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What is a Cost Estimate?

A cost estimate is a rough calculation of the total cost for a design or construction project that is typically prepared by either an architect or contractor. Cost estimates are helpful to aid in determining the feasibility of a scope of work, or to identify and itemize the key costs for a project, including overhead, profits, and contingencies. See our

Finding the Right Professional

To help start the process of finding the right professional, please review our Fast Facts - Securing a Contractor for your Project, and our Fast Facts - Securing an Architect for your Project.

National CPSI Course was a Success!

LISC hosted the National Certified Playground Safety Inspector Course here in Rhode Island from
June 10-12, 2015. Visit our Facebook Page to see photos from this event.



The Rhode Island Child Care and Early Learning Facilities Fund (RICCELFF) is an innovative public-private partnership dedicated to expanding access to quality child care and early education opportunities throughout Rhode Island. The RICCELFF provides the capital and technical expertise that child care and early learning centers need to improve the quality and capacity of their physical space. The RICCELFF provides a combination of training, resource materials, technical assistance, grant funding and flexible, affordable financing to support the creation of quality indoor and outdoor spaces. Click the logo below to learn more about how the RICCELFF can help your program. 



June 2015 eNews

Announcing Additional Waves of Early Learning Facilities Grant Funding!




We are pleased to report that the Rhode Island Department of Education has made an extra $1 million of Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant funding available for new waves of Early Learning Facilities Grants!  LISC, through its Rhode Island Child Care and Early Learning Facilities Fund (RICCELFF), will again be administering this funding. Qualified organizations will be able to apply for capital and planning grants on-line. To learn more about the Early Learning Facilities Grant program visit our funding page.

Waves Three, Four and Five of Early Learning Facilities Grant Funding


Three additional Waves of Early Learning Facilities Grant funding are being made available:


WAVE THREE (Limited Priority Areas)

Applications accepted from June 16th - July 10th. Wave Three applications will only be accepted for:

  1. Playground Audits/Inspections and corresponding plans, if needed
  2. Facility items specific to DCYF license variances

Applications will be open for all priority areas beginning late Summer 2015.


If you know you have facility projects you want to apply for, don't wait until the end of the summer to gather your plans, cost estimates, and other pertinent information. If you need assistance, contact our technical assistance team at or 401.331.0131.
What Does it Mean to Have a Plan? 


Credit: Tupelo Gardenworks

A plan is a two-dimensional drawing used to describe a place or building. A plan view essentially looks down on a site and is scaled at a specific ratio to indicate a real size. Plans are meant to capture all of the existing and proposed features of a site or building. The intent of a plan drawing is to detail design and help provide instruction to a contractor for fabrication purposes. A drawing of this nature is typically provided by a licensed design professional.  See our Fact Facts - What is a Plan?


Remember - all playground plans should include an audit and/or inspection from a certified inspector. 

What is Organizational Capacity?

Organizational Capacity is the ability of an organization to be effective in managing program operations, including both business and programmatic aspects, and to have a demonstrated track record of achieving tangible results. Qualities of this include having a clear vision or focus, strong and engaged leadership, a developed program and curriculum, engagement with the surrounding community, long term financial stability and organized and responsible internal management. To learn more about this topic and to further assess your organization's capacity to carry out a facility project download our Child Care Center Facilities Development and Financing Guide and review the chapter on Assessing Organizational Capacity.