For graduate students seeking a career in implantable devices, the Weldon School should be on the short list. Large, comprehensive, and well-funded, the electroceutical research program is a prime training ground for students in engineering, biomedical and computer science fields.
Researchers at the Weldon School are leveraging their expertise in biomedical devices and novel drug delivery systems to create a multidisciplinary core of researchers who can present a comprehensive set of solutions for preventing overdose death in Indiana and the nation.

Recent grants total $2.7 Million
Sarah Calve, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, receives an NIH High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program award that supports exceptionally creative scientists using highly innovative approaches to tackle major challenges in biomedical research.
The NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences has awarded an R01 grant to Taeyoon Kim, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, and collaborators to study how structural elements within cells generate mechanical forces.
Advancing Purdue's deep engineering strengths for developing scalable solutions, researchers in the Weldon School are partnering with scientists and others to apply those creative discoveries to improve global health.
Integrated, holistic research efforts are key to success, and the Weldon School's close ties to the Purdue Institute for Integrated Neuroscience demonstrate that engineering and biology make an excellent fit.
Craig Goergen, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, has been named the recipient of the 2017 Biomedical Engineering Society Rita Schaffer Young Investigator Award. The award is given to a young investigator within the first seven years of receiving their terminal degree in recognition of originality and ingenuity demonstrated in published works. 

Purdue’s Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering welcomes three new faculty members in 2017-18 , and we are still activity recruiting . The faculty growth corresponds to an ongoing transformative period of expansion in the school's educational programs, research capabilities, and industry outreach.
Develops within-host computational models of infectious disease progression and treatment, with application to drug development and treatment optimization.
Studies the higher cognitive functions of attention and memory using experimental and computational approaches with applications for clinical diagnosis, treatment evaluation, and engineered devices.
Explores the device-driven engineering of proteins with application to diabetes technologies: ultra-stable insulin analogs for implanted intraperitoneal pumps and ultra-rapid insulin analogs for algorithm-controlled closed-loop systems (the "artificial pancreas").
Four students from the Weldon School took on the challenge of using engineering to save lives in Ecuador, and their efforts have been nationally recognized. The team was honored at the Biomedical Engineering Society annual meeting for winning the 2017 Engineering World Health Design Competition for their Low-cost Accessible AutoCPR project.
The NSF I-Corps program has selected doctoral student Shruthi Suresh for one of its fall 2017 cohorts. Suresh, advised by Associate Professor Brad Duerstock,  develops assistive technologies for individuals with mobility impairments, specifically for individuals with spinal cord injuries .
Alumnus Aaron Kyle (PhD 2007) has received Columbia University's Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching. Kyle is a senior lecturer in Columbia's Department of Biomedical Engineering. A top honor presented to only five recipients each year, the presidential awards "recognize teaching excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and, in particular, honor faculty who have had a lasting influence on the intellectual development of students."
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