August 26, 2022

Ande Lloyd, Math 10

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.” -Unknown

Ande's Digital Portfolio

Math 10 Syllabus

Julian Springer, Physics

“Science literacy is the artery through which the solutions of tomorrow's problems flow. “

--Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Physics Syllabus

Sara Price, Humanities 10

“It is in fact a part of the function of education to help us escape, not from our own time -- for we are bound by that -- but from the intellectual and emotional limitations of our time.” ~T.S. Eliot

Sara's Digital Portfolio

Humanities 10 Syllabus

Hello 10th Grade Students and Families, 

We can do hard things!

We can! You are here with us, starting your 2nd year of high school, and your 4th year of learning in a pandemic. Just being here, reading these words, and preparing for another year of project-based learning means that you can already do hard things.

And we will continue to push you to do even harder things this year! You will be building on the already significant capacity for real, meaningful work that you began to develop last year. We know you are amazing, we have already seen you do amazing and inspirational work, and we cannot wait to offer you the learning opportunities that will allow you to continue on your unique journey of growth.

Doing hard things is hard, and it looks different for everyone! In order to support your growth into the efficacious adults you will become, we, your teachers, have a few promises for you:

  • We promise to help you step above and beyond what you think you are capable of; to help you understand your own horizons and persevere beyond them into the unknown.

  • We promise to push you to take a stand for what you think is right, and also to always seek out other perspectives and learn from people and ideologies that are different from your own, constantly relearning and redefining what “right” might be for us and others.

  • We promise to hear and see you when you advocate for yourself and those around you; we are a community of learners after all, not simply teachers and students, but a collective working together to build your brilliance.

  • We promise to demand that you support your ideas and opinions with powerful, accurate, and relevant evidence; we will not allow you to get away with unsupported arguments for the sake of your own learning and growth.

  • We promise to always help you improve your work, and while you will never be completely done defending your arguments and perspectives, we will always help you to refine your work, to find new evidence, to develop new ways of representing yourself, and to learn how to create beautiful and impactful exhibitions.

Finally, we promise to be here for you, and build relationships with you, as your teachers and your fellow human beings! We will support you and advocate for you, even when the challenges come fast and thick, which they will. So when you are being pushed beyond what you perceive as your limits, just remember:

We can do hard things!


Your Sophomore Team: Ande, Julian and Sara

Attendance and Technology Policies 

The following are two policies we ask that you support us with this year to ensure your child has the best learning environment possible. 


As a school, we firmly believe in the importance of students being at school on time, every day. Research has shown that chronic absences from school may be connected to lower reading proficiency, lower test scores, higher dropout rates, and lower college persistence. Excessive absences not only impact a student’s work, but they can have long-term effects on a student’s future academic success. 

In addition to academic classes, all students are expected to attend and participate in each of the following, barring pre-approved exceptions: Advisory, Student-Led Conferences, Exhibitions, Presentations of Learning, Osprey Week, NEST Meetings, Advisory Olympics.  

Students who are absent from class during the day without an excuse from parent/guardian: 

  • 1st unexcused absence: the student meets with the Dean of Students to discuss their absence. 
  • 2nd unexcused absence: the student meets with the Dean of Students to discuss their absence, and creates an email that is sent to their parent/guardian addressing the issue.
  • 3rd unexcused absence: Dean of Students facilitates a meeting with the parent(s)/guardian and student to review the Student Contract and discuss why the absences are occurring. A plan of action will be created to address the absences. 

Any student who misses 10 consecutive days of school, even with contact from their family to the school, may find that they are not granted credit for their classes because they have missed too much content.


Arriving to class late and unexcused is a disruption and interferes with the initial protocols in any classroom. As such, any student who has 3 unexcused tardies in a class over the course of a semester may receive an unexcused absence from the instructor.


Students may use personal electronics, including cell phones, before/after school, at lunch or during class with permission from an AHS staff member. At all other times, personal electronics must be stored in backpacks/bags and turned off; teachers may ask to collect phones during class. When using personal electronics on campus, students must refrain from accessing any material/content that is inappropriate for school, including videos/pictures of a violent or sexual nature. In the halls, we strongly encourage limited use of headphones, in the spirit of communication, connection, and being an Osprey. In classrooms, headphones should be stored in backpacks, and teachers will grant permission to use them when it is deemed appropriate. When sound is coming from your computer or cell phone, it is expected that headphones MUST be worn. 

When expectations in the classroom regarding technology use aren’t met: 

  • 1st infraction: teacher takes the technology for the class period and returns it at the end of the period.
  • 2nd infraction: teacher takes the technology and gives it to the Dean of Students who keeps it until the end of day. Student and Dean will have a conversation about the issue. 
  • 3rd infraction: teacher takes the technology and gives it to the Dean of Students, who will keep it until the end of day. The Dean of Students facilitates a meeting with the parent/guardian(s) and student to review the Student Contract and discuss why inappropriate use of technology in the classroom is occurring. A plan of action will be created to address the situation. 

Using a phone to complete schoolwork is not an acceptable alternative to using a laptop computer. Students who have their own laptops should bring them to school. Students bringing computers and electronic devices to school do so at their own risk. The school will not accept responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage of any personal electronic device brought to school by any student. Further, the administration will not conduct any investigation or search for any electronic items missing or stolen from any student in school.

Technology and Learning Resources:

Strategies for structures at home

Further reading/listen ideas for parents and learners:

Please reach out to us with questions and we look forward to meeting you in person at Family Orientation on Wednesday September 7 at 5:30pm!

Upcoming Events

NEST Meeting and Student Activity Fair: Wed. 9/1

Labor Day Holiday (no classes): Mon. 9/5

XBlock Classes Begin: Wed. 9/7

Family Orientation: Wed. 9/7, 5:30pm

Senior Family Postsecondary Night: 9/14, 5:30pm

Osprey Back-to-School Social: Fri. 9/23, 5:30pm

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