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Edition No. 113 — December 5, 2019 
The 2019 Christmas 
Bus Trip to Lancaster
November 24, 2019
By Adele Solari  SSJ
By Adele Solari SSJ
          Deck the halls with boughs of holly…

Happy faces looked forward to seeing the Christmas show in Lancaster on November 24. Canes and walkers safely stored away, two busloads of sisters from nearby missions and the Villa set out for a fun day. Just a little way down Rte. 30 the snow began and lent atmosphere. Before noon we pulled into Millers Restaurant, home of Amish delicacies, for a delicious meal; some Sisters from McSherrystown joined us there.
As the sun appeared, a tour of local towns elevated our spirits even higher. Then, the highlight of the day, the American Music Theater Show. Talented and graceful singers and dancers delighted us with every Christmas song you ever heard. The finale portrayed the reason for the celebration and brought us to our feet to applaud enthusiastically.
On the way home we enjoyed the lights on the trees and houses. We all agreed it was a great way to start the Christmas season, and we left, in the mood to start writing our Christmas cards.
Photos courtesy Sharon White SSJ
Associates in Mission
By Kerry Rusak
The SSJ Associates in Mission welcomed Patty Topper in a commitment ceremony that took place in Charlotte, NC on November 14th. Patty was surrounded in person by co-workers, friends, and SSJ Associates, Skip and Diane from Charlotte. Additionally, Patty had other SSJ and Associate in Mission supporters from PA, MD, and NC connected into the ceremony using Zoom. It was a joyful experience for all!
Pictured from left: Amy Tobergte, Lydia Wenning, Patty Topper, Larry Minette, Skip Whitman and Diane Whitman
Photo courtesy Patty Topper
The SSJ Associates in Mission welcomed Sharon and Chris Gormley in a commitment ceremony that took place on Sunday, December 1 st  during Mass at the Motherhouse Chapel. Sharon and Chris were joined by Associate in Mission, Charlie Day, who mentored them through the orientation process. 
Pictured from left: Charlie Day, Sharon Gormley and Chris Gormley 
Prayer Vigil to Remember Victims of Gun Violence
Motherhouse Chapel
December 4, 2019
Sisters, Associates, Partners in Mission and Staff gathered in the Motherhouse Chapel on December 4 th  to remember all victims of gun violence. 

Sister   Colleen Dauerbach SSJ , Social Justice Coordinator, began the prayer with these compelling words. “Every year since 2013, The National Vigil for all victims of gun violence is held on or near the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy that took place on December 14, 2012. This year’s vigil will be held this evening in Washington, D.C. where survivors of gun violence, victims’ family members, faith leaders, legislators and concerned citizens will gather from across our nation.

We are here today to honor and remember those who have lost their lives to all forms of gun violence. We hold these lives in the light of our Hope Candle and we will continue to shine this light on the devastating epidemic of gun violence in our nation until these gun deaths and injuries are held at bay. We must engage these acts of violence through our prayers and actions, lest we become numb to this violence or accept it as normal.”

The service continued with prayer, song, readings and silent reflection for all who have been harmed by violence, expressing our unity, and connection to each other and to the Divine, and our hope for healing and transformation.

During the service Sister Meaghan Patterson SSJ  reflected on her personal experience of gun violence.
Sister Colleen Gibson SSJ
Read Sister Colleen Gibson SSJ’s latest article in the Global Sisters Report:  Comfort and joy: Engaging Advent in the Christmas rush

" The expectation of what is to come is a gift. If we choose to engage this time of waiting, Advent has the power to deepen our celebration, enlivening the joy that makes itself manifest in myriad manner of decorations and celebrations these days."
Reprinted with permission from Global Sisters Report
"With the help of God's grace and in fidelity to our founder's expressed wish, we live and work lovingly among all persons with a special preference for those who are poor, which calls us wherever we are to be in union with them."
                                        — SSJ Constitutions #21
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