Whitehorse at the ARK.
News from the Photo Pit!

It's been awhile since I have written, so I thought I would send a quick update. Winter did finally end and when Spring appeared, I slowly picked up the pieces of what was left after Mom passed away, took a deep breath and stepped back out into the world. 

I am now an official intern for the Detroit Metro Times. The position goes towards my college credit and has provided me with a lot of time to get great experience on my camera. It's tough and a lot of late hours, but the experience is priceless!

My first official gig was photographing ALAN DOYLE at the ARK. Seriously!? I could not have thought of a better way to start! Too see the show pics click this LINK and the MetroTimes Slideshow is HERE.

After ''learning the angles of room'' at the ARK I was sent back to cover LINDY and WHITEHORSE. Lindy came out to open with his guitar and warmed up the crowd. The evening closed with a great set from Whitehorse complete with the old school telephone mics, drum kit antics and amazing duet vocals that were done so well together, at times, it seemed like they were communicating via telepathy! LINK to gallery and LINK to slideshow.

The Metro Times Annual Blowout Festival provided for some great music only a few yards away from my front door. The Rustbelt Market in my hometown of Ferndale, Michigan, hosted several bands for one night of listening pleasure. I was able to cover NYC based COLD BLOOD CLUB and MAINLAND and then the ever awesome ARKELLS who are from Toronto. This shot from Cold Blood Club resonated with me. I liked the detail, American flag, Ice Cube and then of course, Jesus on the guitar. LINK  to gallery and LINK to slideshow.

Cold Blood Club- Metro Times Blowout- 2015

Then came a nice editorial shoot with electronica and vocals artist BevLove in Detroit, Going back down to shoot pics on Trumbull Avenue took me back to my early days of working in Detroit. BevLove was featured for her talents and to showcase her Americana III block party that she holds every year prior to the Electronic Music Festival. The story is HERE. Love is what is necessary!

One of Jazz's best kept secrets came to Cliff Bell's in Detroit! I was lucky enough to be able to cover this Jazz artist from NYC and Israel. You could hear a pin drop, the room was so into the gig. I have him on my list for future shows!

Further Summer photo antics have now also included the TEDESCHI TRUCKS tour with DOYLE BRAMHALL II & SHARON JONES & DAP KINGS. This was my first time covering a gig at Meadowbrook Music Fest- what a great place! There is not a bad seat in the house. LINK to Gallery and LINK to slideshow. 

Derrick Trucks 

Sharon Jones & Dap Kings

Had a end of winter treat with Coco Montoya who had our very own Blues God, Jim McCarty, join him on the stage at Callahans. LINK to show pics.

This ARK double bill blew everyone's minds in the audience. It's no secret to my neighbors that I play these two bands loudly at home all the time. Hayden opened and then Bahamas closed out the night. Afie is touring the band and will soon be in Australia! LINK.

Hayden at the ARK.

If I have not told you yet, I am half Latvian. Latvia is a Baltic country across the sea from Finland. It was under Soviet rule until 1991. When I heard Latvian band Pērkons was coming to Michigan, I did just about everything I could do to ensure that I got to cover their gig - which included downloading some Latvian language software & bribing my Latvian friends to travel with me to their concert! "

Due to the band's groundbreaking style, as well as its at times rowdy concerts, the Soviet government on more than one occasion banned performances." To see the gallery from this kickass concert click this LINK. To read their history click HERE. Thanks to the band for allowing full access- I got great shots! And of course now a trip to Riga is planned...you troublemakers!

And last but not least- I gathered with my good friends Arnie Goodman (Elmore magazine) and Barry Fisch (Long island Music Hall of Fame) and had a great time covering the Windsor Blues Fest. This has become a seasonal ritual and it is always a joy to be out on the river, in the sunshine, shooting old and new artists. LINK to this years gallery.

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

There were other gigs as well, but I thought I would just share the better images... So as Summer's last half begins, there is plenty to look forward too on the calendar! I appreciate the musicians I have seen, and I hope my media internship is providing some coverage for their tours through the area. 

I know I am a little old to be on this crazy journey, but when I look at the careers of those like Christopher Plummer, and Mick Jagger who just keep on going, and going! I find myself hoping that perhaps I will peak around my 80's if I am lucky. LOL! So for now I will keep getting valuable experience.  See you on the road and I will send a wave from the Photo Pit! 

Thanks for your support in my growth as an artist,
Brita Brookes Photography

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