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July 2012
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NRC Board Meeting 

Fri. July 13 

2:00-4:00pm ET

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PARMC Webinar: 

Sustainability Efforts in the Healthcare Industry - Part I: Focus on Plastics Recycling

Mon. July 16
1:30-2:45pm ET


Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania Recycling Conference

 Lancanster, PA 

Wed. July 25 - Fri. July 27 

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California Resource Recovery Association Conference 

Oakland, CA 

Sun. Aug. 5 - Wed. Aug. 23  Register Here 


NRC Board Meeting 

Fri. Aug. 17

2:00-4:00pm ET

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NRC Annual Members Meeting

Austin, TX

Mon. Aug. 27

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Resource Recycling Conference

Hilton Austin

Austin, TX

Aug. 28 - 29

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Two Major Recycling Organizations Moving Toward Consolidation
Recycling in North America Expected to be the Benefactor!

Mark L
Today we are announcing a formal, major step toward the consolidation of the National Recycling Coalition, Inc. and Recycling Organizations of North America, Inc. (RONA). The result of this consolidation would be a new organization called the NorthAmerican Recycling Coalition (NRC) that will bring the best of both groups into one cohesive unit. We see this historic action providing the framework for accelerating the advancement of recycling and sustainable materials management solutions throughout the Continent!


RONA and the National Recycling Coalition are already providing a valuable set of services, representation, institutional knowledge and staff to their individual and shared members. The intent is to unify those efforts in one body. Both organizations will build on each other's successes, resources, assets, vision, and goodwill to build a new coalition that is stronger, more effective, strategic, can leverage more resources, lead national dialogue, and create positive change with North America's current materials management system!


Our boards have met jointly, and we have formed a small working group to finalize the creation of this new NRC. We want to be crystal clear about our expectations:


We will be driving this group to finalize the formation of the new NRC, not deliberating over "whether the formation should occur!"


We acknowledge that there is a lot of detail work to be addressed, but also recognize that there are components of this process we don't need to over-think, and that don't need to be over-processed. In other words, there are things we can do right now. To this end, Mark is calling a special meeting of the National Recycling Coalition Board for July 13th. The NRC is also actively taking necessary actions to amend its current New York State Certificate of Incorporation to change the National Recycling Coalition name to that of NorthAmerican Recycling Coalition (NRC).


The NorthAmerican Recycling Coalition Formation Working Group will be co-chaired by both of us, and its priority will be to further develop a detailed "Plan of Consolidation." This plan will layout the details and timeframe of steps needed to fully merge RONA and NRC and create the new organization. The draft initial structure of this plan has been developed by both boards, and includes a statement of "What We Believe," vision and mission, guiding principles and value statements, and strategies to achieve the mission.


As implied above, we expect this process will not be linear. In other words, as the Working Group identifies things that can be immediately implemented, they will spell-out the specific actions to be taken by the National Recycling Coalition, RONA, or both. The Working Group will keep its eye on the ball, which is just on the horizon, that being a formal announcement at the August 2012 Resource Recycling Conference in Austin, TX. This includes preparing for any action that needs to be taken by the National Recycling Coalition and/or RONA membership at that meeting, or before.


We are very excited about the opportunities this new potential partnership presents, and recognize the importance of moving quickly. We ask for your continued support and diligence in fostering this historic relationship!


Marjorie Griek                                 Mark Lichtenstein

Chair                                              President

Recycling Organizations of               National Recycling Coalition

North America           

Call for Nominations
2012 Board of Directors Elections   

Interested in running for the NRC board? An electronic nomination form is now available on the NRC Website.   Deadline for submission of applications is Monday, August 20, 2012.

Candidates must be members in good standing for one year to be eligible to run for the board. 
This is your opportunity to shape the NRC in the image you envision! 
Submit questions to Lisa@NRCrecycles.org   
NRC Annual Meeting: Save the Date!
Resource Recycling Conference, Austin, TX August 27-29, 2012

The NRC will be holding its Annual Members Meeting in conjunction with the Resource Recycling Conference on Monday, August 27 in Austin, TX from 3:00-5:00pm CT. All members are encouraged to attend!

Can't make it in-person? Register to call-in here.
Jill Buck to Keynote Meeting in August
August 27, 2012

We are very pleased to announce that Jill Buck will keynote the ROC meeting on August 27th at the NRC annual meeting.  Jill Buck is a long-time friend of recycling and has spent decades working to promote sustainable behavior, especially with youth.  Jill founded the Go Green Initiative, which is now the largest and fastest growing comprehensive environmental education program in the world, operating in all 50 U.S. states, 69 countries, and on 5 continents. The program has been endorsed by the National School Boards Association (NSBA), National Recycling Coalition, 9 State PTA's, California Integrated Waste Management Board, California Resource Recovery Association, and many more.

Jill is also the host of "Go Green Radio," a weekly program on the U.S.'s largest internet talk radio station, www.VoiceAmerica.com.

Having addressed hundred's of audiences of wide diversity, the NRC is excited to offer our members and supporters the opportunity to meet Jill and hear what she has to say about the importance of being involved with sustainable initiatives.  Please plan to attend the ROC meeting on August 27th.

The publisher of Resource Recycling magazine invites you to attend the third annual Resource Recycling Conference. The 2011 conference brought together nearly 600 people from all aspects of the recycling industry and the trade show bustled with 50+ exhibitors.  Join us in Austin, Texas on August 28-29 for expert analyses of current trends and issues in the wide world of recycling and ensure that you stay abreast of the current landscape in municipal recycling.   Don't miss out on critical discussions of product stewardship, recycled paper markets, the shift to materials management, global perspectives on recycling, plastics recycling and so much more.  The Resource Recycling Conference is provided in association with the National Recycling Coalition (NRC), the Recycling Organizations of North America (RONA), Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI).  Check out the full agenda online. 

NRC Strategic Plan

The NRC is happy to make available our working draft 3 year Strategic Plan.  This is a living document that is being reviewed regularly by all Board Members in order to ensure we're focusing our efforts in areas where we can make a difference and truly move the NRC to a position of prominence. Please feel free to review and provide commentary.  We welcome all input!


NRC Board Member Spotlight:
Michele Nestor

This is the second article in a series featuring the diverse personalities and backgrounds of the individuals who are the NRC's Board of Directors. In this issue, the spotlight is on Michele Nestor, President of Nestor Resources, Inc. We've asked her to share her thoughts on the NRC, other organizations and what it means to be part of the Board of Directors.

With the upcoming Board elections, what advice would you offer to an aspiring nominee?

Not only with NRC, but in other organizations where I have Board responsibilities, I try to heed the philosophy of one of my dear friends and an honorary director of the NRC (who shall remain nameless here). When asked what it meant to be elected or appointed to a non-profit Board, he jokingly said, "Give, get or get off." In other words, whether it is in sweat equity, professional skills, or financial support, to be of any value you have to be actively involved in providing or securing the resources needed by the organization. In an all-volunteer organization such as the current NRC, everybody needs to take that responsibility very seriously. For anybody considering taking the leap, think of the talent and resources that you can offer and be prepared to act and deliver on them.



NRC College Scholarships Available for Austin, TX Students

The NRC is excited to again be able to award three college students scholarships for their environmental studies this summer. This is due to continued generosity as embodied by the Murray J. Fox Recycling Scholarship Fund! For more information contact Lisa Ruggero.


July Webinar

Sustainability Efforts in the Healthcare Industry - Part I: Focus on Plastics Recycling

Date: Mon. July 16
Time: 1:30 - 2:45pm ET

Learn about the recently formed Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HRPC) whose mission is to inspire and enable the healthcare community to implement sustainable, cost-effective recycling solutions for plastic products and materials used in the delivery of healthcare. HPRC members work collaboratively to be a change agent for sustainable healthcare product and packaging lifecycle with the end goal of increasing the amount of healthcare plastics recycled, becoming a leading resource for data, education, materials, speakers, and case studies, and being an authority for guidance, technical input, and demonstrated best practices.



Kurt Duska, President and Owner, Engineered Plastics, LLC


Bill Turpin, Director of Strategic Business Development, WM Healthcare Solutions Inc. 


Register Today for PSI's Packaging Call Series!



The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), in partnership with the National Recycling Coalition, is launching a technical conference call series to better understand key issues pertaining to the reduction, reuse, and recycling of packaging and printed materials. PSI will be conducting three two-hour calls that build on each other to help participants develop an understanding of the problem, goals, key barriers, and priority solutions. We will explore all viable strategies, including both voluntary and legislative, to work toward a comprehensive approach to materials reduction, reuse, and recycling. These highly interactive calls are open to all interested parties, and will provide an easy way for participants to quickly get up to speed on all current initiatives, and to jointly discuss which strategies might lead to maximum recycling of all material types. Register today to engage in this important "work group" discussion, for less than a cost of a plane ticket and from the comfort of your own office! 

Interested in learning more? Check out the call agendas below and the PSI website for more information.


Call # 1: Packaging and printed materials in the U.S.: What's the problem? What are the opportunities? What do the data say?

Date: Tuesday, July 10

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm ET


Call #2: Goals for increasing material recovery and barriers to achieving them

Date: Wednesday, July 25

Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm ET


Call #3: Key strategies - voluntary and regulatory approaches

Date: Thursday, August 2

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm ET