Updates from the STAR² Center
November 13, 2018

New from the STAR² Center: the Strategic Workforce Planning Workbook. This resource is fresh to our library of tools and trainings to support health center workforce teams. This workbook is customizable to each team's information and will help to plan for current and future workforce needs. Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar introducing this resource!

In collaboration with Capital Link, the STAR² Center team announces the release of  a report of findings from a study that examined the success factors among a variety of staffing models at high-performing health centers. Developed with support from the Health Resources and Services Administration, the report compares financial and workforce metrics of High Performers against Non-High Performers and median results of all Federally Qualified Health Centers nationally in order to identify effective models for potential replication and areas for further research. Click here to view the report!

Members of the STAR ²   Center team were busy on the road this year conducting a series of On-Site Technical Assistance Sessions at 15 health centers across the country. With the assistance of the state Primary Care Associations, the STAR² Center used each health center's recruitment and retention Data Profile to identify and address individual workforce needs. Thank you to everyone who made these sessions a success! Click here to learn more about this exciting activity.

Under the direction of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the STAR² Center has worked with NACHC and the 18 other HRSA national cooperative agreement (NCA) entities to develop an online health center resource center. The Health Center Resource Clearinghouse is designed as a one-stop online repository of training and technical assistance resources developed for health centers by the 20 NCAs. Topics include finance, operations, workforce, quality improvement, capital development, HIT/data, governance and emerging issues. Click here to take a look!

Members of PCA and HCCN workforce teams are invited to join the STAR ² Center for a brand new monthly professional development series. This webinar series will bring a variety of workforce expertise from local, state, and national levels to cohort members. The next session in this series takes place on December 6 from 3:00-4:00pm ET. Click here to learn more and contact us if you would like to review the first session!

The Burnout Assessment Tool is the newest addition to our collection of original interactive self assessment tools. This tool is meant to help you identify strategies that may improve your success with provider retention. Using your responses, the Tool will provide brief recommendations on those topics you might want to pursue. Click here to learn more and try it out!