Office of Health Transformation Update
January 30, 2017
Governor Kasich Unveils Executive Budget

On Monday, Governor Kasich released his Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Executive Budget, which builds on the progress made since 2011 to strengthen Ohio’s economy and promote job creation. The Executive Budget will continue to improve the state’s jobs-friendly climate, help Ohioans better prepare for careers and college, embrace state government’s use of technology, innovate our state’s transportation systems, and continue to emphasize the need to support our most vulnerable Ohioans.

Under Governor Kasich’s leadership, Ohio has been recognized nationally for implementing transformative health care policies that have helped to reduce costs, improve health outcomes and strengthen care coordination. The Executive Budget continues to embrace fiscally responsible and innovative reforms that build on the progress made since 2011 so Ohioans can live healthier, more productive lives, and our state’s economy has the healthy workforce needed to grow stronger.

OHT budget detail

Governor's budget detail