Hello, parents! 
Registration for the fall is all online and running smoothly! Thank you for telling your friends about us. Summer camp registration will be online and open on March 1.

See below for many upcoming preschool events. Thank you for all you do to support GSLP!

Feb 5 th  - Feb 15 – Toothbrush Challenge
Feb 8 – 4’s and Transitional Kindergarten classes to Springmoor
Feb 14 and 15 – Dental hygienist visit
Feb 19 – No school
Feb 22 - Chick-fil-A Spirit night! 5 - 8pm
Feb 26 – 11am -Rags to Riches – Little Red Riding Hood - Everyone is invited
Feb 27/28 – Class and individual Picture day - on your child's day for chapel
March 1 - Register online for summer camp!
March 5 – Music Day 4s/TK
March 21/22 – NC State Farm days field trip for 2's and 3's
March 22 Springmoor guests here
March 27/28 – Easter Egg hunts
M arch 29 – April 6 – no school - Spring Break
April 9 10am – Farmer Minor and Daisy the Pig - Everyone is invited
April 16 – Cara from North Raleigh Ministries - Bring some canned food
April 19 – 4’s and TK to Springmoor
April 27 – 4’s and TK to Laurel Hills – Pond Study Field trip
May 18 - Last Day of 2017-2018 Graduation ceremony for 4's and TK

2018-2019 Registration
Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is online and is available on the GSLP website. You should have received an enrollment confirmation sheet from the preschool office. Tell your friends and neighbors to call for a private tour if they are interested in learning more about GSLP.
Summer Camp Registration will be online beginning March 1.

Toothbrush Challenge

Did you see the big toothbrush posters on the wall? Children are encouraged to document if they brushed their teeth at home by writing on the poster. When the poster is full, we will receive 30 toothbrushes that we will give to the Helen Wright Center, which is a shelter for women in Raleigh. 
Chapel in February

 "Hear the word of God and obey it" Luke 11:28
The children will hear about Jesus and his friends. Zacchaeus, Mary and Martha and the disciples are in the February curriculum. We thank Pastor Marsha, Ms Pam, Ms Sally, Ms Barb and Pastor Tim for leading chapel this month.

Ms Pam helped us learn the story of when Jesus visited with Mary and Martha  

Mardi Gras
Happy Mardi Gras! Children got to make a mask, eat some King Cake complete with a baby, and toot their own horn in a parade! Thanks to Krista White for leading this cultural experience.


The 4's and Trans K classes walked to Springmoor and visited with the residents. They made valentines together and sang songs. The teachers read  The Night Before Valentine's Day by Natasha Wing and Little Mouse's Big Valentine by Thatcher Hurd.  A great time was had by all.
Please re-link your grocery cards to GSLP's number every school year. Each time you shop, the preschool benefits and it adds up. We effortlessly earned over $500 from Harris Teeter last year. More than one school can be linked at a time. We thank you for linking your cards. Click the links below to link your card online. 

The mission of GSLP is to provide a Christ-centered early childhood preschool through faith-based education and service in a nurturing inclusive environment. 
The Educational Philosophy of Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool
The focus of the preschool is to meet children’s needs and stimulate learning in these developmental areas:   *Physical    *Emotional/ Social    *Spiritual    *Cognitive        *Music/Art
To nurture these areas the Preschool’s objectives are to: 
  • Integrate Christian faith formation throughout the curriculum.               
  • Develop a cooperative/supportive relationship between the child, the family and the preschool.
  • Provide developmentally appropriate activities.               
  • Teach children about their relationship with God and all people in the world.               
  • Provide tools for assessment of students’ progress.

Our teachers relate education to the child’s understanding about God and Christian life so that the spiritual and developmental aspects of the curriculum become a foundation for a lifelong faith.