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Edition No. 75 — July 31, 2018 
2018 Art Exhibit
Saint Joseph Villa
July 18, 2018
Tulips By the Fence by Sister Eleanore Pierre Catterall SSJ
Every Wednesday and Friday afternoons,  Sister Linda O’Mara SSJ , conducts an art class on the newly renovated 5 th floor of Saint Joseph Villa in Our Lady of Peace dining room. For  Sisters Eleanor Pierre Catterall SSJ, Mary Goodbody SSJ, Therese Benedict McGuire SSJ, Dolores Sneeringer SSJ, Virginia Stanton SSJ and Kathleen Sheehan SSJ , the art classes provide an opportunity for a growing sense of connecting, belonging and fun. 

Linda believes the benefits of participating in the class are many. She says, “Especially for this group, one of the greatest joys is the pleasure of coming together. It is something for the sisters to look forward to and they have such a sense of accomplishment as they create their pieces. They really look forward to coming to class and are extremely supportive of one another.”

The joy the  sister artists receive from this activity was clearly evident on Wednesday afternoon, as they proudly shared their beautiful works of art with sisters, family, staff and friends. 
Sisters proudly shared their beautiful works of art with sisters, family, staff and friends.  
The Violin by Sister Dolores Sneeringer SSJ
Boots by Sister Mary Goodbody SSJ
Secrets Under the Umbrella by Sister Virginia Stanton SSJ
Muse of Painting by Sister Therese Benedict McGuire SSJ
Seated Woman by Sister Kathleen Sheehan SSJ
Pictured from left: Virginia Stanton SSJ, Linda O'Mara SSJ and Eleanor Pierre Catterall SSJ
Pictured from left: Mary Goodbody SSJ, Dolores Sneeringer SSJ, Linda O'Mara SSJ
and Kathleen Sheehan SSJ
Pictured from left: Linda O'Mara SSJ and Therese Benedict McGuire SSJ
Sister Joann Caramanico SSJ
Rite of Initiation into Novitiate 
July 29, 2018 
On the evening of July 29, 2018, Joann Caramanico was welcomed into the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph during the Rite of Initiation Ceremony.

The Motherhouse Community, sisters Joann lived with at Our Mother of Consolation Convent and Annunciation House, and sisters with whom she shared ministry, gathered in prayer to welcome Joann as she begins this next stage of her journey.

As the prayer began  Sister Eileen Marnien SSJ addressed Joann. “Joann, everyone gathered here this evening and all of our sisters in the Congregation, especially our sisters at the Villa, promise to hold you in our hearts and to remember you in our prayer as you begin your novitiate.”

Sister Anne Myers SSJ , Congregational President, based her reflection on  Matthew 17: 1-8 The Transfiguration of Jesus .“As Joann begins her novitiate, God continues to reach out to her, tenderly calling her beloved, and helping her to discern God’s plan for her life. Our Constitutions (#111) say, 'Each vocation is a unique mystery.' Tonight, we stand before this mystery and pray for Joann’s open courageous heart in faithfully responding to God. 

Like the apostles, Joann is being led up to the mountain with Jesus, in the good company of 5 Federation novices. For while each call is unique, as Sisters of Saint Joseph, we live out this call with our sisters in community. 

Joann, thank you for the opportunity you give to each of us tonight, to renew our gratitude to God for our own vocations. We are reminded to stay attentive to God’s direction in our lives, as “each day, as we make a new beginning in this Little Institute (Constitutions #226).

May we all  be still, listen, and gaze  at the One who touches us and says,  this is my beloved .”
Pictured from left: Michelle Lesher SSJ, Joann Caramanico SSJ
and Anne Myers SSJ
Eileen Marnien SSJ and
Joann Caramanico SSJ

Celeste Mokrzycki SSJ
and Joann Caramanico SSJ
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"Rooted in the mission of Christ, ours is the same mission which continually unfolds in the Church, 'That all may be one as you, Father, are in me, and I in you. I pray that they may be one in us.' (Jn 17:21)."
                                        — SSJ Constitutions #17
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