December 15, 2021
Dear Osprey Students and Families,

We have adjusted Presentation of Learning schedules at each grade level in the following ways, due to today's Snow Day.

9th Grade
Students who were scheduled to panel or present their POLs today have been rescheduled for tomorrow. Those originally scheduled to present Thursday will continue according to plan. Students who need to redo their POLs will do so tomorrow if already scheduled, or will go on Friday morning. Please refer to the updated 9th Grade POL schedule for full details.

10th Grade
Students who were scheduled to participate in this afternoon's seminar will now seminar Thursday morning at 10am. The second seminar group will proceed as planned, meeting at 1pm Thursday.

11th Grade
Juniors who were scheduled for today have the option of completing their POL virtually today or rescheduling for in-person tomorrow; students scheduled for tomorrow may also opt into today's virtual format. There are limited spots available for today's virtual interviews. Please see more about this option and sign up here. Later today, after seeing who opts in for the virtual format, the junior team will send out an updated Thursday schedule to all students.

12th Grade
Seniors who were scheduled to panel or complete POLs today have been rescheduled for tomorrow. Please see the adjusted schedule Senior POL Schedule for full details.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding. Please be safe today and we look forward to seeing those coming in tomorrow or Friday.
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