter of interest, resume and completed application to the individual listed for more information. Applications may also be turned in at the MRD Community Rec. Center, 16350 Woodgate Road.  

Custodial Attendant - This position is responsible for supporting the general operation of the new Montrose Community Recreation Center, specifically in our custodial department. Attendant will be responsible for overall cleanliness of facility. Shifts are available in the evenings, weekends and in the summer.  For questions, contact Tanelle at 249.7705 or  Please submit a completed application (found at, a resume and a cover letter attention Tanelle Cruz. This can be emailed to or dropped off at the Montrose Community Recreation Center, 16350 Woodgate Rd., behind Wal-Mart.  Must be 18 years old with a high school diploma. 
Lifeguard - Responsibilities include the safe supervision of all pool and deck area, as well as basic pool maintenance. Consistent rule enforcement along with excellent customer service skills required. Candidates must have current American Red Cross Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid Certifications. Please submit full application packet to   Please email Liz a letter of interest, resume and completed application to the individual listed for more information. Applications may also be turned in at the MRD CRC, 16350 Woodgate Road.  The application is found by going to  
Water Safety Instructors
This position is responsible for planning and implementing swim lessons according the American Red Cross standards. Instructors will be asked to provide both public and private swim lesson classes. Bilingual ability is strongly desired. Candidates must have a current American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors certification. Classes for this certification are held on an ongoing basis. Please submit full application packet to   Please email Melissa a letter of interest, resume and completed application to the individual listed for more information. Applications may also be turned in at the MRD CRC, 16350 Woodgate Road.  The application is found by going to  
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