September 2017
News From the Shelter
Coming and going
From March until the end of August we found homes for 26 dogs, 50 cats (2 barn homes) and 28 kittens. There are still kittens with some of our fabulous fosters. They will be available in a few weeks.
Here is our procedure for adopting barn/outdoor cats.   
Sebastian, (now Toby) happy tripod
Looking and feeilng  good!
His x-ray- Yikes!
Sebastian, only 11 months old, arrived at HSJC with a badly broken left rear leg (femur). Saving a leg that was broken into 4 pieces was not an option, and Sebastian needed a costly amputation surgery. Hadlock Vet Clinic pulled through for us, and for Sebastian. They gave him his operation.
Sebastian spent time back at the shelter to heal. He was a total love bug and got special time to learn how to get about on three legs. He is now named Toby and zooming around his new home. He looks wistfully out the patio door but he is an indoor boy now. 
HSJC runs on donations and dog licenses. We feel fortunate to be able to help animals like Sebastian who come into our care, but we could not do what we do without our donors. Please consider donating today!

Our boy Jacob is now Vigo!
Sweet shy boy
His new humans sent this.
Adoption Adventure
Jacob was picked up as stray in February. Needless to say he had a tough go of it in the beginning of his life. He remained at the Jefferson Humane Society for four months. The volunteers and staff at the Humane Society had all fallen for Jacob he and he has a special place in their hearts.  
Enter Vanessa & Steven:
They knew he was an excellent fit from the first time they met.  Steven knelt down and Jacob came right up and curled up next to his soon-to-be new owner.  He accepted Vanessa and Steven as his pack immediately.  Jacob is attentive and eager to please. His new owners renamed him Vigo.
Vigo loves living on a farm.  The draft horse Maximus has been very interested in Vigo but Vigo was rather intimidated by the huge horse for the first few days.  They're buddies now and Vigo loves helping with farm chores! 
Two indoor cats are part of Vigo's new family.  They have been warming to the idea of having a dog around. The older cat Kimi isn't super impressed with Vigo but when the dog is napping she likes to stand over him and study his features intently.  The younger, more adventurous cat Anubis seems more interested in making friends.  It will not be long before those two are playing and napping together. 
Vigo is a delightful addition to the family and his new "pack" look forward to sharing many memories with this little guy! Here he is on his farm! 

Come to our Open House !
Sat. Oct. 7                12:00 - 5:00
Our 4th annual Open House, hosted by Pawsitive Alliance! This is a family friendly little festival at our shelter, with grab bags for your pooch or kitty at home, freebies for the kiddos, snacks and great selfie opportunities with some special "animals" (our volunteers wearing cat and dog costumes).

Jenny and all the staff want to know- Is your pet's micro-chip information up to date?
Do you have a cat or dog that has a micro-chip?  If you adopted a cat or dog and it was chipped by the shelter or rescue, or if you got a chipped pet from a previous owner, OR if you had your pet chipped but have moved or changed your phone numbers...don't forget to update your pet's chip registration!  Micro-chips aren't very useful without up to date information to contact you in the event your pet gets lost or stolen.  As a shelter staff person, I cannot tell you how frustrating it can be for us to scan an incoming stray, find a chip, and then be unable to contact that animal's owner. 
Know your pet's chip # but unsure of what company you should contact about registration?  Enter your micro-chip number here   to find out which company to contact. 
Many companies let you register your pet's micro-chip online (for a small fee).  Here are some of the more common chip companies websites:
24HourPetWatch -

The shelter has had great reunions with chipped pets, this story from our last  print letter is recent and can't make the point more clearly.

Watch this and this light hearted and fun explainer, then share.


Our 2018 calendar is in the works!
12 generous and talented artists once again donated images of their cat and dog paintings for a beautiful calendar. We will have it at the shelter and place it at animal loving spots. If you have or know of a place that could display and help sell them let us know.                                            

Save the date! Saturday, December 2,  12:00 - 4:00

Plans are in the works for  "Art for the Animals" at Marrowstone Vineyards. There will be a silent auction of intriguing items and certificates. Yummy refreshments too. We will be sending more details as this fun fundraiser gets closer.
Do you know  K9 Nose Work?
Sarah  Becker of Sea Change Canine sent this to her clients-
"Attention students of Nose Work-Join us at the Gardiner Community Center Oct 29th for a Sniff & Go to Benefit the Humane Soc of Jefferson County and Olympic Peninsula Humane Soc.   Come have fun hunting for themed elements, primary thru NW3 are welcome.  Pre -registration (only) closes Oct 13th. 
For more information or to register contact Sea Change Canine.  or call 360-477-8401"

You need to be a student of Sarah's.
Her blind,deaf, and diabetic boy shines at the work. Every dog likes a job.

If you don't know of this fun activity that is suitable for all dogs check out the official site . Every dog has a good nose!

 Two board members took a workshop with Isabel Bay Design to update our web site. With her guidance and knowledge we like it and hope you do too. If you would like to learn how to build a web site or just have Adrienne build  one for you- we give 4 paws up!
Big thanks to Steve G who was our web king for so long!

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Ginger the Wonder Dog!.

Thanks to a fan (and board member) of the shelter .
Going the Distance:

Ginger, the One-eyed Wonder Dog
When we first moved to Marrowstone Island eleven years ago, we had one dog and three cats. We had often thought our 6-year-old collie needed a canine companion but wanted the move to be over before we added another member to the menagerie.
            So we started meeting dogs at the Animal Shelter on Critter Lane. Ginger had come over from the shelter in Clallam County. A tousled looking, 40-pound Terrier mix, with a black, curly coat, she had soulful brown eyes. She had been in her new digs at the Jefferson County shelter for about a month. We fell in love with her and brought her home. It was Halloween, 2006. She was initially intimidated by our larger dog and our big tabby cat that lived up to his name-Tiger.
            But Ginger (her name refers to her ebullient personality, not the color of her coat!) became part of our family very quickly. In the last eleven years she has mourned with us the passing of our elderly pets and welcomed four new pets, including two shelter cats and a feral cat who ended up moving into our house and becoming best buds with Ginger.
When we tended a vineyard on Meade Road, she helped us control invasive voles and in our new house she barks away coyotes. Her picture graced the labels of two of our wines. Despite losing her right eye a couple of years ago to a malignant tumor, Ginger chased a deer that got through our fence. Nearing twelve years old, she still enjoys chasing her tail, ground squirrels, and our other dog.   She is a trooper. And we are so glad we found her on Critter Lane more than a decade ago.
About that vehicle.
We are signed up with this program that will pick up your project- running or not. They will  sell it, send you the tax info for a deduction, and send the proceeds to us. No muss, no fuss. They do boats too!

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