July 2016
News From the Shelter
Coming and going
From our last letter in March to the first of July we found homes for 13 kittens, 25 cats, 4 puppies, and 12 dogs. Please read about a couple of our successes.


Rico/Stevie/David is back uptown, back to being the king of Clay Street!
  This handsome boy came to us when a kind person found him as a stray. He was thin and anemic. It took weeks to get him healthy.
His humans saw this photo on one of our flyers. They had been so sure that a predator had taken him they didn't think to get In touch with us.  Frustratingly, he was found miles from uptown, months after he had gone missing. He has a microchip now! The shelter keeps a lost pet list, and urges everyone who has a pet go missing to call!
Sweet Opie
Opie came to us very underweight and with painful and itchy skin. He had a slow and steady recovery, both in his health and in his trust in humans. He is now in a loving home with one of the volunteers that admired him.

Indy was so kind!
Sadness happens too...
Indy came to us when his loving family just could not care for his health issues. Staff and the dedicated  vets who  help us did all they could. A visit to a well respected canine dermatologist gave no relief to the sweet boy. When he could not walk because of his pain the saddest decision was made. Heartbreaking. Dr. David Duclos of the Animal Allergy and Skin Clinic kindly donated to The American College of Veterinary Dermatology research in Indy's name so that some day dogs like Indy with intractable issues  can be pain free and healthy.  More about him and how he was loved is here.

Holden and some of his haul.
Our community feeds our animals!
We depend on donated food for the dogs and cats in our care.
Holden is our new hero. He is 12 and for his graduation project from the Swan School he thought to help shelter animals. He set up donation bins at his school, Pet Town and Pet Townsend Vet. He brought in an impressive haul of food and always welcome checks. At 12 he is too young to directly volunteer at the shelter. We are so impressed with his initiative.   Thanks Holden!                                                                                               
Coldwell Banker Best Homes has been having a donation drive for us at both their Port Ludlow office and their office in Port Townsend. Do stop by either office with donations. Meet and think of a name for our fun new donation dog.                                                    
Then there was our ask on Facebook for help with feeding the very large and very undernourished dogs put in our care from a puppy mill investigation. We got a wonderful response to our plea to help feed 8 dogs that should weigh up to 130 pounds- more than a half ton of very hungry dogs. The court case may well drag on.

Just some of the welcome food donations.
 Two board members took a workshop with Isabel Bay Design to update our web site. With her guidance and knowledge we like it and hope you do too. If you would like to learn how to build a web site or just have Adrienne build  one for you- we give 4 paws up!
Big thanks to Steve G who was our web king for so long!
Sam had painful dental problems.
 Did you see our latest print letter?    The lead story is about the many cats and dogs with dental problems that come to us. Best link we could find to help you on your way is this video - there may be an ad before it runs.
As always, ask your vet!

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         We plan on having informal meet-ups to chat about animals and how we can all help them.

          To find out more about making a recurring donation, click on the Donation button below. Thank you for helping us to help the dogs and cats of Jefferson County!
Some Cautions
  Summer time and we and our pets are out and about more. Some concerns -
  • Canine distemper in raccoons and coyotes is being reported in our county. Keep your dogs protected! Read this to be more informed.
  • Rat poisons are insidious and widely used. The poisoned animal is full of toxins and will poison any other animal that eats it or the bait. Physical traps work well, if you can't or won't use them there are fine pest control companies in our county. We can't stress enough how important it is to use all pest and garden products wisely.
  • Foxtail grass seed heads are drying out quickly and seem to be everywhere. They have barbs and can work their way deep into your pet. A maybe too alarmist post about them.

Foxtail seed heads


 Shop at the fun site AnimalHearted for dog and cat inspired tees and more. When you check out use the coupon code 'Support HSJCWA' in the discount box.   You will save 10% and we will get 25% of the price. They do have lots of  clever designs. 
About that vehicle.
We are signed up with this program that will pick up your project- running or not. They will  sell it, send you the tax info for a deduction, and send the proceeds to us. No muss, no fuss. They do boats too!

Become a member of HSJCWA
  There is a legal need for a person to apply for membership for the first time, after that there is no need to reapply. We hope you can be both a member and a friend. Find the application on this page.
Been to a movie at the Rose lately?
Big thanks to Rocky Friedman for continuing to give us a sweet deal. We have one ad that Michael Hale made for us. Two from paintings from our calendar artists. Applaud when you see them!
Quick Links
Volunteers are the valuable assets that make it possible to keep our shelter running. There are lots of ways you can make a difference in the lives of the dogs and cats in our care.
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Listen to KPTZ's Care and Connect interviews all about us.
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