Office of Health Transformation Update
June 16, 2017
Akron Beacon Journal Editorial:  Don’t wait for managed care in nursing homes
"The Ohio Senate must make up its mind: Follow the lead of Gov. John Kasich or take a page from the House and delay the shift of long-term health services and supports to managed care. ... Ohio would be better served by the governor’s approach. Two dozen or so states already have made the move. They largely have experienced improved health quality and outcomes, along with savings.

"The concept is familiar, seeking to depart from the traditional, and costly, fee-for-service model to improved coordination and deployment of care. Ohio long has lagged behind the advances of other states, reflecting, in part, the political clout of the nursing home lobby.

"A leading priority of Senate budget has been finding savings. MyCare Ohio fits the profile. It also has delivered higher quality. Hard to imagine? Ask the states that have launched and realized success. Ohio shouldn’t wait to take the next step." 

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