December 1, 2021
Dear Osprey Students and Families,

With just 1.5 weeks of regular classes left in the term, we want to be sure everyone has the information they need about POLs and end of semester schedules. 

Presentations of Learning or "POLs" are formal presentations given by students to a panel comprised of peers, community members, teachers and/or parents. The format for POLs varies from grade to grade, but generally speaking, students use digital portfolios, samples of work and other evidence to demonstrate learning and growth and articulate goals. POLs can be powerful and transformational experiences for Animas students and we encourage everyone to take full advantage of the opportunities they create. Much like final exams at other schools, POLs are not optional; all students are required to successfully complete a POL in order to continue on with 2nd semester at AHS.  

POLs require professional dress, which means that students must wear a button-­down shirt and tie, shirt with finished neck, sweater or blouse; a nice pair of slacks (no jeans), skirt or dress; dark socks to match trousers and dress shoes (no sneakers, no excessively high heels). Unlike SLCs, if a student arrives for POL without professional dress, it will mean automatically rescheduling the POL for a different time. Please communicate with an adult at school if procuring professional dress clothing is cost­-prohibitive; we have extra clothes and will find a way to help! 

It’s worth noting that it is not unusual for students to need to do POLs more than once before they successfully meet expectations, and that being asked to redo a POL certainly does not mean a student cannot succeed. Students should head into POLs with a growth mindset and recognize that when we hold them to high standards of excellence it’s because we know they are capable of meeting them.

We ask that if families are traveling for Winter Break, they do not plan early departures, as students may need to redo POLs on Friday 12/17.

POLs will be scheduled in grade-level core classes and students are responsible for communicating home about when their POL will take place. While students are not required to be on campus when they are not presenting or paneling, they are certainly welcome; that said, there will not be classes or activities planned for them these days.

9th Grade
Students will present POLs before a panel of classmates and teachers. Teachers will help students prepare during select class periods in the 2 weeks before POLs. Parents are welcome but not required to attend their student’s presentations. Talk about what’s right for your student and family and plan accordingly.

The 9th grade teachers require students to stay at AHS the entire day of their POL so they can both present their POL and serve on a panel for their classmates. As a result, individual schedules will vary. Students are not required to be on campus for the days that they are not presenting/paneling. Those who do not meet expectations for POLs or paneling will be asked to refine and return again. 

  • POL Prep begins in core classes on 12/1 then continues on 12/3, 12/6, and 12/10
  • Last day of electives/regular classes is Friday 12/10
  • POL Dress Rehearsal is Monday 12/13 (lunchtime dismissal for students who do not require additional support)
  • POLs are Tuesday 12/14 and Wednesday 12/15
  • Make-up POLs are scheduled for Thursday 12/16 and Friday 12/17

10th Grade
POLs for sophomores take the form of a brief presentation focused on a specific topic chosen by the 10th grade team, followed by an in-depth interview with a panel of teachers and students. All students will present and will panel for their peers. Individual schedules will vary and students need only be at school on those days at the time of their individual POL, and the times they are scheduled to panel. Parents are welcome, though not required, to attend. Please talk at home about what would be best for your family; it’s important that students feel as comfortable, confident and supported as possible. For some students, this means presenting without the additional pressure of parents in the room, for others, a parent in the audience can help inspire excellence.Those who do not meet expectations for POLs the first time will be asked to refine and present again. Those who successfully complete POLs the first time will not be required to attend days after they have finished presenting unless they are scheduled to panel.

  • POL Prep in core classes Monday 12/6 through Friday 12/10
  • Last day of electives/regular classes is Friday 12/13
  • POLs are Monday 12/13, Tuesday 12/14 and Wednesday 12/15 
  • Make-up POLs are Thursday 12/16 and Friday 12/17

11th Grade
Juniors’ POLs take the form of individual job interviews that prepare them for LINK Internships. They will interview with a group of teachers, without peers or parents in the room. Individual schedules will vary and students need only be at school at the time of their POL. Those who do not meet expectations for POLs the first time will be asked to refine and present again. Those who successfully complete POLs the first time will not be required to attend days after they have finished presenting.

  • Last day of electives/regular classes is Friday 12/13
  • POL Prep is Monday, 12/13 and Tuesday 12/14
  • POLs are Wednesday 12/15 and Thursday 12/16
  • Make-up POLs are Thursday 12/16 and Friday 12/17

12th Grade
Seniors will use POLs as a way to pitch their Senior Project ideas, and families of seniors are strongly encouraged to attend, as it will provide an opportunity for parents to help with the critique. Seniors are also encouraged to invite community members beyond their parents to sit on their panel for extra credit. All seniors will panel twice for peers in addition to presenting their own POL; paneling and presenting will happen on three separate days for seniors. They will not need to attend school on days when they are neither presenting or paneling. Even though POLs begin early for them, seniors are expected to continue to attend elective classes through Friday 12/10, when those classes end.

  • POL Prep will begin on Tuesday, 11/20 in Humanities and will continue through Wednesday 12/18 in core classes (Humanities and Statistics will not meet Thursday 12/9 or Friday 12/10)
  • Last day of electives is Friday 12/10
  • POLs are Thursday 12/9 through Thursday 12/16
  • Make-up POLs are scheduled as needed

Please take time to check in at home about the end of the semester, when stress levels can run high. Reflective work like this can be challenging, but it can also be enlightening and deeply rewarding, as students recognize the progress they are making en route to the futures they want for themselves. 

As always, we’re here to address any questions or concerns you might have and we appreciate your support!
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Presentations of Learning: Mon. 12/13 to Fri. 12/17

Winter Break: Sat. 12/18 through Sun. 1/2

Professional Development Day (no classes): Mon. 1/3

First Day of 2nd Semester: Tues. 1/4
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