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Monday, 11/20

Gym Day for Grades:
PK3, PK4, K, 2, 3, 4

Tuesday, 11/21

Gym Day for Grades:
K, 1,4,5,6/7, 8
  • Middle School Honor Student Field Trip

Wednesday, 11/22

11:15 AM Early Dismissal


Thursday, 11/23

Gym Day for Grades:
1, 2, 3, 5, 6/7, 8

____________ _____

Friday, 11/24


Planning Ahead  
Monday 11/27 - Friday 12/1

8th Grade Trip to Nature's Classroom

Full calendar of events available online.

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Volume:3   Issue: 12 November 19
Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I know what you are thinking, of course I would like a holiday that is largely centered around food.  Although I truly enjoy the meal, it is not eating the turkey, stuffing, and fixings that I enjoy.  What I like most about Thanksgiving is sharing it with family and taking a much needed break to reflect on all the good things we have and to thank God for blessing us in this way. 
Since I will not have the opportunity to share a Thanksgiving feast with all of you, I will take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Assumption Community. 

I am thankful for the Office of the School Superintendent for their support and opportunity to lead this faith based school community. 

I am thankful for the teachers and staff that work so hard to educate and care for your children.

I am thankful for the parents and volunteers that make our community so vibrant. 

I am thankful for Bishop Caggiano and Father Cipriani for their spiritual leadership and guidance. 

I am thankful for our board members for their dedication and support.

I am thankful for our donors for their support in realizing our mission.

Most of all, I am thankful for the gift of your children.  They are the heart and soul of our school and they are the most valuable asset we have.  I am grateful to you for sharing them with us and for the opportunity to help form them into faith filled contributing citizens of the world.

Many Blessings,

Steven J. Santoli
First Quarter Honor Roll
25 Middle School Students Make the Grade

Congratulations to our High Honor Roll Students!
Tatiana Wifall 8
Bronson Vo 8
Sophia Porzio 8
Joseph Grabowski 8
Jake Guastelle 7
Jeanette Ahuatl
Lorenzo Porzio

Congratulations to our Honor Roll Students!
Student Grade
Elle Adams 8
Thomas Schindler 8
Rebecca Schindler 8
Kamila Negron 8
Catalina Jimenez 8
Kerrigan Gourley 8
Michael Ereshena 8
Chris Carrara 8
Nathan Christophe 7
Cadae Thomas 7
Chanel Sample 7
Nikki Rosario 7
Kira Jones 6
Elyssa Gonzalez 6
Rania Brown 6
Grace Cadwallader 6

Turkey BINGO, Thank You

Thank you to all of the families that attended Turkey BINGO Friday night. A very special thank you to the fifth grade led by the Knuckles and Basseto families for organizing the event and for Mr. Collins for calling the numbers all night.

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!
Save the Date, Breakfast with Santa is 12/9

Soup Drive for Homes for the Brave
PK3 Accepting Donations Every Monday  Until February

Mrs. Riehl, Mrs. Loreng, and the PK3 class will once again collect canned soup for Homes for the Brave. Every Monday, until the Super Bowl, students and staff are asked to donate canned soup. As a thank you, Mr. Santoli will allow anybody that donates to wear their favorite football (or any sport) jersey over their uniform. 

Homes for the Brave provides emergency shelter for homeless veterans as well as counseling, housing, and career guidance.

Rediker Parent Plus Portal Open
Monitor Student Progress Online

All parents should have received an email with instructions on how to login to the Parent Plus Portal. This portal allows you to track the academic progress of your children. 

Teachers will update all grades on the 15th and 28th of each month. Please create your account and take the time to check this site frequently.  Once your account is created you may wish to download the Parent Plus App for Apple or Android phones.

If you have not received your instruction email or you need assistance logging in, please contact Mr.Ambrogio at
Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

It is our goal to have all students arrive and leave school in a safe and orderly fashion.  This is impossible without you strictly following these simple procedures.  The time you might save by cutting corners is not worth the potential of hurting someone. 

Morning Drop-Off
  • The safest and quickest method of drop off is to pull in front of the school and pull forward as far as possible up to the flag pole.  When your car is parallel to the curb, allow your children to leave on the curbside of the car and walk behind the cones to the main door.
  • If you choose to park and help your child carry a large project or other materials, park inside the coned area and cross at the painted crosswalk to the main door.
  • Kindergarten and PK parents should park on the far side of the cones and walk their children into the flagpole doors and to the classrooms.
Afternoon Pick-Up

  • Drive forward to the basketball hoop and turn left in front of the school.  Drive to the furthest available row and pull all the way up to the car in front of you facing the church.
  • If you arrive after 3:00 PM, pull forward to the basketball hoop and form a neat straight line to the left and facing the school.
  • Exit your vehicle and walk to the grass area. Your children will be lined up on the sidewalk with their teachers. Make contact with the teacher to indicate you are taking your child. walk your child back to your car and wait for the cones to be lifted to exit the parking lot safely.

When everyone follows the procedure our entire dismissal process takes no more than 15 minutes. If you have extreme circumstances and need to return to work or you are physically unable to walk to pick up your child, notify the main office and accommodations will be made for you.
Teacher and Staff Contact Information

Listed below you will find the teacher and staff email list for the 2017-18 school year.  Open communication is paramount to a successful home and school relationship.

Phone messages can be left for all teachers by calling the main office at 203-334-6271.

Principal Steven Santoli
Administrative Assistant
Jessica Navarro
Director of Enrollment
Karen Guastelle

School Nurse Jennifer Staecker
Bookkeeper Melissa DiLauro
PK 3  Mary Reihl
PK4  Jean Blaze
Kindergarten Rosa Ferreira
First Grade  Melinda Gremse
Second Grade Kathy Andrade
Third Grade Lisa Kozlowski
Fourth Grade Lauren Korres
Fifth Grade Elizabeth Cahill
Sixth Grade/Science Laurie Strazza
Seventh Grade/English Sunita Yashavant
Eighth Grade/SS/Music Theresa Yoney
Stephen Ambrogio
Spanish/Art Monica Scarlato
Algebra Ken Moran

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The best source of information about our school happenings is our website.  The calendar function of the website is updated frequently. Forms and important information can be downloaded from the yellow envelope tab weekly.

Virtus Registration and Training
All Adult volunteers  must be Virtus Trained 

T o register with Virtus and be eligible to volunteer, coach, or chaperone in school or at a school sponsored event you must register with Virtus, complete a training and agree to a background check.

Click here to visit the Virtus website.  Remember to select Assumption School as your primary location.  Please contact the office with questions or concerns.

Mission Statement
Assumption Catholic School provides an education of academic excellence, rooted in the Catholic Faith, which fosters the spiritual, physical, moral, and intellectual development of all students, so they may realize their full potential as responsible, caring, and contributing citizens of the world.