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Edition No. 36  March 30, 2017 
Seniors Make a Difference
Taking a Stand Against Human Trafficking
March 23, 2017  
  By Eileen Dorothy Maguire SSJ 
Sister Eileen welcomes the participants.
Sister Eileen D. Maguire SSJ and the Senior Services Advisory Board along with Sister Colleen Dauerbach SSJ, Social Justice Coordinator, initiated a follow-up to the first Seniors Make A Difference gathering held last November. On Thursday, March 23, 2017, 22 Sisters of Saint Joseph, Associates, and friends met to review the results of The Human Thread an endeavor to urge Macy’s and Kohl’s to add fair trade clothing items to their department store racks and shelves. Fair Trade items will ensure a just wage for the garment workers.

With its effects on so many million women and children worldwide, continuing education on Human Trafficking was chosen as the focus of this meeting. The group began with prayer, followed by Sister Colleen sharing significant facts around this new form of slavery. In an effort for each to become educated advocates for change, the video, I Am Miriam, was viewed and discussed. The film conveyed a firsthand story of an innocent Ethiopian woman and the atrocities she suffered as a victim of human trafficking.

As a follow-up to our learning and sharing, our advocacy led us to send letters to Senators Pat Toomey and Robert Casey asking them to support legislation for survivors of trafficking and strongly urging them to enforce laws to hold the people supporting human trafficking accountable.

The group was encouraged to charitably consider supporting Dawn’s Place, a safe and secure residential program for international American women who are making the journey from commercial sexual exploitation to a life of freedom, choice and independence. The organization is dedicated to combating sex trafficking through raising awareness and changing public policies.

Sister Colleen noted that the events of the day demonstrated the Two Feet Model of Social Justice. This involves the advocacy required to address the root causes of injustice and the charitable works needed to meet the basic needs of individuals. All left the gathering inspired by the day’s sharing, more desirous of developing an acute awareness of this modern-day form of slavery and knowing what it was to put the two feet of love into action!
Sister Colleen (standing) discusses the results of the Human Thread endeavor. 

Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

Corporate Stand Against Human Trafficking

We, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, whose mission is one of unity and reconciliation, proclaim individually and corporately our opposition to the slavery of human trafficking in all its forms, and in every place where it exists.

We affirm the dignity of all life; therefore, we join our voices with Pope Benedict XVI, the  United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and all persons of good will who have denounced this international crime that exploits innocent and helpless victims, most of whom are women and children.

At the same time, we commit ourselves to raise public awareness of the magnitude, reasons for  and consequences of human trafficking, to work in collaboration with others to address and  eliminate its root causes, and to support those who minister directly to victims of this crime.

As women of the gospel, we challenge ourselves, our Associates in Mission, partners in ministry; and leaders in all sectors of society to take appropriate action to stem the tide of this gross violation of human rights. We endeavor to heal the pain that this difficult situation creates for poor, marginalized, and fragile members of the human family.

October 14, 2008 

Spring Fling
Motherhouse Dining Room
March 27, 2017
Sisters and staff at Mount Saint Joseph Convent Motherhouse gathered in the dining room on Monday morning, March 27, 2017 to Welcome Spring!

Everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast, some fun activities and a little time to enjoy each other’s company.
"Our name, Sisters of Saint Joseph, reminds us to serve others by our lives with the same care and concern with  which Joseph served Jesus and Mary. "
                                                                                — SSJ Constitutions #3

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