Time out! Time Off! Time In!
by Phyllis Furumoto
In 2017 when planning my schedule for this year, I realized I needed to take time to do something very different. It was also time for me to move back into my personal life and regain connection with old friends, family, and my partner, balancing more of my life.

I included The Reiki Alliance conference held near Toronto Canada into a plan that put me on a boat in the great cruising seas of the Canadian Georgia Straits where many islands of all sizes form a matrix like stones in the water between the southwest corner of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.
Joyce and I started our journey last year in 2017 when we were visiting this area and remembered the beauty of the land and people there. Our plan was to cruise the water near Victoria BC in June and more north near Campbell River in August. Well, June was spent in working on the boat and getting her ready for the cruise.
July we made our pilgrimage to Japan and back in August to launch Shatoosh (the name of our boat) and
live on her for the month. This we accomplished!

I constantly had to remember the great advice from Hawayo Takata speaking about the "results" of Reiki treatments: "Have no expectations!" Well, I had many of them and one by one each expectation was challenged by the day to day happenings. Shatoosh has a life of her own. I forgot that every living thing includes Shatoosh. So I finally understood that she was the third party in all plans!

On one of the first nights aboard, Joyce was out and I sat looking at the light on the water reflecting the boats I could see in the water. Our boat was gently rocking and allowing me to have insight into this foreign (to me) culture. Though Shatoosh is modest in size and cost for a boat, I realized I was being given a peek into a culture of water. No matter what the size, shape, or task of each of the boats there, the owners most likely had a deep abiding desire to be with water with intimacy that only a boat can give.

I have always considered myself to be a Mountain Girl, loving those huge lovely rocks that exploded out in a volcanic explosion and landed miles away, to rest on the exposed earth. Then trees grew and meadows formed. I feel safe in this environment, with the flora and fauna that inhabit it in profusion. So imagine my surprise when I finally understood in my inner being that people who own boats have the same feeling about the Ocean. (You don't have to own a boat to have this feeling but for my story this is a point.) Whether you have paid $25,000, $2,500 or 2.5 million dollars, it seems that this place of being in the middle of water without others around you has a feeling of comfort and being! Well, as a start to my own "voyage" of discovery, this insight gave me a place from which to start, the beginning.

One thing became quickly clear. Every liquid that was not consumed by me, went into the ocean. So I started drinking my tea down to the last drop. Those who know me, know that I leave a little bit in the bottom with each cup of tea. Not on the boat. The dish water and cleaning water that we used....went into the ocean. Our garbage was put into the ever present huge garbage bins. I wondered where that went. Until at the end of the month, I grew scared and concerned physically for the ocean. I had heard over and over about all the things happening with the Ocean, but living on/in her was a different experience.

After a month on Shatoosh and many learning experiences later, I am returning to my desert home in Arizona with many provocative thoughts swirling around in my head and heart. What is it that draws me at this time to the water? What does the water culture offer me? How do these expansions of understanding affect my life in Reiki? How will we care for our earth and water and skies without caring for ourselves?

My communication there felt hurried, abrupt, and incomplete. I realized I feel that I don't have time so I skip over sentences that would allow more caring communication.
Is it possible to take time, for we have all we need, and be present with those here and now? We are the eaters of time. We are the creators of time. We are the users of time.

I am happy to have as a new practice, walking on the earth, knowing I have time within me and I am able to choose how to use that time, how to allow time to integrate and absorb nourishment, how to be time.

How is your Sabbatical Going?
By Paul Mitchell

Often these days when I meet or connect with friends and colleagues I get the question: “How is your sabbatical going?” I have to say, I am often at a loss for words. It’s kind of like being asked “What is Reiki?” at a bus stop.
Now three-quarters through the year, here is what I can share. The expectation of having lots of free time was clearly an illusion, not really a surprise!
The year has been a time of significant changes and big decisions. In June, Susan and I moved her mom into a lovely adult care home. She had been living with us for the past 3 ½ years and it was time to move her to a place that can give her the care that we are no longer capable of…a painful and profound change for all of us.
Susan and I being alone together again has opened up the freedom to rediscover spontaneity in our lives, to be able to just go and spend time with friends and especially the children, which has been a joy.
An internal space has opened in me, presenting the question “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”  Where do I want to put my energy and what things now feel complete? The first major decision that has come out of this exploration is to sell our house, dojo, and the property that has been home for the past thirty-eight years. 
And where will we go? We have begun the process of becoming members of Spokane Cohousing, an intentional community that is planning to build an intergenerational neighborhood in Spokane, Washington based on regenerative principles and reflecting many of the values that our Reiki communities strive to live by. 
The community will have thirty-four living units of varying sizes, common space and facilities to share and conserve resources, gardens, and children’s areas. Move-in date is projected to happen in two years with lots of work in preparation. Susan and I are stepping in to a project that has already begun—a blessing for us—but that will call us to new levels of self-discovery, growth, and flexibility. Hard to imagine us country folks become city folks again, but being part of a community calls us.
The year has also been a time of study and reflection and putting myself out in the world with the goal of being in service and sharing all that Reiki has brought me. I am so grateful to be part of a community with you that honors and affirms the power of Reiki to continually call us to develop.
It was a joy to be at the conference in Toronto this year and to be there with Phyllis and Joyce. The 34 th Northwest Reiki Gathering in Oregon facilitated by Marta Getty was wonderful as I am sure the OGM retreat in Spain will also be. These are the Reiki events I am participating in this year as well as many on-line meetings, so even in my sabbatical I have remained immersed in our Reiki community. 
Taking a next step after the OGM Retreat 2017
by Madina Abdurazzakova
Introduction by Phyllis Furumoto

Last year, 2017, the OGM Retreat was held at the COD Ranch in Oracle Arizona, a small town up in the mountains north of Tucson. The foundation of our explorations were the three energetic bodies and their functions. What does each bring to the whole of the global community? What is the nature of their relationship with each other? Do we see a wholeness emerging from holding the 3 energetic bodies that seem to be inherent in the energetic entity of Usui Shiki Ryoho. 
These energetic bodies are Spiritual Lineage, Master Body and Student Body. 

From these intense discussions and observations, the group from Uzbekistan has continued the exploration and this is the latest sharing from their work.  Madina
Abdurazzakova is the master who accompanies the students to the Retreats. 

The following is in Madina’s words with a little editing to make the English flow and perhaps have a better sense of her articulation of a topic that is difficult at best to put into words!

In a few weeks we will be back together near Madrid Spain to take the next steps of this thread and others that are alive in the Community. (The OGM Retreat)

An Exploration of Practice stimulated by the 2017 OGM Retreat from Uzbekistan

The theme of Loyalty (Dedication) had excited us after the OGM in Arizona. I continue to explore this issue with my students. Each person had their own process. Sometimes it was a little painful.

In the functions of the Spiritual Lineage, the first one is - "The Spiritual Lineage holds the energetic identity for those who chose to embrace Usui Shiki Ryoho" (at this point we focused on the Russian version where the word embrace was translated as a choice). I think the choice is important. Choosing to move in the System according to one’s own choice is important.

The next one, "The Spiritual Lineage carries the energetic field of Usui Shiki Ryoho continuously allowing the field to be accessed through the initiation."
There is an access to the field, but there must be also a choice to "eat" in this field. For example, according to my own experience, some students initially practice Reiki actively after the initiation, and then cease. The question arises: What makes them stop practicing?

Seeing that there is a connection in the third point in the functions of the Master Body, "To commit and engage in the common practice that is in accordance with the energetic field held by the Spiritual Lineage"; and the first point in the functions of the Student Body, "Through dedicated practice, the Student Body generates an energy field of wholeness that offers humanity access to the Absolute" inspired us to explore the theme of Loyalty (Dedication).

The Loyalty (Dedication) encourages students to move and to grow. However, what is the process of growth of Loyalty (Dedication) in practice? Here, I rely on my own experience and experience of my students from the moment of choosing to come to the Practice of Reiki and up to the present time. The desire to trace the process of increasing Loyalty (Dedication) arose. Along with this, even more questions began to arise. For example, what is the recognition of the Spiritual Lineage and the recognition of the Master? Where does the choice come from? What motivates to move, despite the fact that the processes can be painful? Where do the forces come from to overcome the resistance? What is surrender to the system, and surrender to the master?

The field for research is enormous. And I choose to move on in this field.

This is a summary of the results of our research done in a circle:
• The most important thing on the path to Loyalty (Dedication) is constant and daily practicing of Reiki.
• While practicing Reiki, there is a movement going on from selfish intentions (to have something in the material world, establishing relationships), to the highest goals (self-interaction with the outside world and self-interaction with the inner world, inner freedom, service).
• Through the Loyalty (Dedication) to the Practice of Reiki, we come to the willingness to jump into the unknown.
• Feeling of the value of the Practice of Reiki, through the experience, leads us to the recognition of the real value and fosters Loyalty (Dedication) in us.
• With a growing trust to the Practice of Reiki, the Loyalty (Dedication) is also growing.
• Through the aspect of "Spiritual Discipline", where feelings such as: trust, faith, love ... for the practice of Reiki are the backbone for growth and overcome the resistance coming from the outside world, the Loyalty (Dedication) is manifested.
• At the moment of doubt before jumping into the unknown, the support of Master and people in circle stimulates the Loyalty (Dedication).
• The Recognition of the Spiritual Lineage and Master, inspires and encourages practice and dedication to the Practice of Reiki.
• The results of self research and own life through Reiki practice enrich the practitioner with experience, giving rise to gratitude and even greater Loyalty (Dedication) to the Practice of Reiki.
• The thirst for exploration and the taste for knowledge (experience) of Reiki give rise to the Loyalty (Dedication).

I believe that the result of this research leads me and students to a more conscious attitude towards the practice of Reiki and towards own Loyalty (Dedication) for Reiki. In the process of finding answers in the circle, the students felt more deeply the value of the Practice of Reiki and this prompted their desire to serve the System Usui Shiki Ryoho.

We appreciate the encouragement to evoke the Spirit of the Research in us and inspiring us to practice.

Madina Abdurazzakova
OGM Events for 2018 and into 2019

October 2-7 2018
OGM Retreat in Spain
 A time for students of all initiation levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho to gather and be the Office of the Grand Master. We ask you to come to work for the system and clarity of our practice.  Topics will be announced in the registration information.
With Phyllis Furumoto
Venue: Casa De Espiritualidad De Las Hermanas Oblatas, Ciempozuelos (Madrid) Spain
Organizers: Renate Heimann, Rita Freyeisen
Interpretation: Russian, Spanish, Dutch, German,French
Event registration is closed due to over-registration.

October 7-11 2018 
Reunion of Masters Initiated or Mentored by Phyllis
with Phyllis Furumoto
Venue: Casa De Espiritualidad De Las Hermanas Oblatas, Ciempozuelos (Madrid) Spain

November 2-3-4
New York City weekend
with Phyllis
Registration and information: Brian Brunius
Venue: One Spirit Learning Alliance NYC

This weekend is my first Reiki weekend in the Big Apple! I am so happy to be coming to New York City and meeting the community! Each day is for a specific group and much of the time is open for questions and discussion.
A special treat is we are able to offer Russian interpretation for the Nov 3 and 4 days.

Friday, November 2
for masters and students of John Gray
Saturday, November 3
for Reiki masters of all lineages and forms of Reiki practice
Sunday, November
for all Reiki students, including masters, of all lineages and forms of practice

January 3-6 2019
A New Year's time with Phyllis
Green Valley AZ

Taking time out to go inward at the beginning of the year is very common for us.
When a few people come together to do some inner exploration the process becomes more challenging and more interesting! Join Phyllis in her home space for 3.5 days.
Start time early afternoon of January 3 and ending after lunch on the 6th.

Since it will be a small group, accommodations will be worked out as people register for the weekend.

Open for all Reiki students and masters.

Cost does not include transportation nor accommodation. Does include Phyllis' fee, venue costs, lunch and dinners. $350.00 USD

For information and registration: Yes, I am coming

March 4-11 2019
Usui II Masters Intensive
COD Ranch, Oracle Arizona
(close to Tucson)
Phyllis and Paul as Resources

Since 1993/4, Paul and Phyllis have been offering the master Intensives as a service to the community of Masters who are seeking connection to the teaching of Hawayo Takata Sensei and the Lineage. This has stimulated development in the system of Usui Shiki Ryoho and now it is time for another form of offering to come forward.
Paul and Phyllis are in transition now and it is not clear what the next form will be.
This Intensive is based on the work that has opened another level of understanding about Mastery,exploration of embodied practice and the far reaching connection to a way of practice that brings us "health, happiness, and long life."

The program of this Masters' Intensive are the 9 elements of Usui Shiki Ryoho. All questions will be addressed, the whole of the teaching practice will be shared, and explorations of where this practice seems to be leading us.

All Masters who have attended an Usui I Master Intensive and who have the calling to deepen their knowledge and understanding of this particular practice are welcome.

Cost: $3000 includes room and meals, breaks, organizational costs, translation costs for Russian and French languages, fees for Paul and Phyllis, and banking costs.
For those who are repeating Usui II, the cost is $2500.

March 12-15
Becoming Resources for the Usui Shiki Ryoho Community
Green Valley AZ
Phyllis and Paul as Resources

For Masters who have been engaged in the developmental process of the system for the last years and are drawn to become a part of that development through the work of the OGM. The work we do here will impact the possible emerging forms of Masters' Intensives

Paul and Phyllis are deeply involved in shifting their thinking options to include Regenerative Process utilizing the Living Frameworks. Consciously looking at our practice through the lens of regenerative thinking opens up new understanding of Reiki’s place in humanities’ development.

More information about this group will be gathered and sent out in a separate mailing.

May 10 - 16, 2019
Way to Harmony
Wettenbostel, Germany
Paul facilitating
Contact: Irene Gelmi Click here

May 22-29 2019
The Annual Reiki Alliance Conference
Both Paul and Phyllis attending

For Masters of The Reiki Alliance and masters who are interested in membership.

May 30, 31 and June 1, 2
Francophone de Reiki Usui
Evian les Bains France
Phyllis presenting

This is the first time Phyllis is attending this conference.

This is the link for last year's conference .

June 6-9 2019
Global Reiki Webinar Gathering
Gaunts House UK
Phyllis and Rachel as Resources

This is the annual meeting of the community that follows the webinars offered
by Phyllis and Rachel through the Global Reiki Webinar Project. The next step that
follows the webinars was coming together in person. The first two gatherings were in the USA and now we are journeying to the UK and Gaunt's House.

Open to any one who has the gift of Reiki in your hands.

June 24-July 6 2019
Tea Intensive with Ozaki Sensei
Kyoto Japan
Phyllis present

From a request of people on the Essence of Reiki Tours in Kyoto, Ozaki Sensei has agreed to offer a special program, I call the Tea Intensive. You will receive 10 lessons from Sensei, as well as learning about tea, about the materials and tools of the tea ceremony, the clothing, and the lovely sweets that are a part of the tea ceremony.

A very special opportunity for any one who has the desire to study and become intimate with the Japanese way of life through Tea.

I f you are interested please click here and let me know!

August 16-18 2019
Conversations of Essential Reiki
Hyakuten Inamoto, Phyllis Furumoto, Paul Mitchell
Organized by Rick Bockner
Campbell River BC Canada

A weekend of conversations with and between these masters. They wish to offer a peaceful and unstructured time together including hands on Reiki treatments, experiences of expanded practice, and a feeling of Home.

More information available in a few months. I am interested!

Global Reiki Webinars for 2018
Global Reiki Webinars for 2018

October 23 Tues 7:00PM Chicago Time
Does Reiki practice encourage Psychic Development?

November 24 Sat 10:00am Chicago Time
How does being a mentor enrich the relationship of a master and student?

December 29 Sat 12:00 noon Chicago Time
Looking forward while being Present

Please check on the Facebook page Global Reiki Webinars for registration links including possible changes in topics, time and date.
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