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Edition No. 9   June 3, 2016
Fifth Floor Art Class Exhibition Saint Joseph Villa

Every Wednesday and Friday afternoons Sister Linda O’Mara SSJ meets with six sisters on the fifth floor at Saint Joseph Villa for art class. For Sisters Eleanor Pierre Catterall SSJ, Mary Goodbody SSJ, Therese Benedict McGuire SSJ, Kathleen Sheehan SSJ, Mary Dolores Sneeringer SSJ and Virginia Stanton SSJ , the art class provides an opportunity for a growing sense of connecting and belonging. Except for Sister Therese Benedict Maquire SSJ, nobody else had ever done art.

This is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for everyone. Linda explains, “There is much progress being made in the field of Creative Arts and Healthcare and the positive effects of the arts for overall wellness. This class is a small effort at participating in that movement. Using the arts is a cognitive activity and you must use both sides of your brain, so it contributes to keeping the brain health alive.

Linda cites many reasons why this is so beneficial for the sisters. “I am glad that here at the Villa we can provide this opportunity for this group of sisters in particular. It is something that they really look forward to. It is very enjoyable for them and me. For most of them, this has awakened latent skills they didn’t even know they had. Trying new things is one of the suggestions for maintaining brain health, and they are definitely trying new things. They are willing to take risks in this very supportive environment. Making art allows the two hemispheres of the brain to work in tandem with one another. Besides the overall enjoyment of producing these lovely works, the activity nurtures feelings of accomplishment. It focuses attention. For some, it encourages a sense of playfulness and humor.”

Sister Mary says, “I very much enjoy coming to this class. It is amazing what Linda can do for people who are not artists. First she taught us about the paints and materials. We use watercolor, acrylics, water-soluble oils, chalk pastels and colored pencils. After we got a feel for the materials, we started to work with what we felt most comfortable. We didn’t even know we had it in
us to be artists. It has just been wonderful!”

Linda believes the benefits of participating in the class are many. She says, “Especially for this group, one of the greatest joys is the pleasure of coming together. It is something for the sisters to look forward to and they have such a sense of accomplishment as they work through their pieces. They have also formed a great little community here, within the bigger community of Saint Joseph Villa. They look forward to coming so much and are extremely supportive of one another. For instance, I insist that the sisters title their work. As each work of art is completed, they discuss together what the title of their work should be and that is really fun.”

The sisters works of art are on display in the Community Room on the 5th floor of Saint Joseph Villa and they truly are beautiful!

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“Solitary Pine” by Therese Benedict McGuire SSJ
“Inspired by Monet” by Eleanor Pierre Catterall SSJ
“Bouquet of Love” by Kathleen Sheehan SSJ
Seated from left: Kathleen Sheehan SSJ,
Mary Goodbody SSJ, Eleanor Pierre Catterall SSJ, Linda O’Mara SSJ, Therese Benedict McGuire SSJ and Dolores Sneeringer SSJ
From left: Linda O’Mara SSJ and
Therese Benedict McGuire SSJ
 Virginia Stanton SSJ
From left: Therese Benedict McGuire SSJ, Shirraine Jones, Life Enrichment Assistant and Dolores Sneeringer SSJ.
 “Window Flowers” by Mary Goodbody SSJ
 “Chiaroscuro” by Virginia Stanton SSJ
 “First of Spring” by Dolores Sneeringer SSJ 
Linda O’Mara SSJ and Dolores Sneeringer SSJ
25th Anniversary Celebration
Sister Paula Marie Napoli SSJ celebrated
with Reverend Robert DiMattei, Jr., his 25th Anniversary of Ordination on May 7, 2016.  
Sister Paula taught Father Rob in the 6th, 7th
and 8th Grades at Our Lady Queen on Peace in Middle River, Maryland. The celebration took place at St. Athanasius Church in Curtis Bay, Maryland.

Father Rob shared with the congregation, during his homily, that the sisters who taught him in
grade school had a tremendous impact on his vocation and continue to do so to this day. Father Rob thanks the Sisters of Saint Joseph for sharing their love and dedication.

Congratulations and continued blessings,
Father Rob!
Paula Marie Napoli SSJ and Rev. Robert DiMattei, Jr.

Photo courtesy of Mary Ann Barnes

Celebrating World Baking Day
Saint Joseph Villa
In celebration of World Baking Day, the sisters and staff at Saint Joseph Villa were invited to prepare their favorite baked item and enter it into the First Annual Baked Goods Contest.

On Wednesday, June 1, 2016, the delicious items were placed on a table in the main entry. From 1:00-3:00 PM that afternoon, everyone was invited to ‘sample’ the delectable treats and choose the winner by anonymous ballot.

The winners, who were promised prizes of
unspeakable value, were:

  • 1st Place:  Pumpkin Roll by Jermaine Coates
  • 2nd Place:  Cinnamon Buns by Mary Poiesz-Moran
  • 3rd Place:  Chocolate Chip Carrot Cake by Jacquelyn Frasca

Congratulations to all the winners!
Baked items table
Marie St. Paul Alspaugh SSJ
From left: Darlene Francis, Manager, Dining Services, Tiana Williams, Diet Aide and
Mary Poiesz-Moran

The General Council of the Sisters of Saint Joseph is pleased to announce that as of June 3, 2016, Ms. Lynne L. Watkins-Trice, NHA, MBA will join the Executive Leadership Team at Saint Joseph Villa. Lynne has been appointed as the new administrator for the Skilled Nursing Home (2nd and 3rd floors).

We extend a warm welcome to Lynne and pray with and for our leadership team as they work
together to continue the legacy and mission of Saint Joseph Villa.
Ms. Lynne L. Watkins-Trice, NHA, MBA
“We will grow in love as we share our faith in Christ Jesus and communicate openly with one another. To this end we work to develop mutual trust, honesty, readiness to listen, to forgive and to be forgiven in a lifelong call to conversion of heart for the sake of the Reign of God.”

— SSJ Constitutions #49
Editor, Sister Carole Pollock SSJ | 215.248.7269 | |