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Edition No. 14   August 3, 2016  

Beach Party Fun

Saint Joseph Villa

If you have ever been to a party on the fourth floor of Saint Joseph Villa, you know, without a doubt, that it will be FUN FUN FUN!  Wednesday, July 27, 2016 was no exception to this truth.

Jean DeLisi and Sisters Mary William Herron SSJ, Lourdes Kennedy SSJ and Pauline Plefka SSJ hosted a ‘Beach Party’ complete with games, activities and a Miss Has-been Contest, (their version of Miss America).  Sister Mary took the role of Mr. MC, Sister Lourdes entered as Miss Ireland, Sister Pauline as Miss Austria and Jean as Miss Italy.

Sisters Dottie Apprich SSJ and Anne Myers SSJ and Mary Prinzo graciously and seriously served as judges.

This was an afternoon of creativity, joy, good company and uplifted spirits… provided lovingly and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!   

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Linda Radecke and her dog Brady
Judges from left, Anne Myers SSJ, Mary Prinzo and Dottie Apprich SSJ. 
Party Planners from left, Lourdes Kennedy SSJ, Pauline Plefka SSJ, Jean DeLisi and Mary William Herron SSJ
Sister Francis Christi Beck
Farewell and Thank You !

On Thursday, July 28, 2016, sisters and staff gathered in the dining room of Mount Saint Joseph Convent to honor and thank Motherhouse Administrator, Sister Francis Christi Beck SSJ . For the past nine years, Sister Francis has served in this role with boundless energy, zeal, love and dedication.  

Congregational President, Sister Anne Myers SSJ, welcomed everyone to this special celebration. "Today we celebrate Sister Francis. We thank you, Sister Francis, for your nine years of service as our Motherhouse Administrator.

A Jesuit priest, Fr. Marius Nepper SJ, did extensive research on the documents of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. From his research, he developed what he called a 'Portrait of a Daughter of Saint Joseph.'

I will read a portion, which I think describes Sister Francis so well: ‘Eyes open, ears attentive, spirit alert sleeves rolled up for ministry .’

Eyes open, ears attentive, spirit alert…sleeves rolled up for ministry ready to take over in the kitchen as cook and general manager during a snow storm when no one could get in to work…

Eyes open, ears attentive, spirit alert…sleeves rolled up for ministry at 2:00 AM when the fire alarm rings…evacuating sisters, searching for the source of the problem, waiting for the fire engines…

Eyes open, ears attentive, spirit alert…sleeves rolled up for ministry, communicating with all at Mount Saint Joseph Convent, including Facilities and Maintenance staff and Chestnut Hill College and our visitors, and who will ever forget her Thank-you’s at congregational liturgies? Sister Francis made sure that communications went out to everyone, everywhere, about everything that was happening. You have been a true and faithful daughter of Saint Joseph, living our mission of unity with a spirit of great gusto and zeal!

Nothing has been too small or too large for your attention; you have been ready for any and every good work!

We are so grateful to you—and we say congratulations on a job well done for our God, our Congregation and for each one of us here. We will miss you!! We love you!”

Sister Francis reflected, “In the spring of 2007, I was sincere and joy-filled saying my fiat to come to the Motherhouse as Administrator. I felt my call included three senses: a sense of spirituality, a sense of humor and common sense. At this time in my life, I feel a very strong call to BE…to be in relationship with all people, to follow our charism and be among our neighbors and to take time to be with myself in these latter years.  

I extend my gratitude to all who have put their trust and confidence in me, especially the staff and sisters, the administration who have worked with me and all those wonderful workers who have been here with me over these years. I will cherish these memories, held in a special place in my heart. You will be remembered in my prayers. God bless!”
Francis Chrisit Beck SSJ expresses her gratitude to sisters and staff at Mount Saint Joseph Motherhouse..
“At the root of each vocation is a unique and deeply personal experience which involves an encounter with God: the Divine call, our response, and a special consecretion.”

— SSJ Constitutions #61
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