Office of Health Transformation Update
June 28, 2016
Better Planning for Better Health
Today Governor John R. Kasich signed legislation to coordinate local health assessments and improvement plans. The new law (ORC 3701.981) requires tax-exempt hospitals and local health districts to submit their existing community health improvement plans to the state to post online beginning in July 2017, and it requires them to complete future assessments and plans in alignment every three years beginning in 2020. The same three-year planning timeline and greater transparency of those plans will make it easier for local communities to set priorities that improve the health of their citizens. Also, the opportunity to conduct one shared assessment for every health district and hospital in a county or multi-county region instead of paying for multiple separate assessments has the potential for significant savings over time. This provision is just one part of a broader effort in Ohio to improve overall population health outcomes while also holding down the total cost of care.
Ohio Medicaid Funds Projects to Reduce Infant Mortality

Ohio Medicaid recently announced funding for projects in eight counties aimed at reducing high infant mortality rates: Butler, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas, Mahoning, Montgomery and Stark. This follows an announcement in March for funding in Summit County.

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