February 2018
News From the Shelter
Coming and going
 We are well into the new year and would like to give you a short look back. In 2017 we placed 333 cats and dogs in new homes and we were able to return 173 lost pets to their owners. We also provided euthanasia and/or cremation service for 215 animals, giving some comfort to their owners at a most difficult time.
We could not have been so successful without our fabulous staff, our dedicated volunteers, and our generous donors.
We made a slideshow of just some of the cats and dogs that found home last year. Watch it here if you like.
Our community supports us in many ways, a fun recent example was a toy drive we had in December. Here is a video of some of our animals choosing their gift.
Aurora was excited about the toy drive!
February is pet dental health month.
Painful rotten teeth.
We at HSJC pride ourselves on ensuring our cats and dogs have had all their medical needs fulfilled before going up for adoption.  This means routine spay/neuters, updating vaccines, micro-chipping, as well as a host of other things not often thought about (animals often arrive with ear infections, parasite infestations, skin infections, and eye infections).
Bad teeth gone!

Among the most costly of medical needs taken care of prior to adoption are dental cleanings.  Though our vet generously discounts all procedures for us, cleanings and extractions can still be very spendy for non-profits like us who are reliant on donations.  Often times older cats and dogs arrive with severe dental disease that has been neglected for some time.  At times animals also arrive with painful broken teeth that need removing.  Sometimes these teeth are so painful that the animals barely eat, or can be cranky or subdued. 
In early November 2017, Wendy the sweet senior Jack Russell arrived as a stray at HSJC.  When the shelter manager first laid eyes on her, she could see Wendy's upper lips bulging out where tartar and infection had built up.  Upon further inspection, it was clear Wendy was sorely in need of a dental cleaning, and even clearer that several teeth were bad and would have to be removed.  Most of her teeth were not visible through the greenish black goo covering them.  Wendy was taken to the vet and her teeth were cleaned ASAP.  It made a huge difference - in her breath, in her appetite, and even seemed to make her feel more peppy!  Wendy, mellow and loving, was adopted shortly after.  Stories like Wendy's happen very often here at HSJC.  We love being able to give animals in need like her what they require to be happy and healthy, and appreciate the
donations that make this possible.
Sweet Wendy.

Protect children and dogs. Prevent bites.
We all have seen so many cringe worthy images and videos of 'cute' interactions between kids and pets. Dogs giving multiple stress signals while they are hugged or even ridden are anything but cute. Misguided people put their children at risk for bites. Dogs can lose their lives by reacting the only way they can to get away from the stress and fear.
A good series of videos is at Stop the 77 .  There are videos aimed at different ages, from preschool to everyone.
The 77 refers to the fact that 77% of dog bites are by family or friends' dogs.  Do share the videos with every kid you know.
The shelter has informative  handouts with great graphics that illustrate dog and cat body language. Stop by and pick some up.
Indoor fun for all!
Cats who safely stay inside live much longer lives. There at lots of ways to enrich their environment. Places to climb, places to hide can be as easy as having a cardboard box to explore. Hunting for food is stimulating and this site full of food puzzle ideas is a great resource.
Most dogs love food puzzles- from a stuffed Kong, to sniffing out kibble hidden in the house, to games like the muffin tin game in this early video we made. Hide and seek can be a fun way to keep a good recall.
Of the many resources on the web we like  Patricia McConnell's site  a lot. We admire and share her booklet 'Love Has No Age Limit' with adopters.
Companion Animal Psychology not only has a great tag line but an inclusive list of pet people to follow. 
Our 2018 calendar is on sale!
12 generous and talented artists once again donated images of their cat and dog paintings for a beautiful calendar. There are a few left. Get yours at the shelter.
Our animals win!
Save these dates on your calendar!
Bar Stool Bingo Wednesdays in May at the Hilltop Tavern, 7- 9 pm
Do Good Feel Good Yoga for us.  Every body can do it. Easy and fun for all.  July 9

A Thought Provoking Documentary  
"Dogs, Cats, and Scapegoats"  is an hour long look at many issues of animal welfare. Well worth the time we think. Do at least watch the trailer.

The Cross Building is cozy now!
 The building we got a grant for last year is now wired, insulated, and painted  thanks to volunteer Beth Lorber. She wrangled and paid the contractors. It will be a great space for calm time for our animals and a nice spot for meet and greets.                                             

We found Chloe a new home after her human passed away.
Do you have a plan for your pets?
 We have had more than a few pets who came to us after their humans died lately.
Most of the pets were seniors and have found homes, a couple are still waiting.
We are  happy to care for every animal that comes to us. Please plan for your pets in your will, ask friends and family to find a guardian for your pets. 

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          Please join with other pet owners, animal lovers and civic-minded residents to preserve the integrity of our open admission shelter. You can help by becoming a Friend of the Shelter and making a recurring donation - monthly or quarterly - via Pay Pal or credit card. You can also arrange recurring donations through your bank account. We welcome all donations, but recurring donations are especially welcome, as they provide a continuing, reliable source of support.

      To find out more about making a recurring donation, click on the Donation button below. Thank you for helping us to help the dogs and cats of Jefferson County! 

Wondering about that vehicle? 
We are signed up with this program that will pick up that car or truck you want to be behind you - running or not. They will sell it, send you the tax info for a deduction, and send the proceeds to us. No muss, no fuss. They do boats too!

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  There is a legal need for a person to apply for membership for the first time, after that there is no need to reapply. We hope you can be both a member and a friend. Find the application on this page.
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Volunteers are the valuable assets that make it possible to keep our shelter running. There are lots of ways you can make a difference in the lives of the dogs and cats in our care.
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