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Fall 2020
Note from Rob Eccles
Assistant Dean for Development

The transition from summer to fall in New Jersey is often bittersweet, leaving behind hot, sunny summer fun for shorter days, cooler weather, and the beauty of fall foliage. The season usually means a return to a bustling, busy campus for Rutgers faculty and students, a time to join an engaged community, resume shared pursuits, and embark on exciting new adventures. This fall is a little different; the campus is relatively quiet, classrooms largely vacant. But the work continues, if from afar.

At SC&I, we are working harder than ever to deliver world-class scholarship and research and equip students with the tools required to learn, succeed, and lead in today’s global communication, information, and media environments. These efforts, currently taking place in a virtual learning landscape, require the full commitment of our faculty, our staff, and our students. They also rely on the support of our generous donors. Please enjoy the feature below profiling my friend and SC&I donor Ina Brown-Woodson, the first in a series of “Why I Support SC&I” stories.

To learn more about ways to support the school and our students, please visit ways to give. If you would like to share your “Why I Support SC&I” story, please reach out to me directly. I would love to hear from you.
Happy fall!
News Briefs
Scarlet Promise Grants offer essential financial support to talented students for whom a world-class Rutgers education would otherwise be impossible. Rutgers students need financial aid now more than ever. A large majority require assistance in order to attend the university, last year demonstrating $100 million in unmet financial need. In an era of declining state funding, philanthropy plays an increasingly critical role in our students’ success. President Jonathan Holloway kick-started a $10 million focused campaign for the Scarlet Promise Grants program. Funded through annual university budgeting and philanthropic resources inspired by a Rutgers Board of Trustees initiative, these grants help Rutgers fulfill its tripartite mission of education, research, and public service. Make a gift now.

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Upcoming SC&I Events

Thursday, October 8, 5 p.m.: The Life and Legacy of John Lewis 
Rutgers political historian David Greenberg, who is writing a biography of the late civil rights leader and Congressman John R. Lewis, will discuss Lewis’s work in the civil rights movement, his transition to elected office, and the achievements that made him a national icon at the time of his death in July. Greenberg is a professor of history and journalism at Rutgers and a fellow at the Leon Levy Center for Biography at City University of New York. Register to receive the link and event password to attend the webinar. RSVP here.  
Monday, October 19, 1:10 – 3:20 p.m.: Precarity and the Gig Economy
Veena Dubal, Professor of Law at the University of California Hastings College of the Law, will discuss her work on Uber and the gig economy in conversation with Naomi Klein, Rutgers University inaugural Gloria Steinem Chair in Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies. Klein is an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist, and international and New York Times bestselling author. Focusing on the links between technology and the growing precarity of labor, Dubal and Klein will discuss the radical changes to the nature of work in the neoliberal age and how these trends are being extended and amplified amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. RSVP here.
2020-2021 Advancing Science Communication Seminar Series
Building on Rutgers’ distinguished history of science communication research, teaching, and practice, the Rutgers Science Communication Initiative is pleased to announce a monthly seminar series that will showcase innovations in science communication and support a community of practice focused on building capacity for effective science communication at Rutgers and beyond. This seminar series will bring together members of the Rutgers community as well as outside speakers and guests to share work to advance science communication and to pursue potential research collaborations and training initiatives. More information is available here.

This seminar series is co-sponsored by the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’s Department of Pathology, Immunology, and Laboratory Medicine, the School of Communication & Information, the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, and the Office of Research and Economic Development.
Why I Support SC&I
Welcome to the first installment of our newest feature: Why I Support SC&I. As you know, gifts to SC&I support our students, drive research discoveries, and bring ideas to life. Interestingly, there are almost as many reasons why our donors choose to support Rutgers as there are donors, and we want to share these inspirational stories with you.

For our first Why I Support Rutgers feature, we’d like to introduce you to Ina Brown-Woodson, Ph.D. Ina attended Rutgers School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies (now the Rutgers School of Communication and Information) in the early 1970s, earning her master’s degree in 1973 and returning to complete her doctorate in 1982. Speaking of her education, she said, “Rutgers is an institution that has provided me and many others with a basis of knowledge that will take us anywhere and everywhere. The courses that I took here expanded my mind way beyond my imagination. Every step of the way, I had somebody here that supported me no matter what. I’m so grateful for that.”
Ina established the Douglas N. Woodson Sr. Endowed Scholarship in memory of her loving husband, a successful, self-made businessman who passed away in December 2016. Ina describes Douglas as a man of integrity and values who had motivation and determination. In a video interview, Ina Brown-Woodson Ph.D. Presents the Douglas N. Woodson Sr. Endowed Scholarship, she shares her views on the importance of graduate education, students today, and why she decided to create this scholarship.
Reflecting on the importance of being a donor and sharing her admiration for how today’s students embrace technology, she said, “When I received money to help me get through school, it gave me the sense of you’re important, so you have to help other people be important when the time comes. Being here, getting an education is important and it will help you move forward to the rest of your life. I’m hoping that with a little contribution to the till, it will help some students move our whole lives forward.”
To join Ina and our other donors in opening doors and bringing new ideas to life, visit SC&I Giving or call Rob Eccles. Share your story and support our students—a gift of any size can make an enormous difference.
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