February 2019
News From the Shelter
Coming and going
We are off to a good start, as of the first of the year until late February we have found homes for 23 cats and kittens and for 21 dogs and puppies. We returned 1 cat and 18 dogs to their grateful owners. 
We made a slideshow of just some of the cats and dogs that found home last year. Watch it here if you like. 
Please read this letter from our board of directors about our past progress and needs going forward:
"To: HSJC members, volunteers, and friends who love animals
The Board would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2019. We will also share with you some of HSJC's accomplishments of 2018, and our view of the organization's needs and challenges of the new year.
During 2018 the shelter staff and volunteers were very busy handing 810 new cases. Of the 377 dogs and cats that were placed in new homes,118 were brought in from other shelters that did not have space for them. We were able to return 190 lost animals to their owners. Our stray intake was low due to the lack of an Animal Control Officer in the Sheriff's Department for much of the year, a situation which we hope the new sheriff will remedy.
Three facility improvements were made at the shelter in 2018. The old concrete shelter floors were completely refinished with an epoxy flooring that we are now able to clean and sanitize. The new floor, along with some wall murals painted by the staff, brightens the facility and provides a more inviting feeling to the shelter. More than half the hefty cost was offset by a grant from the Cross Foundation.The shelter roadway and parking areas were resurfaced and the shelter boiler was replaced.
At the end of December our operating agreement with the County was extended by the County Commissioners for another five-year period. The new agreement requires HSJC to pay the County for the maintenance it performs on the shelter building, which is estimated to run about $8,000 per year.
We are very grateful that Mac and Ellen McLean, and Helga Fuller addressed their concern for our shelter's animals by generously including HSJC in their estate planning. We regret that we only became aware of their generosity only after their passing. We extend our deep appreciation to them and to everyone who may include HSJC in their estate plans. Your gifts make a significant difference for HSJC to be able to continue to serve the community for years to come.
Entering 2019, we are seeking a a number of people who support the mission of HSJC and are willing to share their time and talents by filling the four board positions that are currently vacant. Without a strong board of directors, the organization will not be able to achieve the level of financial sustainability and excellence in care of and compassion for our shelter's animals.
In addition to new board members, we need volunteers to become involved in expanding our message through writing articles for our newsletters , fundraising, event organization and management, and development of an education program for local schools. Grounds maintenance help is always welcome.
We thank you for your support as a member, a volunteer, a donor, or a friend who loves animals. Only with your continued support will HSJC be able to keep doing the outstanding work that the community has come to expect. Please consider playing an increased role to help sustain HSJC's future! For inquiries about board membership, volunteer coordinator, etc., please contact
friends@HSJCWA.org. Subject: Board
Thank you!
HSJC Board
Paul Becker, President
Ellen Heinemann, Vice President
Kathy Ryan, Treasurer
Steve Gillard
Judith Collins  "

Barn homes needed for outdoor kitties.

At times cats arrive at the shelter who aren't interested in being pets.  Often these cats have been outdoors and on their own for some time, wandering as strays. 
Fortunately Olympic Mountain Pet Pals' Feral Cat Group is here - helping the public catch roaming cats and get them spayed and neutered.  At times we get kitties through this group when they need new digs.  It's at that point we turn to our list of people seeking barn cats!
Recently we've been working with the Feral Cat Group to relieve a Hadlock man of a sudden overpopulation of wild cats in his neighborhood.  He was surprised one day to open the door to his garage and see a dozen cats fleeing the room.  He began working with the Group to get the cats trapped and fixed - before he had a dozen more around due to breeding.  So far a few have been friendly enough to find homes as pets, but the rest were looking for barn homes.
Call or write to get on our list, it is low now after this bunch of kitties.
Read more about our barn cats here  Spring brings more in as they look for love. 
Leave me alone body language! 

Indoor fun for all!
Cats who safely stay inside live much longer lives. There at lots of ways to enrich their environment. Places to climb, places to hide can be as easy as having a cardboard box to explore. Hunting for food is stimulating and this site full of food puzzle ideas is a great resource. There are plants besides catnip that give pleasure to cats: silver vine, Tatarian honeysuckle, and valerian have been studied. Here is a link on a very informative site we like. We have given the list to Port Townsend Gardens (was Henery's) and a volunteer plans to get some of the plants.  
Most dogs love food puzzles- from a stuffed Kong, to sniffing out kibble hidden in the house, to games like the muffin tin game in this early video we made. Hide and seek can be a fun way to keep a good recall.
Of the many resources on the web we like  Patricia McConnell's site  a lot. We admire and share her booklet 'Love Has No Age Limit' with adopters.
Companion Animal Psychology not only has a great tag line and useful info often but   an inclusive list of pet people to follow.   
Save these dates on your calendar!

Bar Stool Bingo Wednesdays in May at the Hilltop Tavern, 7- 9 pm
We have a reputation as fun people to uphold!

  Do Good Feel Good Yoga for us.  Every body can do it. Easy and fun for all. Get your down dog on September 2, 5:30-6:30 pm.

The second annual Bless the Beasts and Children 0.5k "run" will be September 29. More like a stroll, fun will be had!


On our soap box
There are still people around who follow outdated training methods.  This is a concise summary of why positive training should be the only way to live with our animals.  
Please contact your state representatives in WA state about this important law in the works about pet stores that sell animals, often from dismal sources. Pet leasing is a scheme that is bad for all except for the sellers.

We found Jazz a new home after her human passed away.
Do you have a plan for your pets?
 We have had more than a few pets who came to us after their humans died lately.
Most of the pets were seniors and have found homes.
Although we are happy to care for every animal that comes to us, planning in advance for your pets is always helpful, whether it be by providing for them in your will, or asking friends and/or family in advance to find a new home for your beloved furry friends when the time comes.  

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Wondering about that vehicle? 
We are signed up with this program that will pick up that car or truck you want to be behind you - running or not. They will sell it, send you the tax info for a deduction, and send the proceeds to us. No muss, no fuss. They do boats too!

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Volunteers are the valuable assets that make it possible to keep our shelter running. There are lots of ways you can make a difference in the lives of the dogs and cats in our care.
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