Mystic Order:  An introduction

Phyllis Furumoto

Phyllis Furumoto, ogm
For many years now, students of Usui Shiki  Ryoho have been pondering the question:  What is Mystic Order?  There have been many theories about “what” this is.  I have come to a conclusion that “what” is not the question to answer.  
I hold Usui Shiki Ryoho as a living being complete with developmental processes and a field of energy.  Instead of seeing or holding the aspects as items or goals, I realize that these are like states of being in which a student passes through, lives into, and embodies.  So the question for me is:  What is this state of being?  What is it’s relationship with the other 3 aspects of the system?  As a whole field of energy, named 4 aspects, what effect does this field have on students of this practice?   

I have been offering webinars to the global community and have found that many students of other forms of practice also relate to the 4 Aspects.  I have had stimulating conversations with them.  I took one of the questions from a webinar and used this in another seminar entitled Responding with Compassion.  This is a 3 year seminar for masters and the last week is spent in learning how to communicate about the system.  So I used this question of Esther’s about Mystic Order.  When I heard the range of responses from the group, I realized this may be stimulating reading for our newsletter and hopefully will elicit responses from the readers!   

So if you have comments or questions about Mystic Order….please email them by clicking on this link:  Mystic Order conversation!  

With great interest, Phyllis
from....April 6 2017
Questioner:  Esther 

Mystic order is at times difficult to explain, as the other person might have his/her idea when hearing about it.  They might think it is some kind of strange organization.  How do you suggest that we explain mystic order?

Anand + Gulnara

The easiest way to explain what the Mystic Order of Reiki is by using comparison and contrast with the famous knightly and religious orders. In these orders, there is a rigid hierarchical structure with strict subordination. Such structure does not exist in Reiki. In the well-known orders there is a strict charter, a catechism, rules of conduct and interaction.   In the Reiki system we have free interaction, which provides a deep understanding of each other and supports personal growth of everyone.

We have the same practice all over the world. We give Reiki treatments to ourselves and to others. We send distant treatments with the help of sacred symbols.   The five precepts of Reiki create a common field and order for the individual growth of any member of our community. These support everyone and give common direction in our work with ourselves. All of this gives us mystic sensation(feeling) and awareness of unity of all people who were initiated in Reiki regardless of the form of Reiki.

Yegor and Bagdagul  

Explanation of this aspect Mystic Order can be really difficult. Every person can have his or her own idea of Mystic Order. In order to understand this aspect better we can consider it from two perspectives. On one side Mystic Order is a world community of people who are united by spiritual practice. Practice is based on the History of Reiki, Spiritual Lineage, Oral Tradition, following of Reiki precepts and giving treatments. (see diagram)

On the other side the Mystic Order is a certain order in the system, which includes form of teaching students, form of initiation and form of using symbols. This two parts are united by the energy equivalent - money.   In the diagram above, see 3 of the aspects on one plane.  This plane is intersected in the middle by Mystic order which has 2 aspects.  One is the global community and the other is the order that is formed by the relationships of the 9 elements and 4 aspects which are shown in the diagram of  two triangles with a common side. 

Marina and Irina

The Mystic Order is the Divine Ecological order. The Mystic Order, as one of the four aspects of  Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, unites and supports all Reiki practitioners. Through initiation and practice student becomes involved in the natural process of changing one's own life. For example: The mysticism of Reiki practice is seen when a person, not practicing Reiki principles consciously, still notices how his reactions to the world change, how principles work.  

It's like a tree which unites and nourishes all practitioners with its roots. The more we practice, the more we recognize the mysticism of our connections horizontally and vertically. The Mystic Order supports development of our individuality as part of the One and leads us to integrity.  

Yulia and Svetlana

Dear Esther! Thank you for your question! It led us to a new understanding of this Aspect of Reiki in the system  Usui Shiki Ryoho as "The mystery of Order e xisting in the World". As an Aspect of the Usui Shiki Ryoho System, the Mystic Order shows us the Direction to the Better World, which exists due to a certain order of things and does not depend on the amount of money, knowledge and experience.

The Mystic Order connects us with the Laws of the Absolute World and creates a Sacred Space in which we are able to realize them and follow them in our Relative World. We Reiki practitioners are not an organization, we are a community of people who are striving to come closer to this sacred Order as much as possible and to build relationships with ourselves, with other people and with the world according to the Sacred Order. We also accept (recognize) mysterious part of Order which we will never be able to know.
Mystic Order
 Paul Mitchell
I was touched by the wonderful conversations in the group that Phyllis was facilitating.

In any discussion of the profound nature of reality, paradox will most likely be present.  What that means to me is that the apparent opposite of a profound truth is another profound truth.  

What we often refer to as the Absolute Universe, or All That Is, points to Oneness as the ultimate nature of reality. Mystical experience is the doorway to this reality, often described as a dissolution of the boundaries of the self into a Oneness of being.  What we know as the Relative world is nested in Oneness; there can exist no thing that is not nested in Oneness.  For those who have a theistic faith, we could say that there is nothing outside of God, or in a Shinto articulation, everything is Divine. The Buddhists describe ultimate reality as emptiness.   

One of the ways I understand Mystic Order is that it describes the very nature of Being.  Everything is grounded in Oneness, there is no other “place” to be.  The Absolute, All That Is, is the ultimate ground of all being, past, present, and yet to be.

When people have what they refer to as mystical experience in the classic sense of dissolving into Oneness, when they return to their awareness of self, it is often suffused with profound feelings of light, peace, and “love beyond compare.”  For me, this is a “peek” into the true nature of Being which then can call us to have faith in our experience and desire to live moment to moment as if we were still in that experience.

Doing faithfully our Healing Practice, being committed to our Personal Development, and being fierce about our Spiritual Discipline are then manifestations of our faith in Mystic Order.  We seek to live as if we are all one because our deepest self knows this to be true.  Practicing the Principles is a powerful tool for realizing what we know to be true.
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