March 2016
News From the Shelter
Coming and going
The first months of 2016 have gone well here at the shelter. Big news is that due to popular demand Paul Becker has stepped back in as president of HSJC. He has been very busy with the extra work that the new county animal code entails.
Glad to say that 26 cats were adopted in these first months. Sweet Tigger's adoption was especially welcome, she waited a long time. Her humans sent us news that we posted on Facebook here . 4 cats were reunited with their people.
The  dog numbers were just about the inverse. 4 found great homes and 29 were returned to their owners. Indy waits for his humans patiently.
If you haven't seen our celebration of just a few of our successes from 2015 do watch this slideshow. Click on our name after that and go to our channel; we had a cowboy Chihuahua, and a nice story of Bear, a sweet German Shepherd that was adopted at the end of February.
Some highlights from 2015.
Some highlights from 2015.
Happy Bear


Lucky Cats
  During our recent rainy, windy December, Amanda, one of our cat volunteers, was having afternoon coffee with a friend at her house in Port Townsend. They both heard a cat crying and went outside to investigate. To their surprise, they found the source: An orange tabby, forty feet up in a huge tree!
  They tried to coax the shivering cat down, to no avail. Then they went door-to-door through the neighborhood, asking if anyone was missing their cat. Again, no leads, although some said that they'd been hearing the cat cries for a week! How could he survive a week of frequent rain, wind, and cold temperatures? Just when a tree service was scheduled to arrive to rescue the poor feline, Amanda held up her arms and talked to him non-stop in a soothing voice: "Can you come down?" "Someone's coming for you", "We will not leave you". Soon he slowly started making his way down, crying pitifully the whole way. When he reached the bottom of the tree, he seemed to be unable to release his claws from the tree, which allowed the two women to grab him and put him in a cat carrier. They rushed him to the HSJC shelter, and the staff contacted Hadlock Veterinary Clinic, who asked that the cat be brought to them immediately for an exam. He was given fluids for dehydration, but was essentially in pretty good shape! He stayed at the shelter for the mandatory "five-day hold period", at which time an owner can come to claim a lost pet. But no one ever showed up or called about him, so he was put up for adoption.
  On "Max's" first available adoption day, Amanda's friend and co-rescuer adopted him, where is enjoying his warm and cozy house, and someone to love him. We wanted to get­ a photo of him at home but he still likes to be out and about during the day but comes home each evening to cuddle.

Ruben and the value of microchips.
Ruben, a handsome grey tabby was brought in late January by people that had found and cared for him since around Thanksgiving. They were worried about his leg. He was scanned (with our fabulous new chip scanners from the ASPCA grant) and happily his chip led us to his owner in Portland. Having pets and renting can be difficult and Ruben's human apparently trusted the wrong people during moving. While we don't know how he got from Portland to here we are so glad that he is back home after his person came up to take him home.


Microchips are so valuable, all of our animals go to their new homes with one and the registration paperwork. Ruben's case is a perfect reminder. They do not work if not kept current; staff estimates that up to three quarters of the animals taken in with chips have bad contact information.

A few years ago we had a very happy story of  a lab who had been missing for three years. His contact info was still good and he got back to his family in Idaho after many generous people made it possible.


We are hoping to make  it be easy and cheap for all the cats and dogs in our county to have chips.  Let us know if you could help organize a microchip clinic.  Chips and Shots? 


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Some Cautions
March is National Animal Poison Prevention Month. With spring just about here do take special care to keep your animals safe. This list from ASPCA of the most common toxins is instructive. From anecdotes we hear locally, most poisonings are from rodent killers. The nasty thing about them is that the dead rodents are full of the toxins that killed them. If your pet gets hold of them after they crawled off to die he or she will also be poisoned.
Spring and our mild winter also means garden pests are waking up and thriving. The slug and snail poisons with metaldehyde are attractive and deadly to both cats and dogs. They also kill the natural slug and snail enemies, ultimately making the pest population worse.The newer iron phosphate based slug controls are more benign but still need to be used responsibly, some birds eat it to excess.
Happy Spring!
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About that vehicle.
We are signed up with this program that will pick up your project- running or not. They will  sell it, send you the tax info for a deduction, and send the proceeds to us. No muss, no fuss. They do boats too!

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Big thanks to Rocky Friedman for giving us a sweet deal on the fabulous ad that Michael Hale created for us. You can see it until the end of March, please applaud.
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