November 19, 2021
Dear Sophomore Families,

We are looking forward to the Sophomore December Exhibition on Thursday, December 2 from 4:30-6pm in the Michael Ackerman Wing at Animas High School. This evening promises to be an engaging and informative glimpse into what your students have been learning this semester at AHS.

As a project-based learning school, exhibitions are our crown jewels and serve as a forum for students to showcase their learning in front of an authentic audience. Exhibitions help our students build confidence and public speaking skills alongside their ability to apply their knowledge to the real world. All students are required to participate and we certainly hope that families are able to join as well!

Professional Dress Expectations
Exhibitions, SLCs, Presentations of Learning (POLs) and some other school-related activities where students are presenting to community audiences require Professional Dress, which means that in addition to the guidelines described above, students must wear a button-down shirt and tie, shirt with finished neck, sweater or blouse; a nice pair of slacks (no jeans), skirt or dress; dark socks to match trousers and dress shoes (no sneakers, no excessively high heels). Faculty will remind students when there exists the expectation of professional dress and will assist students in planning for these experiences. Please communicate with an adult at school if procuring professional dress clothes is cost-prohibitive; we will find a way to help!

Humanities 10
As a culmination of the Adolescent Development: Mask Project, students will present their personal essays and masks, which highlight specific aspects and experiences of modern adolescence. They are also working in teams to develop interactive experiences and activities to help bridge the divide between adults and adolescents, and to foster productive communication between these groups.

Spanish 1
In the Michael Ackerman wing, you can find Spanish 1's Dia de los Muertos Exhibition. Students spent the last several weeks diving into the historical roots of a holiday that has become increasingly mainstream to better understand the complexity of a sacred tradition. Students had the opportunity* to celebrate, in their own way, the memory of a loved one. There is some beautiful work to check out, so swing by!  *Animas acknowledges that participation in this celebration may not be appropriate for all students or families, and we honor student voice and choice by offering alternative projects that feel better aligned with personal, religious and/or cultural beliefs.

Spanish 2
Students in Susy’s Spanish 2 classes created Calaveras Literarias (poems and skeletons inspired by José Guadalupe Posada’s printmaking from the era of the Mexican Revolution) in order to expand our knowledge and awareness about the sacred and colonial roots behind Dia de Los Muertos, to personalize our use of Spanish, and to display our skills in the art of conjugating verbs.

French 2
French 2 students will be exhibiting their Petits Livres de la Mode books, which feature 4 Croquis (or fashion designs) along with the characters that inhabit those outfits, each in a different setting and season. This is our preparatory project showing how we can describe people, places, clothing and weather in preparation for next semester, when we'll do the Fashion Project.

We can’t wait to see the culmination of our students’ amazing work over the course of this semester. They have proven themselves to be true Ospreys-- engaged, motivated, kind, creative and curious!  We look forward to seeing you as we share their learning.


Lori Fisher, Jenny McKenzie and Susy Raleigh
Upcoming AHS Events

Thanksgiving Break (no classes): Mon. 11/22 through Fri. 11/26

Professional Development Day (no classes): Mon. 11/29

Holiday Gift Drive 4 the Children: Tues. 11/30 through Fri. 12/10

Student Ambassador Training: Wed. 12/1, 1:45-3:30

Student Council Holiday Blood Drive: Thurs. 12/2, 9am-2pm; sign up to donate blood here

Get a Job Fair: Thurs. 12/2, 4-5:30 at Fairgrounds

Humanities 10 Exhibition: Appreciating Adolescence (10th grade): Thurs. 12/2, 4:30-6pm
Last Advisory and XBlock of the Semester: Wed. 12/8

Winter Exhibition Extravaganza (9th and 11th grades): Wed. 12/8, 5-7pm

Last Day of 1st Semester Classes: Fri. 12/10

Ospreys on Ice Holiday Party: Fri. 12/10, 7-8:30pm at Chapman Ice Rink

Osprey Theater Company: The Hope and Heartache Diner: Fri. 12/10, Sat. 12/11, Sun. 12/12

iAM Music Winter Student Showcase featuring AHS Music Students: Sun. 12/12

Presentations of Learning: Mon. 12/13 to Fri. 12/17

Winter Break: Sat. 12/18 through Sun. 1/2

Professional Development Day (no classes): Mon. 1/3

First Day of 2nd Semester: Tues. 1/4
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