H ello Everyone! 
I hope you had a relaxing and fun Spring Break and a wonderful Easter! Read below to stay informed about important upcoming events.

The year is almost over. Just a reminder that we want to keep everyone safe. You can help keep us safe by remembering to be patient in the carpool line. Do not go around other cars. The car in front of you will be on their way in a very short time. Do not pass. If you are not the person who picks up, please remind that person picking up of our carpool procedures. Thanks!

As always, let me know if you have any concerns about your child's experience at GSLP. Deanna

Calendar countdown:
April 27 - Saturday - LetterLand Day at Pullen Park - Fun and Games Galore! Parking can be challenging so you may want to get there early.
April 29 - Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - 1 more volunteer is needed for class coverage
May 1 - Preschool is open
May 2 - Spirit Day at Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (near Relish) noon to 8pm
May 2 at noon - 1 hour Free Parenting Webinar on Allowance
May 3 - 4's and 5's to Powell Drive Park - Pond Study
May 17 - Last day of school and Graduation program for 4's and TK (10:45am)
May 28 - First Day of Summer Camp - We have space available for rising 2's

4's and Transitional Kindergarten Parents:
You are invited to join us for the 2019 Graduation Ceremony on Friday, May 17.
The slide show begins at 10:45am followed by the graduation program.
There will be a reception afterwards.

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt is supporting Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool
Bring or mention the flyer that was/will be sent home with your child.
Thursday, May 2 from noon - 8pm
20% of the purchases will be donated to GSLP.

at Creedmoor and Millbrook
5613 Creedmoor Road
(near Relish)

Easter with Springmoor
The 4's and 5's enjoyed some time with friends across the street at Springmoor. They decorated Easter Bunny bags and filled them with treats. Each child gave a bag to a resident. Ms Katherine led them in singing some songs and the teachers read some books. Thanks to those who accompanied our group! A great time was had by all!

"Sing Praises to the Lord." Psalm 9:11

This month in chapel, our focus is Holy week and Easter. The children hear about Jesus' ride through Jerusalem and that "Jesus is Alive!". After Easter, we learn how Jesus wants us to pray and continue to learn about how much God's loves us! We are thankful for our chapel leaders: Pastor Tim, Pastor Marsha, Ms. Suzanne and Mr. John. Sam the puppet visits each week too!

You are welcome to come to chapel any time. It's held Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:45 - 10:00 am.

Service to the community
Thank you to all those who donated canned goods for our food drive. Kara from North Raleigh Ministries visited us and talked to the children about the food pantry.

Thanks also to the volunteers who brought treats or candy and helped stuff and hide eggs for the Easter Egg hunt. We couldn't have these events without volunteers so we really appreciate you!

Free Parenting Webinar May 2 at Noon
(This webinar will be recorded and available to watch at a later time. Registration is required.)
I would like to inform you of a free online workshop that might interest you and your family. My friend Sylvia has been teaching families for over 15 years about not only financial savvy but also mutual respect, self-esteem, family traditions and family relationships. She is a life-long Lutheran and the founding Head of School at Follow the Child Montessori School and an engaging educator and teacher of parenting classes. Her workshops begin with the fundamentals of teaching kids about money and finances, and, at the same time, her methods seem to draw the family together in new and different ways.
The online workshop will cover:
* Five mistakes to avoid when teaching kids about money
* The best way to determine an allowance amount for each child regardless of age
* An overview of how learning about allowance can encourage your family to grow and change in unexpected ways.  

Sylvia Saenger
We make learning a daily practice.
Paradigms to Practices
Making Ideas Reality
919-473-6345 (office)
919-612-6533 (mobile)
Help make a difference. Your links to Harris Teeter add up to help our Scholarship fund. Thank you to the 78 people who have linked to our Harris Teeter number. We just got a check for $307. This money benefits our scholarship fund and FOP account. Please ask your cashier to link your number or link your card online today. We may get one more check for this school year.
Link or Re-link your grocery card to GSLP's number. Each time you shop, the preschool benefits and it adds up. We effortlessly earned over $600 from Harris Teeter last year. More than one school can be linked at a time. We thank you for linking your card. Click the link below to link your card online. 

The mission of GSLP is to provide a Christ-centered early childhood preschool through faith-based education and service in a nurturing inclusive environment. 
The Educational Philosophy of Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool
The focus of the preschool is to meet children’s needs and stimulate learning in these developmental areas:   *Physical    *Emotional/ Social    *Spiritual    *Cognitive        *Music/Art
To nurture these areas the Preschool’s objectives are to: 
  • Integrate Christian faith formation throughout the curriculum.               
  • Develop a cooperative/supportive relationship between the child, the family and the preschool.
  • Provide developmentally appropriate activities.               
  • Teach children about their relationship with God and all people in the world.               
  • Provide tools for assessment of students’ progress.

Our teachers relate education to the child’s understanding about God and Christian life so that the spiritual and developmental aspects of the curriculum become a foundation for a lifelong faith.