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Edition No. 23   November 7, 2016  
Pre-election Prayer
Saint Joseph Villa
October 24, 2016
Sister Mary William Herron SSJ and Sister Cynthia Ludwick SSJ invited the sisters and staff at Saint Joseph Villa in Flourtown, Pennsylvania to a Pre-election prayer service. On Monday, October 24, 2016, they gathered in the Chapel to pray for guidance as the time approaches to elect those who will serve our nation in public office.

A prayer for understanding and integrity in the voting process was included in the service :  God of Creation, as citizens of a nation possessing and exerting tremendous power and influence — both in the human community, and on the planet You so lovingly created — help us to remember that our individual votes have tremendous consequences. Help us to remember that we are casting our vote not only for ourselves, but also for the billions of other beings in our world whose lives will be directly affected by our nation’s election results.

Let us pray for God’s wisdom in electing the leaders our nation truly needs.
Photos courtesy Louise Kane SSJ
Autumn on the Ridge
Saint Philip School Cafeteria
Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania
October 29, 2016

By Eileen Dorothy Maguire SSJ
When the invitation to celebrate Autumn on the Ridge was announced by Sisters Eileen Dorothy Maguire SSJ and Helen Miller SSJ , our Sisters registrations came in quickly. After a great time at Swing into Spring at Saint Genevieve Parish Hall last April, word spread about the social celebration to be held at Saint Philip School Cafeteria in Lafayette Hill on Saturday, October 29, 2016.

Anyone on Flourtown Road at 4:10 PM witnessed a stream of cars leaving Saint Joseph Villa, along with many Sisters from local convents. Balloons welcomed those pulling up to Saint Philip School as they entered the colorfully decorated hall, greeted by the Great Pumpkin , alias, Helen Miller SSJ.  Each sister was given a prize ticket and escorted to her seat anticipating a pleasant, relaxing and entertaining time.

Sister Diane Licordare, IHM provided music that brought many to the center of the floor dancing to anything from the Electric Slide to In the Mood . For dinner, Dannah Addalli, our Pots and Pans caterer, prepared a delicious choice of chicken or roast beef and a dessert of apple or pumpkin pie — absolutely scrumptious!

What a pleasant surprise to have three Novitiate Professed Sisters from the past arrive in habits . And it was a surprise! Memories of Sister Martin Joseph ( Pauline Plefka SSJ ), Sister Grace Stanislaus ( Lourdes Kennedy SSJ ) and Sister Helen de Chantal ( Mary William Herron SSJ ) brought roars of laughter. Trivia questions were asked, which were so clever and funny, and correctly answered immediately. As a reward for the correct answer, a dose of candy was the prize.

The room quieted when it was time to pull the ticket , for the door prizes, which were donated by many SSJ Associates and friends.  Happy for the winners, cheers and clapping followed.

Guests, associates and friends totaled 120. This could never have been possible without the assistance of many Sisters, SSJ Associates, and friends.  A round of applause goes to all who made this time together a reality and so much fun!  
Photos courtesy Regina Bell SSJ and
Ingrid Schweikart SSJ
SSJ Welcome Center
Trivia Night
November 5, 2016
By Pat Madden SSJ

The SSJ Welcome Center’s annual Trivia Night was held at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy on November 5, 2016.  Each year over 200 people come to participate in this action-packed event. If you enjoy watching the television show Jeopardy, you would like this evening. Come for the food, fun and fifty-fifties!

We had 24 tables filled with wise men and women wanting to win the money prizes and claim themselves champions of Trivia. This fundraiser provides monies to help support the many people who come the Welcome Center for classes and for other kinds of support.

We are grateful for all of our volunteers and supporters who make Trivia Night such a wonderful event. We hope you can join in the fun next year!
Photos courtesy Dori Costello
SSJ Welcome Center Staff from left:
Connie Trainor SSJ, Pat Madden SSJ,
Kathy McShane SSJ and Marian Behrle SSJ
"As we live in community we receive with grateful hearts whatever is provided in order to sustain our life and mission. Mindful always that we are stewards, we use all things with care and respect."
                                                                                — SSJ Constitutions #79

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