September 2016
News From the Shelter
Coming and going
In July and August we found homes for 10 cats, 18 kittens, 4 dogs, and 5 puppies.
More adorable kittens on the way!
Our dedicated fosterers have been busy. There will be at least twelve happy and well socialized kittens looking for homes soon. We have moms too. We also will have Anatolian Shepherd puppies, see below on why.


Millie/Fannie Mae is back where she belongs!
Looking good!
Matted and itchy!
   The sweet matted and scared stray we called Fannie Mae has had quite a ride. From outdated info on her chip staff was able to track down a contact. After her human had died family gave her away. 2 1/2 years later she is back in Brinnon where she had a welcoming party and now lives with her original owner's friend. She has a fan club and is happy and healthy after a foster mom helped clear up her eye and skin troubles. One happy ending and a reason for having a chip and keeping it updated.
Come to our Open House Sat. Oct. 1 !                 12:00 - 5:00
Our 3rd annual Open House, hosted by Pawsitive Alliance! This is a family friendly little festival at our shelter, with grab bags for your pooch or kitty at home, freebies for the kiddos, snacks and great selfie opportunities with some special "animals" (our volunteers wearing cat and dog costumes).

Big dogs need more food!
Full house and kennels.
On June 30 Jefferson County sheriffs seized 17 Anatolian Shepherds on a cruelty charge. We have had 6 adults and 2 juveniles since then in our care. 2 have gone to our friends at CVAR (who were involved and have a bunch also) Finally the case has been resolved and the dogs are ours, not evidence. One of the females was pregnant and had 10 puppies! These are not pets, but guardian dogs. The mom is doing great. Staff and volunteers are socializing the puppies. The older dogs have varying social skills. All told there are too many dogs of this breed in our county! 27 dogs that average 130 pounds or more and are not bred to be pets. Our community has been so generous in donating food. More food is always welcome as is leads to find homes for these dogs. Research this breed  - even socialized they are a challenge.
Good mom!

A Day of Caring
Friday, September 16 was the second time we were a part of the fabulous United Good Neighbors Day of Caring. Last year our project was putting new gravel in the exercise yard and this year we had a great crew clearing the dog walking trails. It rained the very next day and no wet brush dripped on dogs or the dog walkers! 
4 of the 6 trail crew plus puggles.

Jim nearly bald, ouch!
Feline Flea Bite Allergy
Did you know that some cats are actually allergic to flea bites? Just a few bites can cause severe itching, scratching, hair loss and scabs on the skin of such cats. Here at the shelter, we frequently get strays brought in that have moderate to severe hair loss that usually is diagnosed as flea bite allergy. Some look rather pathetic and unhealthy. Fortunately, the solution is simple: A topical treatment applied to the back of the neck to kill the fleas. The cat's fur starts to grow back gradually, and in no time he starts to look like his handsome self.
We have had three guys that are recovering lately. Jim was sweet even though he must have been miserable. He was adopted before we could get an 'after' photo.
The three guys have been adopted but a few more itchy cases have come in.
These guys will need regular flea treatment to stay handsome and healthy.
Do your own cats a favor and keep their flea treatment up-to-date, especially if they go outside. Remember, just because your cats may not seem to be itchy doesn't mean that they don't have fleas. Comb them every now and then to make sure they are flea-free, and apply a topical flea treatment if in doubt.
Dogs of course also can have flea allergies and resent the fact that by far the 'cat' flea is the most common.

Our 2017 calendar is here!
12 generous and talented artists once again donated images of their cat and dog paintings for a beautiful calendar. We will have it at the shelter and place it at animal loving spots. If you have or know of a place that could display and help sell them let us know.                                            

The Paw Project
Declawing is rare here and most vets won't do it. It is  amputation. The Paw Project is a good site and has a video you can rent on YouTube for $1.99. (It was free for a while) 

 Two board members took a workshop with Isabel Bay Design to update our web site. With her guidance and knowledge we like it and hope you do too. If you would like to learn how to build a web site or just have Adrienne build  one for you- we give 4 paws up!
Big thanks to Steve G who was our web king for so long!

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 Shop at the fun site AnimalHearted for dog and cat inspired tees and more. When you check out use the coupon code 'Support HSJCWA' in the discount box.   You will save 10% and we will get 25% of the price. They do have lots of  clever designs. 
About that vehicle.
We are signed up with this program that will pick up your project- running or not. They will  sell it, send you the tax info for a deduction, and send the proceeds to us. No muss, no fuss. They do boats too!

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Been to a movie at the Rose lately?
Big thanks to Rocky Friedman for continuing to give us a sweet deal. We have one ad that Michael Hale made for us. Two from paintings from our calendar artists. Applaud when you see them!
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