Office of Health Transformation Update
April 26, 2017
MyCare Benefits Ohio
Today Ohio Medicaid released a three year evaluation of the MyCare Ohio demonstration program that reports significant benefits for Ohioans enrolled in the program and taxpayers. MyCare plans coordinate Medicare and Medicaid services across physical, behavioral, and long-term services and supports for 107,000 individuals in 29 counties. In just three years, MyCare plans have reduced nursing facility stays four percent, decreased taxpayer costs per person 6.8 percent, and currently are saving Ohio Medicaid $2.4 million every month. Despite early challenges, MyCare plans now pay 90 percent of all provider claims within 30 days and 99 percent of claims within 90 days. Most importantly, Ohio's MyCare plans were in the top ten percent of plans in the country on nearly half of the patient-focused quality measures that are reported nationally (HEDIS 2016). MyCare plans also outpace national averages on care plan completion rates, documentation of care plan goals, and follow-up care visits. MyCare plans also have been instrumental in assisting more than 300 residents move when seven poor-performing nursing facilities closed.

MyCare Ohio Report 
Health Transformation in Senate Finance
The MyCare Ohio evaluation will be featured prominently in Senate Finance testimony today presented by Ohio's health transformation team. Governor Kasich's Executive Budget converts the benefits, experience and lessons from MyCare into a new Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) program to extend the benefits of better care coordination to all Medicaid beneficiaries who receive community and facility based long term services and supports.

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